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An Interview With Professional Boxer Cleveland 'The Warrior' Corder.

In this interview we will be discussing past, present, and future goals of pro boxer Cleveland 'The Warrior' Corder. He shares with us his experiences and hopes as a pro middleweight boxer.

I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me," says the scripture on middleweight boxing champion Cleveland Corder's Website. Later this year, Cleveland will rely on his strong faith as he steps into the ring with one of the best, hardest hitting, middleweights in the world, top ranking 'Contender' participant Jesse Brinkley.

Not that Cleveland is particularly fazed. The last time they met, Cleveland bested Jesse over nine rounds until a left hook found its mark, making Cleveland the latest in a long line of Jesse Brinkley victims. On analyzing his own performance, Cleveland says he fought well in this fight, and feels a rematch will help to even the score.

"Then I will have beaten everybody I have ever faced", he says. Jesse has made it widely known that he is ready for Cleveland at any time. Cleveland says "bring it on". Given Cleveland and Jesse are two of the hottest professional middleweights around, their rematch proves to be one of the most exciting middleweight bouts seen in a long time.

Like many in his league, Cleveland hopes to one day become middleweight champion of the world. Indeed, once Cleveland knew he had the tools to become a great boxer, he vowed to achieve the highest of accolades.

Upon winning the National Golden Gloves in 1997, Cleveland decided to commit himself to the pro boxing lifestyle of daily training, coupled with clean eating and a disciplined mindset.

Today, with a record of 32 wins and three losses, and a single-minded focus on redemption, he is ideally positioned to beat Jesse Brinkley in what is promising to be a stunning rematch.

I spoke with Cleveland recently, and he told me of his passion for boxing, and how he intends to continue his winning record.

[ Q ] I understand you are in training for a fight. Who will you be fighting?

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[ Q ] And how is your preparation for this fight going?

    Very well. I'm very happy at about 5-6 pounds away from the weigh-in weight of 160. I hope to walk out at 165

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Cleveland Knocking Out Brent In The 2nd Round.

[ Q ] Can you provide a run down on the type of diet and training programs you are following in preparation for your fight against Brent?

    I can tell you exactly what I do on a typical day. In the morning I wake up and eat an egg and some oatmeal. Then I go to my personal trainer, where I do my sit-ups, light weights, and sprints.

    After that, I eat a snack like Sly Stallone's pudding. Then I go to the boxing gym. During this workout I try to get in around 16-rounds of boxing.

    Then I come home and have another snack. Then I have lunch. Following this, I do my road work. I run four miles, or whatever I'm doing for that week. After the road work, I do dinner.

[ Q ] Do you have any rest days?

    My rest day is Saturday. On Sunday I'll either run, or go to the gym. I'm only three weeks away from a fight so I am now doing both of these things on the one day.

[ Q ] What type of weight training routine are you doing?

    It's just light weights. 12 pounds or so, or strength bands to increase the speed.

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[ Q ] So, no heavy weights in your routine?

    No way. I'm not trying to build muscle. I'm trying to increase speed and muscle stamina.

[ Q ] Do you use any special exercises to increase your speed?

[ Q ] What do you do for supplementation? Which ones, if any, do you recommend and why?

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[ Q ] How do these supplements benefit you, as a boxer?

    They get you to where you can keep your energy levels high. They also supplement food intake for greater gains and help you to complete your workouts.

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[ Q ] A fight between yourself and Jesse Brinkley might be held sometime this year. Tell me more about this fight.

    The last time Jesse and I fought was probably the best fight they have ever had in Idaho. It was just the most amazing fight. Unfortunately he caught me with a left hook in the ninth round. That's boxing. I was winning on the scorecards. What do you say? It only takes one shot in boxing.

    Jesse's just a great warrior, and a great guy, and he wants to do a rematch because he knows that a fight like this, if it was televised, would only help both our careers.

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[ Q ] Is the management team confident that there will be a rematch?

    That's what Jesse wrote in his local paper down there in Reno. He wrote about who he wants to box after he fights his next fight. He wants to fight me. And that's the same thing I'm wanting.

    But it all depends on the money. Get the right and I don't see a problem with having that happen. We could do a web cast or whatever. I would like to do it in his hometown of Reno. Last time he came here, so it's only fair that I go down there this time.

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[ Q ] Like you say, Jesse is a great champion and a very powerful puncher. How would you counter his power.

    The last time we fought, I just boxed and boxed him, and fortunately I have a little bit of Jesse in me, and when we start banging it out, I just want to bang it out also.

    But I'm just going to try to stay away from that this time. Just try to stay away from banging it out with him. I am just going to box him. But he just kind of draws you in. He makes it to where you want to bang it out. You just can't do that with a guy with his kind of power.

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[ Q ] How much respect do you have for Jesse Brinkley?

    I have the greatest respect for Jesse. I think what he has done in his career is just great. He's just one of those guys that never quits. You're not going to take Jesse Brinkley's heart.

    He's a good all around guy and I can see him and me being friends. But he and I both know it's about families. It's about getting paid as well as showing our craft.

    Our fights are so exciting and that's why we are going to get paid the most, and be friends out of the ring. When we're in the ring it is all business.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About His Respect For Jesse. MP3 (597 KB)

Who Would Win In A Rematch?

Cleveland Corder.
Jesse Brinkley.

[ Q ] Do you think your next opponent, Brent Cooper, is a worthy opponent? What does he bring to the table?

    Well, he was on the Contender, and they said that those were the top 16 middleweights in the US at the time, so he is worthy. If I can get through him hopefully I can be one of the 16 on the next Contender.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About Brent Cooper. MP3 (402 KB)

[ Q ] Did you try out for the first Contender?

    No I didn't because you had to give them your contract, and I was under contract with the Casino. So I couldn't sign with the Contender.

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    Cleveland's Stats:

    • Height: 5' 10"
    • Weight: Junior Middleweight
    • Date of Birth: September 22, 1972
    • Birthplace: Boise, Idaho
    • Residence: Boise, Idaho
    • Trainers: Dan Bicknese, Moe Smith, Mark Corder
    • Manager: Moe Smith 1 (800) 523-2464 Ext. #7234

    Cleveland's Titles:

    • CAM Middleweight Champion
    • IBA Continental Middleweight Champion
    • IBA Continental Junior Middleweight Champion

[ Q ] Has there been a defining moment in your boxing career? What one moment made you think this was really a sport you could pursue?

    Probably when I beat Jermaine Taylor. When I won the National Golden Gloves in 1997, and beat Taylor, that's when all the top ranks called, that's when main events called me. That was the defining moment that told me it was time to turn pro.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About His Defining Moment. MP3 (405 KB)

[ Q ] At what age were you?

    I was 25.

    Cleveland's Pro Boxing Record

    32-3-0 (18 KO's)


    • Jul 8. Steve Walker. Win: KO in third (1:56)
    • Feb 25. Ron Martinez. Win: TKO in third (3:00)


    • Mar 11. Jesse Brinkley. Loss: KO in ninth (2:59)
    • Jan 24. Ronnie Johnson. Win: KO in eighth (1.57)

      For a complete list of Cleveland's Pro ring record, click here.

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Cleveland Against Steve Walker.

[ Q ] What sort of long term goals do you have Cleveland?

    My big goal now is to get a shot at a major world title. I just want my chance.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About A World Title. MP3 (203 KB)

[ Q ] And Jesse is standing in your way.

    Yes. If I beat him, I've beaten everyone I've ever faced.

[ Q ] Might you go on to a title shot following this fight?

    Well, that's all up to the promoters and managers.

[ Q ] What has been your greatest fight as a pro?

    My greatest fight would probably be my nine-round fight with Brinkley.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About His Greatest Fight. MP3 (429 KB)

[ Q ] I read that you had worked as a stunt double on the Play it to the Bone movie. Do you have any intention of entering into the entertainment industry following your boxing career?

    I developed a good relationship with Ron Shelton, the director of this movie, and things might happen in the future. In saying this, you pretty much have to focus on one thing or the other when it comes to boxing.

    If you don't have 100 percent focus on your boxing, then you probably should get out of it. I figure I'll focus on my goal right now, and when I'm through with that, I'll either go that way (entertainment) or not.

[ Q ] Do you have any other career to fall back on, after boxing?

    Yes, I've been building houses. I've been a general contractor and I have built four houses. So that's something I could do.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About Fallback Careers. MP3 (308 KB)

[ Q ] Has your family had much of an influence on you as a boxer?

    As far as boxing goes, my mom was a judge. My wife is a stay at home mom and she helps me with my diet and with meal preparation every time I come home from the gym, and before training. It is a huge thing to have someone around to do that.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About His Family's Support. MP3 (366 KB)

[ Q ] How many children do you have?

    I have two kids. Noah, my oldest is four, and my youngest is seven months.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About His Children. MP3 (161 KB)

[ Q ] If your kids grow up and want to become boxers, what advice would you give them?

    Use a golf club. If they want to start boxing I will give them a golf club and say, "there, try that first".

[ Q ] Can you draw any parallels between the sport of boxing and the sport of bodybuilding?

    Yes. Discipline and the bottom line. With bodybuilding, you have to watch what you eat and train constantly. With boxing, you can't let your muscles deteriorate, but you work on a strict diet and special techniques.

    Both sports are technique sports. There are really a lot of similarities between boxing and bodybuilding.

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[ Q ] I suppose both sets of athletes get in grumpy moods come competition time.

    There you go. Just ask my wife. You don't want to be around me two weeks before the weigh-in. That's just the way it is.

[ Q ] What were your initial goals when you started boxing?

    Well, I lost my first seven or eight fights, so I just wanted to really win a trophy. That was it. I started when I was 8-years-old. I progressed to wanting to be on the USA boxing team. When I accomplished that, and I fought against the Russian and Korean teams, I wanted to be a national champion.

    Of course I wanted to go to the Olympics. I just missed out on selection. David Reid beat me and went on to win the Gold medal at the 1996 Olympics and the 1996 USA Championships.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About His Initial Goals. MP3 (708 KB)

    Cleveland's Amateur Honors Include:

    • 1997 Golden Gloves National Champion
    • 1997 National Golden Gloves Golden Boy (MVP)
    • 1996 USA vs. Korea Gold Medal Winner
    • 1996 USA Olympic Trials Finalist
    • 1996 USA National Championship Silver Medal Winner
    • 1993 USA vs. Russia Gold Medal Winner
    • 1993 Golden Gloves National Silver Medal Winner

[ Q ] Going back further. What got you started in boxing?

    Actually a couple of kids lived down the street from where we lived, and I got into a little fight with one of them. His dad was a boxing coach and it all started from there.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About How He Started Boxing. MP3 (175 KB)

[ Q ] Were there any legends of the sport of boxing that had, or have, any admiration for?

    I was always a big Hagler fan. I just loved his no-nonsense approach to boxing. I also really love and respect Bernard Hopkins. He's a no-nonsense guy, and anyone who can make it as far as he did without a major promoter is pretty amazing.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About Who He Admires. MP3 (402 KB)

[ Q ] During your boxing career, have you ever had a lay-off?

    Yes, I broke my leg back in 2001 in a building accident. I had six to eight months off.

[ Q ] How hard mentally was this for you?

    I was really, really, anxious to get back. It's tough not being able to run when you've been jogging your whole life. It's really hard.

[ Q ] Did you do any training during that lay-off period?

    There was really nothing I could do, because I had a compound fracture. I broke both the tibia and fibula in my leg, and there was nothing I could do. I did pick up the game of golf.

[ Q ] But you did continue on with boxing once your injury had healed.


[ Q ] We're going to finish now Cleveland. Do you have any parting thoughts on your fight with Jesse?

    I love the fact that he has the type of character to give me another chance. That just shows you what kind of a man he is and I just hope we can do it sooner than later.

    His people want it, my people want it. Now we just have to get it done. I respect him and hopefully we can do it down in Reno this time.

Listen To Cleveland Talk About His Fight With Jesse. MP3 (491 KB)

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Time To Get It Done Jesse.

[ Q ] Great. Is there anyone you would like to thank for supporting you?

    I just want to thank you and, because you are the ones that do the stories and keep us going through the publicity in the papers, and in the news. That keeps our hopes alive and our dreams alive.

Listen To Cleveland Thank His Supporters. MP3 (349 KB)