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Congratulations Driven Training Center! We are proud to announce a new gym of the month award where we will be awarding the best of the best! Find out how they got started, services offered and much more right here.

Vital Statistics

Name Of Gym: Driven Training Center
Name Of Owner: Jens Pulver, Tony Fryklund

Number Of Members: 40 (open 3 wks)
Square Feet: 5,000
Website Address:
Contacts are all on the website. We are also starting to stream live in our workouts and sparring sessions, so tune in to the website to get the latest weekly info on the live fights and online training sessions.

Hours Of Operation:

    Monday-Friday: 8 AM - 9 PM
    Saturday 8 AM - 5 PM

Number Of Trainers On Staff: 6 - all for the different disciplines; from diets, to cardio, wrestling to kickboxing. Founders/Owners: Dave Hills, Tony Fryklund, and Jens Pulver

[ Q ] How did the gym start and why did you decide to begin (or work within) the gym business.

    Jens and Tony have been training in one form or another since childhood, we met up at MFS (Miletich Fighting Systems) in Iowa, where we fought on the same team for about 7 years. We have always had the same ideals for what would be a successful training environment and now we have to chance to make it happen.

    Choosing Idaho was easy - Jens is from there and wrestled at Boise state. It was a no brainer to get back to the outdoors and the mountains. It's time for Jens to give back to his community.

Jens Is From Idaho So It Was A No Brainer To Go There.
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Jens Is From Idaho So It
Was A No Brainer To Go There.

[ Q ] Can you tell me your background as a fighter?

    Tony is a UFC Veteran, a fighter who has fought all over the world and has been in there against some of the biggest names in the sport including Anderson Silva. Jens Pulver, 3x UFC world champion, legend and one day a Hall of famer. The winning coach of Season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike, fought in UFC, Shooto, WEC, Pride, and a few others. Also Former BSU wrestler.

[ Q ] Can you give us a description on what went into opening your awesome establishment?

    We had a solid investor who believed in us and gave us the chance to get this gym off the ground. Tapout, Zebra mats, Fairtex, Combat Sports, and of course

We Had A Solid Investor Who Gave Us The Chance To Get This Gym Off The Ground.
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We Had A Solid Investor Who Gave Us The
Chance To Get This Gym Off The Ground.

[ Q ] What makes your gym different?

    Our gym is different due to the level of instruction, plain and simple. We weren't a one time martial arts school who switched the sign the around and become a MMA school. We are fighters who went out there, learned and battled and earned our stripes. Our coaches have all done the same, we are not fakes, we are real and we just want to help out our community.

[ Q ] What sort of people do you attract into your gym?

    We want to attract them all. We want people to understand that this gym is about fitness first, be it lifting, running or fighting. We are here to create fit and healthy lifestyles, fighting is just one aspect. We want kids to be able to come in and learn the basics be it in any style of athletics we offer.

We Want People To Understand This Gym Is About Fitness First.
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We Want People To Understand
This Gym Is About Fitness First.

[ Q ] What inspires people to train at you facility?

    We are proven at what we do, not story tellers, like so many around here.

[ Q ] Do you have any top trainers and why are they so good?

    Yes! And his name is Tony "Da Freak" Fryklund. Not only was Tony there with me at MFS, but he has since then learned to put his other 20 years of martial arts training into one giant pot that we intend to serve to the public. I'm telling you this kid is quickly turning into the Freddy Roach of MMA. This is why he runs my gym with me and heads up all of my training because I believe in his methods not only for the Pros but for the average enthusiast.

Tony's Training Methods Are For Pros And Average Enthusiasts Alike.
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Tony's Training Methods Are For Pros
And Average Enthusiasts Alike.

[ Q ] What special services do you provide?

    We have workouts that are designed just for you as the individual. We are not a another gym where you walk in by yourself and feel lost wondering what to do first. All of our classes are just that - classes, with others on the same level to be there to push each other and have a coach always there to tell you're in the time and the workout. You just need to show up with a great attitude and ready to work the rest is put in front of you.

[ Q ] What makes you competitive over the other gym chains?

    Come in and look at the Five UFC titles that hang in our Gym, come meet people Like Tony Fryklund, Marika Johansson and former BSU wrestlers, and myself Jens Pulver.

[ Q ] How have you been able to remain so successful and how do you hope to remain so?

    We are working on success, but to us it's not monetary it's about community support and building this place from the kids up. Its about getting the word out and helping others better themselves. Will we stay that way, I say yes because we are proven and we are determined and we believe in what we are teaching.

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