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David Robson's Personal Transformation: Week One.

The inspirational stories from interviews I have done in the past have prompted me to start my own quest. At this time I am setting some new bodybuilding goals for 2006. Check out this great plan!

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Examining ways to stay in shape (mentally and physically), are things I regularly write about, which can be read right here on The journey to self improvement is something that comes through strongly when I interview great champions - bodybuilding and otherwise.

The discipline shown by the athletes I interview, and the remarkable focus given to their quest for excellence cannot be understated. These inspirational stories coupled with information garnered from some of the greatest minds in the sport, has prompted me to embark on my own set of bodybuilding goals.

An intensive training regimen has been designed courtesy of training and nutrition expert Dan Gastelu, and the right supplements and foods have been structured into a plan tailored to have me arrive onstage in March 2006 at 180lbs ripped.

Right now, my weight is 177lbs with a body fat measurement of eight-percent. The main goal for me is to progressively lower body fat to five-percent while upping muscle mass to the aforementioned 180lbs. This is a goal many people reading this publication have (to decrease fat while simultaneously increasing muscle), so it is hoped the series of "progress" article I write over subsequent weeks, and months, provide ideas, so others can achieve their muscle -building objectives.

I train drug free and do not have the greatest genetics in the world, so the improvements I make should serve as inspiration to others in a similar situation (i.e. the majority of bodybuilding aspirants). Check in to periodically to review my progress and observe any changes made to my program.

Some Background

I started training with weights at the age of 15, and have trained periodically since - the weights have become an inextricable part of who I am, and define much of what I have accomplished. Some years training consistency has not been ideal, but the weights have always been there in some form.

In the mid 1994 I began competing, and placed very well in around 15 contests over the ensuing four years - even representing my country at the World Bodybuilding Championships in 1997. However, although I achieved most of my bodybuilding aims at this time, I knew I had only just scraped the surface of what could be accomplished with the right program and diet.

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Back In My Competition Days.

My competitive days were trial and error, learning with plenty of mistakes. Now, with a new program and a renewed desire to get into great shape, 2006 is looking good.

I have always believed a strong body to be the pinnacle of human accomplishment, and having researched the areas of health and well-being heavily for the past two-years, am unwavering in this view. Bodybuilding, done correctly, can create profound physical, and mental changes (improvements in cardiovascular, neural, skeletal and muscular for example).

Adding a competitive dimension only serves, I think, to intensify the positive changes bodybuilding brings. It is with this in mind, as well as the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from sculpting a better physique that has motivated me to again take to the stage. The accompanying photos will show that I have some work ahead of me, but with new and improved diet and training programs, the results should speak for themselves come March 2006.

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I Have Some Work Ahead.

Personal Statistics

  • Name: David Robson.
  • Age: 31.
  • Height: 5.7".
  • Weight: 177 Lbs.
  • Years Of Training Experience: 17 (not strictly bodybuilding training).
  • Sporting Background: Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Rugby, Bodybuilding.

Training Program

The weight program prescribed for me by Dan Gastelu is intended to stimulate balanced hypertrophy in both muscle fiber types, while allowing for a gradual reduction of body fat, without the need for aerobic training.

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Rep ranges, number of sets and exercise type are specifically selected to maximize muscle size, to reach a competitive weight of 180lbs-plus, taking into account my individual body type, current program, and other individual mediating factors such as lifestyle, nutrition and training availability.

The high volume of work combined with an insistence on training to failure, make this program very hard, but effective. Make or break factors associated with this program are nutrition and rest. Special attention is given to both these variables to facilitate a positive outcome.

It is not expected that I complete all of the prescribed workload until the desired work-capacity has been reached - this could take up to two weeks. Once all work can be completed without any undue effects (symptoms of over-training etc), the muscles, according to Dan, having shifted to an advanced anabolic state, will have developed the necessary recuperative abilities to adapt to increases in workload. Amazing results will evolve from here.

Resistance Exercises For Program One

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    Day 5: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

    Day 6: Back, Biceps & Forearms

    Day 7: Legs

    • Squat or leg press 3s 25-40
    • Side lunge 3s 15-24
    • Lunge or walking lunge 3s 25-40
    • Leg extensions 3s 25-40
    • Leg curls 3s 25-40
    • Calf raises (standing, toes straight) 3s 25-40
    • Calf raises (standing, toes outward) 2s 25-40
    • Calf raises (standing, toes inward) 2s 25-40
    • Calf raises (seated, toes straight) 3s 25-40
    • Calf raises (seated toes inward) 2s 25-40
    • Calf raises (seated, toes outward) 2s 25-40

    • Ab work later in day. Program Found Here

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 7: Legs.

    Day 8: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

    Day 9: Back & Biceps

    • Chins 4s 3-6
    • Bent rows 4s 8-12
    • Close grip lat pulldowns 4s 8-12
    • Deadlifts 4s 3-6
    • Barbell shrugs 4s 8-12
    • Upright rows 4s 8-12
    • Barbell curls 4s 8-12
    • Hammer curls 4s 8-12
    • Wrist curls 3s 8-12
    • Reverse wrist curls 3s 8-12
    • Grip work

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 9: Back & Biceps.

    Day 10: Legs

    Day 11: Abs

    Program Found Here.

    Day 12: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

    • Dumbbell fly's followed by dumbbell press at the end of set 3s 15-24
    • Inclined dumbbell fly's followed by inclined dumbbell press at the end of set 3s 25-40
    • Inclined dumbbell fly's followed by decline dumbbell press at the end of set 3s 25-40
    • Dips bent forward (can use a pronated grip to emphasize lower pecs) 3s 25-40
    • Barbell pullovers 3s 25-40
    • Dumbbell presses 3s 25-40
    • Side laterals 3s 15-24
    • Low pulley front raises 3s 15-24
    • Bent over lateral raises 3s 15-24
    • Triceps pushdowns 3s 15-34
    • Lying triceps press 3s 15-24

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 12: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.

    Day 13: Back & Biceps

    • Close grip lat pulldown 3s 15-24
    • Deadlifts 3s 15-24
    • One arm dumbbell rows 3s 25-40
    • Incline bench lying dumbbell rows 3s 25-40
    • Dumbbell shrugs 3s 15-24
    • Upright rows 3s 15-24
    • Dumbbell curls 3s 15-24
    • Hammer curls 3s 25-40
    • Preacher curls 3s 25-40
    • Wrist curls 3s15-24
    • Reverse wrist curls 3s 15-24
    • Grip work

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 13: Back & Biceps.

    Day 14: Legs

    • Squat or leg press 3s 15-24
    • Side lunge 3s 25-40
    • Lunge or walking lunge 3s 25-40
    • Leg extensions 3s 15-24
    • Leg curls 3s 15-24
    • Calf raises (standing, toes straight) 3s 15-24
    • Calf raises (standing, toes outward) 2s 15-24
    • Calf raises (standing, toes inward) 2s 15-24
    • Calf raises (seated, toes straight) 3s 15-24
    • Calf raises (seated toes inward) 2s 15-24
    • Calf raises (seated, toes outward) 2s 15-24

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 14: Legs.

Repeat Two-Week Cycle

Program One Notes:

  • Program One is six weeks duration.
  • May need to work up to prescribed number of sets.
  • One to two warm-up sets structured in, if needed.
  • Last rep should be to near positive failure (i.e., another rep could not be completed). Can use spotter to complete last rep.
  • Between sets, stretch muscles being exercised.
  • Good form, no cheat reps.
  • Have positive calorie balance.
  • No aerobic exercise.
  • Split training in to two daily sessions if needed.

Rep Ranges Workload Notes:

  • Adjust weights/workloads to work within rep ranges. Higher rep ranges may take a few weeks to develop optimum working potential.

  • Rep range goal is to stimulate hypertrophy in all muscle fibers, and stimulate FG and FOG energy system development. Also, muscle and connective tissue growth will occur.

    What Does FG & FOG Mean?
    FG & FOG are types of fast twitch fibres. Fast-Glycolytic (FG) and Fast-Oxidative-Glycolytic (FOG), or 2b and 2a fibres respectively. FG fibres differ from FOG fibres in their pure fast-twitch properties.

  • Three-six reps: explosive concentric, eccentric minimum. Rest between sets longest, three to five minutes. FG muscle fibers are targeted.

  • Eight-12 reps: more rhythmic reps. FOG muscle fibers. Rest between sets long, two to four minutes.

  • 15-24 reps: slower rhythmic, tense muscles. FOG . Short rest between sets, less than two minutes.

  • 25-40 reps: slow motion, tense muscles. FOG, Oxidative. Short rest between sets, less than one minute.

  • Always perform days one, two, three, eight, and nine with 10 exercises. If program is too exhaustive, adjust exercise volume on days 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, and 14.


The diet I will use to assist muscle building efforts throughout this program is comprised of around 35-percent protein, 45-percent carbohydrate and 15-percent fat. Main dietary goals are to assist anabolism via timed feedings, comprised of specific macro-nutrient ratios (depending on the time feeding) throughout the day.

A reduction in bad fats and an elimination of simple sugars is targeted at fat loss, while an increase in protein, good fats and complex/fibrous carbohydrates is intended to ensure consistent gains in muscle, and sufficient energy levels for the regular, intensive, training sessions.

A Typical Days Eating Is As Follows:

    Meal One - 7:30am:

    • Oatmeal (one cup).
    • Eight egg whites with two yolks.
    • One scoop Explosive Growth Blend (EGB).

    Meal Two - 10:00am (after training):

    • One scoop whey protein.
    • One cup of brown rice.
    • One chicken breast.

    Meal Three - 12:00 noon:

    • One plate of broccoli.
    • One large potato.
    • One can of tuna.

    Meal Four - 1:30pm (one hour before meal five):

    • EGB (one scoop).

    Meal Five - 2:30pm:

    • One cup of brown rice.
    • One scoop whey protein.
    • Half a chicken breast.

    Meal Six - 5:00pm:

    • One plate of broccoli and silver beet.
    • One small potato.
    • One piece of fish.

    Meal Seven - 7:30pm (one hour before meal eight):

    • EGB (one scoop).

    Meal Eight - 8:30pm:

    • Eight egg whites.
    • One piece of broccoli.

    Meal Nine - 10:00pm:

    • One scoop low carb whey protein.


The main supplement used on this program is Explosive Growth Blend as it is a complete nutritional product designed to cover all supplemental needs.

It contains precision amounts of protein in addition to many major anabolic factors, which as far as I can tell, are working very well so far.

Training sessions are lasting longer, muscle pumps during training are very intense, and my physique feels tight most of the time, almost as if the muscles are continuously pumped.

The EGB is expected to get me into the best shape of my life before March 2006. Go here for a detailed explanation of this supplement:

In Conclusion

At his point in time, I have completed days one, two and three of program one, which will last for three, two week cycles (as outlined). As it is too early to report any major positive changes, an article following the completion of the first two week cycle will outline all training outcomes.

It is hoped that in two weeks I will have eased into the program sufficiently, and be almost at the point of completing all the prescribed workload. I can however say that, having just started the program, I am feeling my muscles shift to a more anabolic state.

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I Am Feeling My Muscles Shift
To A More Anabolic State.

As mentioned, the EGB (Explosive Growth Blend) provides an immediate benefit to training muscles, and this is felt during every set of every workout. Tiredness never overcomes me as it once did, muscle pumps during training are great, and fullness which can be seen in the days following training is evident.

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