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Life With A Bodybuilder/Model: Tina Catanzaro Speaks Out.

For the first time, Tony's wife, Tina Catanzaro, speaks about the secrets to his success. The following interview with Tina will provide a real insiders view into his life... Read on to learn more.

Over the past year you have probably read about top bodybuilder, model and personal trainer Anthony Catanzaro on the world's number one bodybuilding site, His accomplishments have garnered him much media attention and have propelled him to great heights within the fitness industry.

For the first time, Tony's wife, Tina Catanzaro, speaks about the secrets to his success. The following interview with Tina will provide a real insiders view into the life of fitness celebrity Tony Catanzaro to uncover the truth behind the man.

[ Q ] Hi Tina. What do you do for a career currently?

    Hi David! I am currently working as a customer service manager for an International Freight Forwarding company at JFK airport.

[ Q ] I understand you did some modelling. What is your current involvement in modelling?

    Well before I met Tony I did some modelling for clothing companies, and I also was a showroom model for Jordache. Right now however, the only modelling I do is pretty much with Tony. A lot of times when he is doing a photo-shoot, I will get in some of the shots with him. We just finished a photo-shoot for physique body-ware, which was a lot of fun!

Tina Tina Tina
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I Did Some Modelling For Clothing Companies.

[ Q ] Describe an average photo shoot with Tony. Describe the process?

    Photographers tend to love working with Tony because he is very professional, friendly and creative. He knows exactly what to do, what looks best and how to bring life into the picture. A lot of models do not know what to do and the photographers have to tell them how to pose and so on.

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    An average photo shoot with Tony would involve us arriving at the location, some friendly conversation with the photographer, and pretty much getting right to work. It is a lot of fun, and I love doing couple shots with Tony - it's just so natural between the two of us because the chemistry is there! So when the shoot is finished, we are all very happy with the results, and we always become friends with the photographers!

[ Q ] Would you like to pursue modelling as a career?

    I enjoy modelling; I do some modelling here and there, and that is fine for me. I don't need to pursue it as a career though.

[ Q ] What are some of your better qualities?

    I am a very positive person; I always know that no matter what obstacles may come my way, I will always overcome them! I would never let negativity come into my life. I am the person who always sees the glass half full. I am also a huge animal lover.

    I would save every animal on the planet if I were able to. I also consider myself to be very sensitive and caring - I wouldn't hurt a fly. Tony always tells me that I am too kind.

Tina & Tony
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I Would Save Every Animal On The Planet.

[ Q ] How long have you and Tony been together?

    Tony and I have been together for 12 years now, and married for 7 years. But it still seems like we first met yesterday.

Tina & Tony
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It's Still Like We First Met.

[ Q ] How did you meet Tony?

    We met at a club in Long Island called Brightfellows. It's a funny story - I was with my girlfriends and we were originally going to another place. But then when we got there, it was closed! So I said why don't we just go to Brightfellows?

    So we headed there, and it's funny because Tony was also supposed to be going to the same place that we had originally planned on going to, and when he and his friend Nick got there it was closed, so they ended up going to Brightfellows as well. So there I am hanging out with my girlfriends.

    The place that night had a Hot Body contest. That's when I first saw Tony. I looked up and when I saw him smile, well that just melted my heart and it was love at first sight. So I said to my girlfriends, "oh my god, that guy is gorgeous I have to meet him!"

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    Tony? In Hot Body Contest?
    Go Figure.

    So after he won the contest (of course we knew he would win), he approached me, and it wasn't like I was staring him down or anything to get his attention. I didn't even think that he saw me at all, but he did. So he came over to me and was a complete gentleman, and he was so charming.

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    My Heart Just Melted.

    We instantly fell in love with each other. I had such butterflies in my stomach and was so happy! I never knew that love at first sight even existed until I met Tony, and he felt the same way about me. He was driving home that night with his friend Nick saying that I was the one and Nick was in shock because he never acted that way about meeting a girl. So we have been together ever since that first night of meeting each other, this is definitely true love! I am a very lucky woman.

[ Q ] How would you describe Tony as a person?

    Tony is the kindest, most compassionate person I have ever met. He has a heart of gold. Tony would help anyone anytime no matter what and NEVER ask for anything in return.

[ Q ] Do you two have similar goals?

    Our goals pretty are similar; we just want to live a happy life. We are very easygoing people and enjoy the simple things in life. We don't live an extravagant lifestyle like many people would think. We just want to be happy and have peace in our lives.

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[ Q ] How do you make your relationship with Tony work?

    A lot of patience, understanding, respect and laughter! Tony and I love to laugh with each other, and we sometimes even act like a couple of kids laughing at anything and everything. We don't like to be too serious all the time - being able to laugh with each other is very important in a relationship and it actually strengthens the bond.

    Tina & Tony
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    We Love To Laugh.

    We try not to take each other for granted. We both say thank you to each other when one of us does something for the other. Of course as any couple sometimes have their ups and downs, we do to at times. But we have such a strong bond between us that shines through. Sometimes when we go out to dinner, people look at us and think we are honeymooners.

[ Q ] What are some of the challenges of living with a bodybuilder/model?

    For one thing the food! Tony has to eat every 3 hours without fail. So there is a lot of cooking going on in our house all day. Also, being a model and a bodybuilder is pretty stressful because Tony has to constantly keep himself in tiptop shape, because he can get a call for a job that will be shooting in a few days - this happens a lot.

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    He never, ever lets himself go - not even a little bit. Tomorrow he is beginning a strict diet for another bodybuilding contest that he will be entering on June 3rd, called "The Hercules." So that is eight weeks of strict dieting, and that can sometimes be a challenge because as we all know, bodybuilders can become a little cranky while dieting.

    So I have to remember that when he gets a little cranky from not eating as much. Plus, if we have an event or something to go to, he has to bring his own food. One time we went to a wedding and he had to bring his own food because he was dieting for a show. So there he was eating his food from a plastic Tupperware container, while everyone else was eating prime rib. One thing I have to say is that he has the most will power that I ever saw in a human being.

[ Q ] How does Tony respond to the kind of foods you eat when he is dieting? Does he ever cheat?

    When Tony is dieting for a show, he is so focused on his diet that nothing will distract him. Just by seeing me eat something that he can't have would be satisfying enough for him. He never cheats, and he will even go and get me a slice of pizza (which is his favorite) just so he can watch me eat it, and he will not even taste it. Now that is amazing willpower.

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[ Q ] Do you help Tony with his contest preparation? What is your role here?

Dream Tan

    Well he really doesn't need much help because he pretty much does everything himself. But my role is to support him, and to help make sure he has his food prepared when he needs to eat.

    We work together when it comes to his music selection and which poses look best for when he is on stage, and of course I apply the dream tan on him the morning of the show - it's like painting a statue!

[ Q ] What is it about Tony you like most?

    I love how he tries to make me feel better when I am upset about something. He sits down and talks to me wholeheartedly, and assures me that everything will be okay. He always shares his feelings with me, and always gives me good advice. He has no problem expressing himself and talking about his feelings openly.

    Most men would not do this - a lot of men do not like to talk about their feelings. That's another reason why I fell in love with him; I never met a man who is so open with his feelings.

[ Q ] What is it about Tony you least like?

    Well there is one little thing about Tony that I like least about and that is his temper. Believe it or not, he has a bad temper. Most people do not believe that he has a temper because they cannot picture him losing it. Believe me, he doesn't lose it often but when he does, watch out - remember he is Sicilian.

[ Q ] You know Tony probably better than any other person. What would you say is the secret to his successes?

    Persistence and compassion are good qualities of Tony's. On the modelling side, Tony has pretty much gotten everything he has done on his own, without an agent through his determination and persistence. Tony also feels that his bigger purpose in life is to help people all around the world.

    To educate them on health, well being and how to be happy just by being themselves. He truly loves helping others, and he is very good at bringing out the best in people - this comes from his heart.

    Tina & Tony
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    Tony Loves Helping Others.

    He gets fan mail from all over the world from people saying how he has changed their lives and how grateful they are towards him. Some people even write him to say that Tony saved their life. It truly is amazing, and it brings tears to our eyes when we read some of the letters he receives. He treasures each and every letter he receives.

    And that is his secret to his success, just being himself!

[ Q ] Do you have any secrets to share about Tony? What things do you feel the readers would like to hear?

    There really are no secrets about Tony because what you see is what you get, but there is one thing many of you may not know of and that is Tony is a neat freak. He needs everything to be organized at all times. Even in the food closet he likes the cans to be perfectly in order and facing front so when you open the closet, it's staring you in the face.

    Not that it's a bad thing, because he actually helps me. He always cleans up. As a matter of fact, right now he is vacuuming our bedroom. I know a lot of women who wish their husbands were like this. He never sits down, and he is always doing something whether it's washing or waxing the cars, or doing some kind of repairs around the house. He doesn't stop; he's like the energizer bunny!

[ Q ] How would you explain Tony's high energy levels?

    Tony has a very high level of energy and I believe that is a result of his faith and spirituality. He is very spiritual and his belief in God makes his energy soar. Tony wants to help the world and let everyone know that they can achieve any goal in life that they set out for. It takes a special person to do that, and he has a God gifted talent for making people feel good.

[ Q ] How would you describe Tony's personality?

    Very outgoing, friendly, caring, good-hearted - he would give you the shirt off his back. My husband is also very funny. He is so funny that he could have made Hitler laugh. He truly is a gifted person with many talents. He is the best imitator that I have ever seen. He can take one look at a person and imitate them immediately. I am not just saying this because he is my husband, but because it's the truth. Tony is always the life of any party. He always makes people laugh hysterically.

Tina & Tony
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The Life Of The Party.

[ Q ] Is Tony hard on himself if he doesn't achieve his goals?

    Tony usually always achieves his goals, but he can be very hard on himself at times. He is very critical of himself and always expects to be the best at everything that he does, no matter what it is and he won't settle for anything less.

Anthony & Tina
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Tony Always Expects The Best From Himself.

[ Q ] What are some of the things that make Tony angry?

    People who are phoney or troublemakers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of jealous people out there.

[ Q ] What makes him happy?

    Tony is very happy when he has inspired someone or motivated him or her to better his or her lives. He loves to encourage people, and bring out the best in everyone no matter what their circumstance are. Once he achieves that, he couldn't be any happier. He loves being with his family and friends too - he is very family-oriented!

[ Q ] Any final words about Tony?

    Tony is the kindest man I have ever known, he has a heart of gold and to me he is an angel from heaven. You couldn't meet a sweeter person than my husband.

    I just want to say to Tony, thank you for being such a wonderful and caring husband to me. I thank God for bringing you into my life; you have made me a better person just by being with you!

    Tina & Tony
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    Thank You For Being Such A Wonderful & Caring Husband.

    God Bless!
    Tina Catanzaro