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Weight Loss... America's Constant Battle!

One question arises more than any other... Doc, can you help me lose weight? The answer to that has always been YES, I can... and NO, I can't. Learn more about the epidemic and why it is so difficult to correct!

As a practicing chiropractor whose offices are health-club based, the one question that arises more than any other over the past 20 years has been, "Doc, can you help me lose weight?". The answer to that has always been,

"Yes, I can... and no, I can't."

I can tell you and guide you to what you really need to do, but in the end it's really up to the individual to make the decision to make the lifestyle changes that they need to make in order to reverse the 5, 10, 15 or however many years of bad habits and abuse that they have put their bodies through.

Most Americans don't like to hear that.

U.S. Obesity: A Growing Crisis! U.S. Obesity: A Growing Crisis!
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Overweight Americans

With more than 60% of our population in the United States being a minimum of 30 pounds overweight, being healthy and fit must be a personal lifestyle decision. A great many people make that decision every year and fail. They fail due to a lack of education and guidance - not to mention the fact that food is everywhere!

Portions are growing, as well as the amount of fat, sugars and empty carbs that are in those foods.

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Fad diets are also everywhere, as are quick weight loss schemes. Be they exercise machines or magic shakes, or whatever the next miracle is... there is always something new.

My experience as a physician has shown me that most of these programs don't work for long-term weight loss. Most people work out way too hard at the beginning, hurt themselves and quit, or the "diet" that they are trying is just impossible to live with.

Have You Ever Tried A Fad Diet?


Have You Ever Tried A Fad Diet That Actually Worked?


Finally, I've seen people restrict their food intake and workout. All that will do, of course, is cause loss of lean muscle, and there is only so long that one can starve oneself. Nobody can live for very long like that.

Futile Dieting

What generally happens with most "diets" is that they are just not livable, and the individual's weight loss is temporary and they end up gaining all the weight back and then some! I personally hate the word "diet". In my mind, diets have a beginning and an end. A truly healthy change that will yield long-term results is finding a program that contains components of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

More importantly, those components have to be ones that the individual can live with for the rest of their lives, not just for a few weeks or months and then revert back to all the things that caused the obesity to begin with. The secret to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is finding something that can become part of their lives.

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The New England Journal of Medicine had a recent article on long-term results from weight loss programs and found that the programs that provided the most supervision and were based on a real lifestyle change had the greatest long term impact on its patients. Those lifestyle changes included proper nutrition and moderate exercise.

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With all the clinical implications of obesity, including heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis it would be in the best interest of everyone who is contemplating loosing weight to find a way to change their lives to make that happen. Remember, having help has shown to be better than going it alone.

If you have been sedentary for a long period or have any health issues, always get the 'okay' from your doctor before starting any program. But whatever you do, as Nike says,

"Just Do It!"

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Since I implemented a lifestyle modification program as part of my practice, I am personally seeing the power that realistic lifestyle modification therapy can have with people who are trying to lose weight and get healthy. I can't stress the importance that the program needs to be safe and livable. It also must have a strong level of accountability.

Without these, the chances that the results will remain long term will be smaller. If you think that I am wrong about needing accountability, here is an interesting statistic. Harvard University also did a study pitting self-motivated programs against programs that provided accountability and long-term follow-up.

GAD2: Is The Cause For Obesity Discovered? GAD2: Is The Cause For Obesity Discovered?
According to the study, GAD2, a specific gene, was responsible for both encouraging and protecting against obesity!
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While 60% of the people who had accountability were able to maintain weight loss for 4 years, less than 2% of the group who did a self-motivated program was able to maintain their weight loss. I guess this shows that we all need a 'coach' of sorts.

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We All Need A Coach.

In this case, your coach should have a strong medical background and be able to closely monitor your progress. He or she should also have a good foundation in clinical nutrition, so that you may be guided safely and in a healthy manner. Finally, the provider must have a practical knowledge so that the exercise component is safe and effective.

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With these tools and knowledge, you should not have to fight your weight. Your only problem will be having to go shopping for some 'skinny' clothes!

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