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Double XL Magazine: Issue Seven, May 2006.

Issue Seven of the Double XL health, fitness and lifestyle publication is now available. This issue will showcase UFC Legend Randy Couture, Nitric Oxide, an interview with exotic Katerina Van Derham and much more! Check it out!

Issue Seven, May 2006.

The Premier Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine!

Double XL Magazine is a total package, fully inclusive publication that includes all of the key interests of every guy. All of the bases are covered from Fitness, Health, Bodybuilding, Sex, Nightlife, Fashion, Sports, Entertainment and with more to come.

With an unmatched level of quality, style and charisma this is the most visually stimulating and appealing read that absolutely draws and holds your attention with every turn of a page. Double XL Magazine is every man's dream come true on paper.

The only place online you will find Double XL Magazine. Each issue that comes out will be found online exclusively at!

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This is the full version: Issue 7, 2006 (29.3 MB).

*We have also broken it down into four different parts due to the large size of the original file.

    Issue 7, 1-4: PDF (6.1 MB)

    Issue 7, 2-4: PDF (7.3 MB)

    Issue 7, 3-4: PDF (5.3 MB)

    Issue 7, 4-4: PDF (5.6 MB)

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