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An Interview With Figure Olympia Competitor Jane Awad.

As owner of personal training studio, Train With Jane, EAS sponsored athlete and cover model, Jane lives and breathes health and fitness. Learn more here as she prepares for the 2006 Olympia and much more. Check it out!

In 2004, her first year as a figure competitor, lifetime model and athlete, Jane Awad, turned professional by winning the North American Championships. She has since gone on to become one of the division's most promising representatives and she plans to bring her "best package yet" to the 2006 Olympia stage.

As owner of personal training studio, Train With Jane, EAS sponsored athlete and cover model for several top-line publications, Jane lives and breathes the health and fitness lifestyle. With a fifth place at the 2006 Arnold Classic, she has shown she has the potential to mix it up with some of figures more established competitors.

Look for Jane to show exactly what can do at the 2006 Olympia, a contest she hopes to excel in. I recently spoke to Jane and she shared her competition plans and insights with me.

[ Q ] What is your training approach as you prepare for the 2006 Olympia?

    My training approach for 2006 Olympia is much different from last year. I have recently started training with Kim Oddo. Starting with a new trainer and changing my training philosophies has brought on a heightened level of drive and motivation.

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[ Q ] What kind of physique will you be looking at bringing to the stage come September 28?

    I am really working hard at coming into the O with better balance and a fuller upper body. My conditioning will also be improved upon for this show. I am working on bringing my best package yet.

[ Q ] How do you feel you will go this year? Any predictions?

    I am never one to predict beforehand. I try to focus more on my training and dieting and everything else is in the hands of the judging panel. I feel that I have the confidence and the experience as a second year Pro and I am confident that I will better my 16th place finish from last years Olympia.

An Interview With Canadian IFBB Figure Pro Jane Awad. An Interview With Canadian IFBB Figure Pro Jane Awad.
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    I am always proud and grateful to have been chosen to compete in this event and know that I am competing against the best in the world; so taking in the entire experience is exciting in itself.

[ Q ] To have qualified for the Olympia means you are among the best of the best. What improvements have you made to your physique this year?

    My upper body has definitely developed since my pro debut in 2005 at the Arnold. The body is a work in progress and I am always trying to improve my physique.

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I Am Always Trying To Improve My Physique.

[ Q ] As a figure competitor how does it feel to represent your sport at the highest level at the Olympia?

    I am truly grateful and honored to be a part of such an amazing event. It is a very rewarding feeling. Because the sport is so subjective I do not ever want to feel like I am on top of my game. When you relax a little and take things for granted that's when the bottom usually falls out on you. Whether I place last or first (of course first is better) being humble and grateful is the best approach for me.

[ Q ] How do you feel physically and mentally going into a show as prestigious as the Olympia?

    Physically I feel very strong right now and highly motivated. Since starting up with Kim Oddo I feel mentally and physically more in tune with my mind and body. He is a great motivator and pays close attention to all aspects of my training and diet. I am proud to say that I am training under him as one of his "Angels."

[ Q ] What are you competition plans following the Olympia?

    Since I have already qualified for the 2007 Arnold I will start preparing for that event right after Christmas.

    Recently I have opened my own personal training studio in Windsor Ontario Canada We have our grand opening planned for October 14th so after the Olympia I will be focusing on my off-season training and the Studio.

[ Q ] What final message do you have for your fans regarding you 2006 Olympia appearance?

    I am looking forward to competing as well as seeing friends and fans at the show. I have many people to thank for their constant support: Chris, my family, and all my fans that email me with their kind words and motivating thoughts.

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    Thanks To All My Family & Fans!

    I would also like to thank all of my clients at my studio for training with me and supporting my career and to all the people at Weider Publications who are working hard to put together a great show. One last thank you to the IFBB for choosing me to compete at the 2006 Olympia.

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