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Pro Bodybuilding Weekly And The Fit Show: The Future Of Bodybuilding And Fitness?

These online radio and video shows are FREE as a part of our commitment to the bodybuilding community and are available worldwide. Dan and Travis join us here to give us their input about these new shows. Get the full scoop right here.

Trust the world's most visited bodybuilding web site, in partnership with some of the best media people and sporting personalities in the business, to develop a way to provide cutting edge bodybuilding and fitness information to the masses.

At one point, the majority of fans would have gained their insights into the wonderful world of bodybuilding and fitness, through various publications and word of mouth.

This often led to speculation, innuendo and plain falsehoods regarding the state of the sport and the various methods in which to become fit, healthy and muscular.

However, with the advent of The Fit Show online video program and Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, a radio show devoted exclusively to hosting some of the sports biggest names along with all the latest news, devout fans and the wider bodybuilding and fitness audience, the world over, are able to watch and listen to various experts and personalities tell it like it is, as they (the experts and personalities) cut through all the irrelevancies to get to the essence of what the people want.

It has been a long time coming, but now the people at the center of bodybuilding and fitness - the fans - from the comfort of their own home, can interact with their favorite bodybuilders and fitness experts in a way that once may only have been possible through one-on-one consultations, or at a seminar.

Indeed, a common sentiment expressed by the viewing and listening audience has been,

"It is great to finally have the opportunity
to listen and watch my favorite pros in action."

In fact, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and The Fit Show have provided the first opportunity for many to actually hear the people they have been reading about for years, speak.

For example, in the UK (where I am located) there are no shows even remotely related to bodybuilding despite the 800-channels on offer. This is staggering, given the relative popularity of bodybuilding and fitness on the world stage.

Well, the fans now have what they want, as the world of bodybuilding and fitness is vastly more accessible than it once was, thanks to a group of talented, dedicated, individuals with a passion for promoting the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyles.

Who are these people, and why have they decided to make such a significant impact on the fitness industry by improving the accessibility of valuable bodybuilding and fitness information? Why has The Fit Show and Pro Bodybuilding Weekly been so successful, and what does the future hold for these shows?

Read on for the answers to these questions, and interviews with some of the key people responsible for improving the future of bodybuilding and fitness through the aforementioned online shows.

Pro Bodybuilding Weekly & The Fit Show
A Brief Introduction.

Pro Bodybuilding Weekly:

    The highly anticipated Pro Bodybuilding Weekly debuted on June 13, and has since become a very popular weekly fixture for fans worldwide.

    Brainchild of executive producer Dan Solomon, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly is aired live on Monday's at 8pm (U.S. east coast time), and is available as a re-broadcast exclusively at
    - the company that sponsors and helps to run the show.

    The show is absolutely free, the only requirement being an ability to access Windows Media Player or Real Player.


      Pro Bodybuilding online is hosted by commentator, and journalist, Dan Solomon and active pro bodybuilder, and IFBB athletes representative, Bob Cicherillo. The host selection is fitting, given level of experience, and genuine passion for the sport, both of these men possess.

    Chat With The Pro's!
    Chat with your favorite bodybuilders, ask them questions and get answers directly from pro's like Chris Cook, Tom Prince, Dexter Jackson, Shawn Ray, Bob Chicerillo, King Kamali and more more. Learn More.


      The format of the show includes a live interview segment with a professional bodybuilder, or industry insider, the latest bodybuilding news, and up to the minute contest coverage.

    Popular Aspects Of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly:

    • Is 100-percent free.
    • Is broadcast throughout the world.
    • Adopts a "no holds barred" approach to getting information to the fans.
    • Can be listened to any time via an online show archive.
    • Is hosted by Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo - hosts who know there subject (these two are also fans wanting to get to the truth of the matter, like everyone else).
    • Has genuine insights from IFBB pro bodybuilders.
    • Provides the latest bodybuilding news, including contest coverage.
    • Provides exclusive updates - happenings not published anywhere else.
    • Professionally produced.
    • Provides an opportunity for fans to call in and talk to the pros.

The Fit Show:

    Having debuted on June 14, 2005, The Fit Show bodybuilding and fitness video program, an international first, continues to bring to a global audience an exclusive look into the lives of high profile fitness and bodybuilding celebrities.

    Aired online, with a news/television show type format, The Fit Show also features bodybuilding event coverage, training tips and routines, diet and supplement information, and the latest bodybuilding and fitness news.

    Hosted by Pro bodybuilders Gunter Schlierkamp, Richard Jones, Bob Cicherillo and Kim Lyons, The Fit Show is into its 15th episode and shows no signs of slowing down. The show is produced by the Chapman Media Group and

    President of the Chapman Media Group, Travis Chapman, feels The Fit Show will better connect the wider bodybuilding and fitness public to the personalities and events that comprise the bodybuilding and fitness industry. "I want this show to spark a positive interest in the bodybuilding lifestyle," says Chapman.

    Positive Aspects Of The Fit Show:

    • Provides a visual representation of the personalities and events comprising the bodybuilding and fitness industries.
    • Hosted by intelligent, articulate, professional bodybuilders.
    • Is an international first.
    • Professionally produced.
    • Has exclusive training demonstrations.
    • Provides advice on diet and supplementation.
    • Has an "In The Kitchen" segment.
    • Includes contest coverage.

    "In The Kitchen" With Cynthia Bridges.

A Review Of The Shows

Into their 11th and 12th episodes respectively, The Fit Show and Pro Bodybuilding Weekly have become stronger, and will only continue to grow according to Producers Dan Solomon (Pro Bodybuilding Weekly) and Travis Chapman (The Fit Show).

Content shown so far has well and truly lived up to the pre-screening hype, and has presented fans, and listeners in general, with the best the bodybuilding and fitness industries have to offer.

Pro Bodybuilding Weekly:

    Pro Bodybuilding Weekly got off to a great start, on June 13, 2005, with a live interview segment featuring 2004 Arnold Classic winner Dexter Jackson.

    Click To Enlarge.
    Dexter @ The 2004 Arnold Classic. Listen To The First Show Here.

    Flex magazine's Shawn Perine also made an appearance, and spoke of the latest bodybuilding developments as published in his magazine.

    Since this first episode, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly has consistently maintained its high standards with the following interviews:

    Radio Show 2 - Date: 06/20/05, Guests: Shawn Ray & Monica Brant
    Radio Show 3 - Date: 06/27/05, Guests: King Kamali
    Radio Show 4 - Date: 07/11/05, Guests: Darrem Charles
    Radio Show 5 - Date: 07/18/05, Guests: Kevin Levrone
    Radio Show 6 - Date: 07/25/05, Guests: Lee Priest
    Radio Show 7 - Date: 08/01/05, Guests: Melvin Anthony
    Radio Show 8 - Date: 08/08/05, Guests: Chris Cook
    Radio Show 9 - Date: 08/15/05, Guests: Troy Alves
    Radio Show 10 - Date: 08/22/05, Guests: Victor Martinez
    Radio Show 11 - Date: 08/29/05, Guests: Peter McGough
    Radio Show 12 - Date: 09/05/05, Guests: Melvin Anthony
    Radio Show 13 - Date: 09/12/05, Guests: Craig Titus/Kelly Ryan
    Radio Show 14 - Date: 09/19/05, Guests: Garritt Downing

    In addition to these interviews, all pro bodybuilding events since June have been covered in detail. Event coverage has also included Shawn Ray's charity golf invitational among others.

    Bodybuilding news featured on the show has included the latest developments in IFBB judging criteria, contest rules and regulations, print media developments, and personal information on the pros.

The Fit Show:

    Since June 14, The Fit Show has consistently presented bodybuilding and fitness fans with professional advice and expert tuition on the finer points of exercise and diet.

    The Premiere Episode Of The Fit Show.

    With the Fit Show, bodybuilding and fitness television has truly arrived. Show one kicked off with an interview with retired IFBB pro and sought after nutritionist Tom Prince. Subsequent high quality content has included:

    Video Show 2 - Date: 6/21/05:
    Coverage of the 2005 Memorial Day Muscle Beach Classic.
    Video Show 3 - Date: 6/28/05:
    An intense chest workout with bodybuilding legend Milos Sarcev.
    Video Show 4 - Date: 7/05/05:
    A look into the life of fitness star Monica Brant.
    Video Show 5 - Date: 7/12/05:
    Quad training with Milos Sarcev.
    Video Show 6 - Date: 7/19/05:
    A special question and answer segment.
    Video Show 7 - Date: 7/26/05:
    Footage of the charity golf event hosted by Shawn Ray.
    Video Show 8 - Date: 8/02/05:
    A detailed look at top new Met-Rx supplement Amped.
    Video Show 9 - Date: 8/09/05:
    Deltoid training with resident mass monster Milos Sarcev.
    Video Show 10 - Date: 8/16/05:
    Milos Sarcev back training (part one), and in the kitchen with NPC competitor Shawn Gonzales.
    Video Show 11 - Date: 8/23/05:
    Milos Sarcev back training (part two), and in the kitchen with NPC competitor Jerome Ferguson.
    Video Show 12 - Date: 8/30/05:
    Garrett Downing and Derik Farnsworth train legs, and back in the kitchen with Cynthia Bridges.
    Video Show 14 - Date: 09/06/05
    This week on The Fit Show, we finish up our legs with part 3 of leg training with Garret and Derrick. Followed by more healthy dining with IFBB fitness pro Cynthia Satalowich.
    Video Show 13 - Date: 09/06/05
    This week we have two bodybuilders (Garrett Downing and Derik Farnsworth) back to give you another inside look at how they train legs. Also, don't miss our "In the Kitchen" segment with NPC competitor Jerome Ferguson.

The Future

As alluded to throughout this article, the future of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and the Fit Show looks very bright indeed. The response from fans and professional industry insiders alike has been overwhelmingly positive, and as the bodybuilding and fitness industries continue to grow, The Fit Show and Pro Bodybuilding Weekly will continue to feature high profile athletes telling it he way it is, as well as all the latest news.

Pro Bodybuilding Weekly's Dan Solomon Says his show will continue to grow and improve.

"We just renewed our contract for another 13 shows and the show will reach new levels in terms of overall production,"
says Dan.

Dan feels that no other media platform can offer the opportunity for advertisers to reach a captive audience on a mass scale, week in week out. "I feel we are unique," he said.

Although the current focus is on the ongoing improvement of the shows production, Dan says that Podcasting, where one can download the show to their MP3 player to listen to anytime, will be available in the future. Satellite radio as a way to capture a greater audience is also likely at some point according to Dan.

As with Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, The Fit Show looks to be a permanent weekly fixture. With its current focus on training techniques, diet, supplementation and news, The Fit Show has established an excellent formula for continued success. Producer Travis Chapman says the Fit Show will eventually become the best thing to hit bodybuilding since protein.

"With the latest technological advances we will be able to do more and more, and our passion for bodybuilding and fitness drives us to produce the best show we can,"
says Travis.

The upcoming Mr. Olympia will provide The Fit Show with an opportunity to where no show of its kind has gone before. "The broadcast at the Olympia will be huge," says Travis. "The technology we will be using is so cutting edge it makes life hell because you have to just try a million different things to get it perfect."

2005 Olympia Weekend Info
Learn more about the 2005 Olympia weekend here. When and where is it going to be held and more...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Live streaming video on location is something the Fit Show will be featuring more of, as well as the usual line up of top athletes and other experts. A third segment is also planned, which will cover anything else the show so far hasn't screened, making it a more complete production.

The People Behind The Shows

Pro bodybuilding Weekly and The Fit Show would not have become the successes they are without the efforts of those who produce and develop every installment.

The two men primarily responsible for running these shows, Dan Solomon and Travis Chapman, work tirelessly to bring the best the bodybuilding and fitness industries have to offer directly to the fans.

No article about either of these shows would be complete without input from the men who made them a reality. I asked Dan and Travis to give me the inside word.

Dan Solomon:

Who Is He?
Formerly an NPC bodybuilder and a graduate of the University of Hartford School of Journalism, Dan founded the Physique Management Group.
Learn More About Dan.

[ Q ] How would you rate the success of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly so far Dan?

    Bodybuilding fans from around the world have really embraced the new show. The feedback has been amazing. Each week we have worked hard to improve the overall production quality and it's been fun watching the audience numbers grow.

[ Q ] What have been some of the more popular aspects of this show, in your view?

    For the first time in bodybuilding history, we are providing a media outlet that actually allows fans to "hear" directly from the biggest names in the sport. Fans can now get to know the various stars of bodybuilding & fitness.

    In the past, we only had magazine and internet articles. But now, the radio show is giving the athletes a rare chance to communicate directly with the fans.

    Our guest list so far has included the biggest names in the sport, such as Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Dexter Jackson, Monica Brant, Darrem Charles, Melvin Anthony, Lee Priest and the list goes on.

    Our guest list for upcoming shows is very exciting... stay tuned!

[ Q ] Who came up with the idea for developing this show?

    Earlier this year, I was in my car listening to my local sports talk radio station.

    The local radio host was interviewing a Major League Baseball player. I thought to myself - this is exactly what the sport of bodybuilding needs!

    I then decided that the show would only work if it was available to fans throughout the world. Clearly, a local radio show would have a limited impact. I negotiated a broadcast deal with a major online radio production company. They have done a great job helping us with the technical side.

    We have also received tremendous support from the gang at They have provided us with a built in audience and some promotional support.

Did You Know?
That this is just the beginning! We will be adding more radio and video show content to the website for FREE along with videos of EVERY exercise, drill, training program, etc. If it can have video, we are going to give it to you for FREE! Sign up for updates here.

[ Q ] Are there any new plans for the show that you can talk about?

    We just renewed our contract for another 13 shows. The show will reach new levels in terms of overall production. As our audience number continues to grow, we are creating some very powerful opportunities for prospective advertisers.

    The show is a very unique opportunity for advertisers to communicate verbally with a captive audience of serious bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.

    There is currently no other media platform that can offer that. We have also received tremendous support from the various magazines which will ensure ongoing increases to our audience reach.

[ Q ] What have been some of the more enjoyable moments for you, thus far?

    I recently received an email from a bodybuilding fan explaining that he's been following Shawn Ray in the magazines for almost 20 years. But, until now, he had never actually heard Shawn speak.

    Click To Enlarge.
    Listen To The Shawn Ray Interview Here.

    He was extremely excited and grateful to the radio show for providing a rare opportunity to hear directly from Shawn. These comments validate the entire reason I created the show. The athletes now have a voice!

An Interview With Shawn Ray.
In the following exclusive interview Shawn Ray talks about his life in bodybuilding and reveals all about the current state of the sport...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

[ Q ] Does the future of this show look bright to you? Where is the show headed ultimately, do you think?

    We are exploring a number of scenarios for the future. Look for Podcasting that will allow fans to download the show to their personal MP3 players.

    This will enable fans to listen to the show while doing their cardio at the gym. We are also looking into some satellite radio scenarios to further expand our reach.

    In the mean time, our focus is on the ongoing improvement of the show. My co-host, Bob Cicherillo, and I have taken this project very seriously. Bodybuilding talk radio has finally arrived and the future is very exciting.

Who Do You Want To Hear On Pro Bodybuilding Weekly?

E-mail who you want to hear on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly to:
Dan @

Travis Chapman:

Who Is He?
Fitness and nutrition have been a big part of Travis's life since his teen years. With years as a fitness model, personal trainer and much more. Learn More.

[ Q ] How would you rate the success of The Fit Show so far Travis?

    Well, I may be a little biased, but I think it's great. It has been something that the bodybuilding community hasn't had until now.

    The Fit Show is still a work in progress as far as what is in the works, but so far I think we have done well creating something for the fans to watch and learn about bodybuilding and fitness.

[ Q ] What have been some of the more popular aspects of this show, in your view?

    Well, things have changed so much since even our first show. We found that there are so many people hungry for good information about training and nutrition. Our training with Milos will forever be some of the best footage.

    You just don't get much better than Milos demonstrating training technique. His training is so informative and people have really responded to that.

    "Training With Milos" On The Fit Show.

    The in the kitchen segments will be great too. We are fine-tuning them more and more. I see a bright future for those segments. I think there is a place for the interviews and fun stuff as well, just as long as some information is there to go along with them.

    The feedback we get is a big help too. I check for it every day and send it to all my staff. It is what we go by to improve the show.

What Type Of Content Do You Want To See More Of On The Fit Show?

Other. (e-mail us with suggestions)

[ Q ] Who came up with the idea for developing this show?

    In a nut shell, I had been working on a digital fitness magazine California Fitness Review for about a year and a half and it didn't work the way I wanted it to.

    We had video inside and were moving closer to making video a big part of the magazine. I had spoken to Russ Deluca about maybe helping us promote it a bit and he told me he was interested in having more video footage on

    My first thoughts were to just have a lot of great video clips, but he mentioned a 30 min show. I wasn't going to tell Russ that would be too hard, so The Fit Show was born.

    I spent a couple of months developing the show and figuring out how it was going to work. It was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. It still is, but we are getting closer to the format we want.

    Everything so far has just been trial and error. I think there is so much potential for The Fit Show with the participation of the athletes and supplement companies.

    I get a lot of feedback saying thanks for the show because it is helping people get in shape. At the end of the day I think I have done a positive service for a few people out there. That makes me feel good.

[ Q ] Are there any new plans for the show that you can talk about?

    Well, the broadcast at the Mr. Olympia is huge. I feel like one of the guys getting ready for the show. I'm just not cutting my carbs. The technology we will be using is so cutting edge it makes life hell, because you have to just try a million different things to get it perfect.

    A lot more live streaming video on location will be in our future for sure. I highly recommend watching us from the Olympia. It will be a sight to see.

PRESS RELEASE ON THE LIVE BROADCAST To Air Live @ The 2005 Olympia! is pleased to announce the offering of a live web cast during the 2005 Olympia Expo.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    As far as everything else, we have a great line up of athletes in the months to come. We will also have a third segment for everyone, to cover all the other random things that our training and nutrition segment don't, and I hope to see a bigger studio in the future. That may take a while though.

Click To Enlarge.
A Mock Design Of The Live Broadcast At The Olympia.

[ Q ] What have been some of the more enjoyable moments for you, thus far?

    I haven't been able to enjoy much of it yet to tell you the truth. We work on each show up to the last minute and then its on to another show. The best part is working with athletes.

    Shawn Ray, Milos Sarcev, Monica Brant, Melvin Anthony, Bob Cicherillo, Tom Prince, just to name a few. They really are great people and that helps a lot.

    CHOC Charity Golf Tournament
    Hosted By Shawn Ray On The Fit Show.

    I enjoy working with my team also. Hannah (pretty blond host), Tony, Geoff, Melanie, I don't get a chance to tell them much between running around getting everything ready, but without them in place, the show would suck. They really take a lot of extra time to make it what it is, and will be.

[ Q ] Does the future of this show look bright to you? Where is the show headed ultimately, do you think?

    The Fit Show will be the best thing ever to bodybuilding since protein. Don't get me started on that or I will sound like an ego-maniac.

    We eat sleep and breathe The Fit Show, trying to make it everything the fans want it to be.

    Between the feedback and the brainstorming we do, what you see now is just the beginning. We love bodybuilding so it's the passion that dives us, not anything else. No one can ever compete with that, or take it away. Not to mention as technology advances we will be able to do more and more.

    I think ultimately it will grow to become a place where once a week millions of people tune in to see what's new and who is on the show in order to stay motivated. A TV show just for the fitness fanatic.


As stated throughout this article, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and The Fit Show have lived up to all expectations and shown that a good idea with the right backing will endear itself to a mass audience.

Both these shows have demonstrated, in light of gaining massive amounts of positive feedback, the popularity of the bodybuilding and fitness industries.

Indeed, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and The Fit Show have, and will by all indications, lead the way, as a link between the experts and personalities that comprise the bodybuilding and fitness worlds, and the fans who make these industries a reality.