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A Discussion With Top Trainer, Joe DiAngelo.

Today I am going to be speaking with fitness expert Joe DiAngelo. He is going to share with us a little about his background and how he has been able to run a successful business as a fitness chef.

Fitness expert Joe DiAngelo ensures his client's physical and culinary needs are fulfilled, as he applies his personal training and cooking skills across a large cross-section of the New York populous.

He is ISSA qualified and holder of a Bachelors of Science and Exercise Physiology from the University of Regensburg, Germany. Joe is a former champion swimmer and has made his mark as a fitness chef and personal trainer. Joe's clients include several well-known celebrities, and his success in these industries make him one of the most sought after experts in his field.

Over the years, Joe has gained a tremendous amount of experience as a fitness consultant, and his views on the health and fitness industry are worth listening to. I spoke with Joe recently and he shared his views with me.

[ Q ] Hi Joe. Exactly what qualifications do you have, and how long have you been personal training?

    Hi. Good to talk to you. I have worked almost 10 years as a fitness trainer, and that's a long time. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Regensburg, Germany. Also, I hold many training certifications. Recently I decided to stay with ISSA and not renew the other certifications.

[ Q ] How did you become involved in the health and fitness industry?

    I have been a swimmer all my life. I started swimming when I was six years old and won my first medal at eight. I started going to the gym at 13, and I was training young swimmers at this stage, so all my life I have been around training really.

    After I stopped being a swimmer, I found a passion for fitness and stayed where I am today. So it was natural for me to stay involved with fitness training.

[ Q ] What type of people do you train? Do you specialize in training a specific population?

    Most people in NYC either want to loose fat and get in shape, or guys want to build muscle. I have trained many celebrities, movie stars, the best Italian fashion designers, singers, PhD's, doctors, lawyers, CEO's, entrepreneurs, models, Broadway actors, investment brokers, housewives, teachers, swimmers, athletes, students, accountants and newspaper editors, to name a few!

    Now I am training a major actress for the new movie that is going to start filming in September 2005. The Film features Evan Rachel Wood and Bono of U2.

    Who Is Evan Rachel Wood?
    Newsweek: "She may well be America's next great actress. It could turn its 17-year-old star into the next Nicole Kidman"

    The script is set in NYC and London in the late 60's, the story is told through 18 Beatles' songs, which are to be performed during the movie, and all the characters are taken from Beatles' songs. The sound track is being produced by famed record producer T-Bone Burnett.

[ Q ] Describe your educational background. How has this background helped you as a trainer?

    I hold a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from University of Regensburg, Germany. That was a very tough school. But most importantly, it helped me to think differently.

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    Joe At The American Diabetes Association:
    Healthy Nutrition and Exercise Workshop.

    I'm very analytical and I follow the latest studies about training and nutrition, and then I turn the scientific theory and research into effective practice, to achieve superior results for my clients.

[ Q ] Tell me about your background in competitive swimming. Describe your key achievements. What has been your greatest achievement in swimming?

    My Achievements In Swimming:

    • Two times gold medal champion.
    • Eight times winner of silver medals.
    • 10 times winner of bronze medals.

    I also have so many other medals that I do not count because it was regional city and state competition. So I never took it too seriously. But for me, the most important one was a gold medal in the European Swimming Championships juniors division. To become a European champion was my goal, and I did it.

[ Q ] You mentioned having trained a number of stars. Is there a special approach you use when training these people?

    I still train many famous people in NYC and cook for them as a fitness chef. Many actors, singers, executives are using my services. I do not want to talk about names. I keep it private, and that's why people have stayed with me for over five years.

    Personal training is a very personal business; you get to know people. You also know a lot about people's lives, what they do, where they hang out over the weekend, love relationships, etc.

    I train my celebrity clients like everybody else. I do not use any different approach or give them special treatment. They are just normal people like everybody. Maybe they are a little bit more motivated, because their job is to look good, so they watch more what they eat more then the average person.

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Joe With One Of His Clients.

[ Q ] Tell me more about your occupation as a fitness chef.

    It's not just the rich and famous who can have personally prepared healthy meals anymore! My Fitness Chef Service is a unique service providing you affordable meals, that are customized and prepared just for you in your home.

    As a fitness chef, I come to your home at your convenience and do all the work. This saves you time and money and assures that you get exactly the healthy meals you want and when you want them.

    Whether it's a regular week night meal for the family, stocking the freezer with meals for a whole week, or a special gift of a romantic healthy dinner for two, I can be there to provide you with fresh, custom-made meals.

[ Q ] As a fitness chef, what are your views on healthy eating?

    Basically I use basic bodybuilding principles. We all know that bodybuilding clean food is not so tasty. I specialize in gourmet bodybuilding meals. Did you know that bodybuilding food can be tasty and gourmet? If not please see my web site for many photos of my gourmet bodybuilding meals.

    My clients stay on a diet only if it tastes good. With my service my client's are eating healthy and have no desire to eat anything else, because anything else is not as tasty as my food. Kidding!

    What I want to say to you is stick to basics and make sure you know how to make a few bodybuilding meals that you enjoy eating. Then you can stay on your diet, and you will be looking forward to eat your next meal.

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One Of Joe's Delicious Creations.

[ Q ] What foods would you suggest an aspiring bodybuilder eat for maximum growth?

    For Protein I Would Suggest:

    For Carbs:

    • Veggies
    • Brown rice
    • Sweet potato
    • Low glycemix fruits like:
        - Blueberries
        - Strawberry
        - Green apple


    For maximum growth you need protein, carbs and good fats. So the simple meal would be grilled chicken breast, green beans, 1 cup brown rice and 1 tbsp flex seed oil.

[ Q ] What are your views on supplementation (which ones work, which ones don't in your opinion?).

[ Q ] What attributes should a good personal trainer have, in your view?

    A good trainer should be a passionate about training people, show a compassion for people, and care about them. And on top of that, a good trainer should be very well educated about training techniques and nutrition.

[ Q ] What tips would you give someone wanting to start up as a trainer?

    If you have a passion, and love training people, then really you should do it. Everything else will follow and you will figure it out.

[ Q ] How would you explain your success as a trainer? Why have you achieved what you have achieved?

    I have a passion and a big compassion about training people, and I love to help people to achieve their fitness goals, while educating them about training and nutrition.

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Joe With Celebrity Chef Lala.

    Passion is what moves the world. I do not see this like work. It is something that I like doing. So it is natural for me, and makes me happy. You should follow your passion too. That's my advice for all young people.

    If you have a passion for cooking and being healthy then start being a personal fitness chef. All the doors will open for you.

[ Q ] How do you get your clients in their best possible shape?

    Muscle is an adaptive tissue. There is no best training technique, or a best diet. What works for one person won't necessarily work for you. That's why you have to change your training and diet if you want to see a progress.

    Never adapt. Always challenge yourself. That's the key.

[ Q ] What is the biggest market for you as a trainer? Who do you most commonly train?

    Everybody can be my potential client. I do not limit myself to one specific group. I like working with people who have a positive attitude. I mostly train people whose careers depend on being fit. For example, models executives, singers, actors and sales reps.

[ Q ] What do you feel to be the most important aspect in terms of encouraging exercise adherence?

    Mind is everything. If you have a defeated attitude you can diet and train as much as you want. However, you may never get results.

[ Q ] The BioPhotonic Scanner is something you personally use to measure a client's antioxidant levels. Tell me more about this contraption. How does using this benefit your business?

    It is a great tool. It can tell me exactly how my clients eat and how their diet is. By measuring the antioxidants level in the tissue, my clients finally have a tool that can provide affirmation that their healthy diets are making a difference.

    The BioPhotonic Scanner offers you critical information in the measurement of your health and fitness. Otherwise how do you know your supplements are working?

    How The BioPhotonic Scanner Works:

    WMV (26.6 MB)

[ Q ] What other extras do you have available for your clients?

    I am a big motivator. I can motivate people to change their lifestyle. I was an athlete and a swimmer. I know what it takes to get where you want to be. It is a mind game against yourself. You either loose or win. I help my clients to win that game.

[ Q ] What have you learned over the years about the profession of personal training?

    The best thing about a being a personal trainer is that you make a big difference in someone's life. You can help people, and use your knowledge to achieve results. You meet many interesting people and you can always learn something from them too.

[ Q ] Thank you for your time Joe. Is there anything you would like to add?

    Good luck to everybody and I wish you all love, success and the best of Health.

    Joe DiAngelo