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David Robson's 2006 San Francisco Grand Prix Preview.

Several high profile athletes, including Gustavo Badell, Branch Warren, Mustafa Mohammad and Melvin Anthony, will be on stage this year. Who do you think is going to win?
The San Francisco Grand Prix keeps getting bigger and better each year with established names and up and comers alike, vying for top honors.

The 2006 version promises to be no exception, and should be a spectacular bodybuilding experience for those watching. Several high profile athletes, including Gustavo Badell, Branch Warren, Mustafa Mohammad and Melvin Anthony, will be on stage this year, and for the first time ever, the event will be screened to a global audience through a web cast.

At last year's San Francisco Grand Prix, Chris Cormier took top honors with one of his best showing's for that year. Dexter Jackson and Melvin Anthony took second and third respectively, placing's they will both be wanting to surpass this year.

However, with the exception of Victor Martinez and Troy Alves, who are currently not scheduled to compete, there will be more big names to give them a run for their money. A higher number of competitors overall (30 compared to last years 20) should also make things more interesting.

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Darrem Charles & Toney Freeman.

The Probable Top Six Predictions

1st Dexter Jackson:

*Editors Note: Dexter will not be competing at the 2006 San Francisco Pro.
Check most recent competitor list: Go Here.

    Coming off a win at the Arnold Classic, Dexter, should he maintain his condition, will win this show. His physique has already been judged superior to that of Branch Warren's (the real 2006 Arnold champ according to many fans) so, with conditioning being equal, he should take the show.

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Dexter Jackson.

    However, should he lose his peak even slightly we could see Branch winning. Dexter has the rare ability to get razor sharp while maintaining his fullness show after show. Branch also has this ability, so it will be close.

2nd Branch Warren:

    Branch has the kind of physique that is currently in vogue with the judges - ripped to shreds and massive. At the Arnold, the nod was, however, given to Dexter Jackson's aesthetics and balanced size.

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Branch Warren.

    If Branch can dial it in even more at the San Francisco Pro, he might walk away the winner. As mentioned though, he is likely to come in second based on Dexter's "one of a kind" look.

3rd Gustavo Badell:

    Third and fourth places will be very hard to judge, with Gustavo and Melvin going head to head. If Gustavo can improve the conditioning he presented at the Arnold, where he placed fourth, he should sneak into third.

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Gustavo Badell.

    However, given Gustavo has beaten both Branch and Dexter (albeit controversially in Dexter's case), he might go higher if he can really tighten up, and bring a significantly more conditioned package than the 2006 Arnold version.

4th Melvin Anthony:

    Placing third in this contest last year and coming off an excellent fifth placing at the 2006 Arnold Classic, poser extraordinaire Melvin Anthony should easily place in the top five at the 2006 San Francisco Grand Prix.

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Melvin Anthony.

    He could place as high as third should Gustavo fails to reach peak condition.

5th Mustafa Mohammad:

    After placing a respectable seventh at this year's Arnold Classic, and beating Troy Alves, Darrem Charles and Ahmed Haider in the process, Mustafa should make the top six in this field.

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Mustafa Mohammad.

    Mustafa has probably the largest legs in the business (not the best, as I think Branch would hold this title) and presents a very balanced physique when he nails his conditioning. If Mustafa is extra sharp he could surprise a few.

6th Toney Freeman:

    Toney made top ten at the 2006 Arnold Classic, showing that he is certainly worthy of a top six placing in the San Francisco line up, if he brings the same level conditioning he presented at the Arnold.

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Toney Freeman.

    With a massive physique somewhat reminiscent of the great Lee Haney (with better arms and a smaller waist), Toney does indeed look impressive on stage. He is however possibly a bit narrow through the torso, which could cost him a few placing's.

Seven Through To Ten

7th Ahmed Haidar:

    With some of the lowest placing's he has ever received, Ahmed is not having very good year. With a disappointing 12th at the Arnold Classic, which probably should have been ninth (had he of come in shape), Ahmed did not present his customary sharpness.

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Ahmed Haidar.

    If he can tighten up for the San Francisco Pro, Ahmed might place sixth, which would put Toney Freeman into seventh.

8th Johnny Jackson:

    Johnny is another who is not at his usual best. Again, if he can bring a different physique to the one he presented at the Arnold he potentially could work his way all the way up to fifth. However, based on his 2006 Arnold result, eighth place should be accurate.

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Johnny Jackson.

    Johnny has a very large fan base and many feel he should have placed much higher at the Arnold, and the 2005 Olympia. If he can bring the kind of condition he bought to this Olympia, we could see him move a few places up.

9th Kris Dim:

    With some of the best arms and abs around, on a smaller stature, Kris Dim looks massive onstage. Based on his performance at the 2006 Arnold, he is unlikely to place anywhere the money at the San Francisco Pro.

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Kris Dim.

    To place high, Kris will need to bring the perfect package, but with guys like Dexter, Branch and company at the top, he can't really expect to place within the top six.

10th Eryk Bui:

    At the 2006 Iron man Pro, Eryk showed that he has great potential when he was called out early in the pre judging. for a shorter guy, Eryk has some good mass, but is sadly lacking in back width and detail.

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Eryk Bui.

    His legs hold their own well though, and if he can bring a improved physique to the Iron man version, he will place tenth.

Wildcard Competitor: Moe El Moussawi:

    If Mo can bring a slightly more defined physique than the one he bought to the Iron man earlier this year (where he placed 14th), he could break the top ten.

    Mo has a very impressive physique and will keep on improving. With more publicity he is sure to climb up the placing's.

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Moe El Moussawi.


With six top tier pros competing in this show, the outcome predicted here could change if conditioning is off in any one of the athletes mentioned. If they all come in ultra-ripped, the placing's should stand.

The 2006 season has been very promising so far, with many of the top guys showing they mean business, and if this year's San Francisco Grand Prix line-up is anything to go by, the rest of the year should be even better.

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