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An Interview With IFBB Pro, King Kamali - Preparation For The 2006 Europa!

King Kamali promises to bring his A-game to the Europa Pro Show come August 29, 2006... Read on for the quick & dirty on King's attitude as we approach one of the last shows before the Olympia!

King Kamali promises to bring his A-game to the Europa Pro Show stage come August 29, and if reports are anything to go by, his package will be among the very best. One of bodybuilding's more vociferous athletes, Kamali does tell it like it is and he has said that his appearance at the Europa will mark the beginning of a great comeback, which will see him back on the Olympia stage in September.

The King has had mixed results onstage in recent years, with several performances where he was not at his best. This year, however, he says, "Everything will fall into place." In the following mini-interview he provides a quick glimpse into how he feels things will go for him in Arlington.

[ Q ] How is your training going for this show?

    My training is 100% on point and I have not felt this good both mentally and physically in many years.

ny pro review ny pro review
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King Kamali @ The 2006 New York Pro.

[ Q ] What improvements have you made to your physique this year?

    Like I said before, Joe McNeal and I had a two part plan to get me back in the mix and now it's time to take care of business. I will bring my A-Game to Texas.

Guest: King Kamali
Date: 06/12/06
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Guest: King Kamali
Date: 06/27/05
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[ Q ] How do you feel going into this show?

    I feel confident and healthy. I will do my best to be on stage at the Olympia.

[ Q ] What are your goals for this show?

    My goal for the Europa is to come in at my all time best. Everything else will fall into place.

Who Will Win The 2006 IFBB Europa Men's Bodybuilding Championship?

Darrem Charles.
Johnnie Jackson.
Quincy Taylor.
Toney Freeman.
Dennis Wolf.

George Farah.
Joel Stubbs.
King Kamali.
Frank Roberson.
Nathan Wonsley.

[ Q ] How do you feel you will do in this show and why?

    Like I said, if I come in at my best it will be a great comeback and the King will be going back to Vegas.

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