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Five Techniques To Supercharge Your Workouts!

Without the correct mental approach, you are drastically limiting the results you can expect from those gut-wrenching sessions. Here are my top 5 techniques I personally use to guarantee that every workout is productive.

When we think of bodybuilding we simply think of the physical pursuit. Training, Nutrition, Supplementation, Cardiovascular exercise, posing etc, usually take up a large percentage of our thinking, but never a second thought goes towards our mental application to training. Without the correct mental approach, you are drastically limiting the results you can expect from those gut-wrenching sessions.

Here are my top 5 techniques I personally use to guarantee that every workout is productive.

5 Techniques To Improve Your Workout!

Plan Your Workout In Advance

    This should be something that every trainer does, but it very rarely happens. It's absolutely vital to plan your sessions in advance. Without a plan, you are going into the gym totally blinded, and being un-prepared is almost guaranteeing minimal results. I make it a habit to plan my workout the night before.

    It only takes 5 minutes to sit down and review my results from the past week to see the weights I used, sets, reps, and results. This way, when you arrive at the gym you know exactly what is needed to take you one step closer to your goal.

Reaffirm Your Goals

    When I am in the car on the way to the gym, I start to reaffirm my training goals. Not only my long-term goals, but my goals for that days training session as well. I think about the long-term goals I need to achieve in my physique development, and realizing that it's the result of many great training sessions, focus on the goals for that day.

    To put this into perspective, I have a long-term goal to improve the thickness through my chest and delts.

    If I'm training chest that day, I know I will have to give it my very best effort to come anywhere close to meeting my high expectations.

Control Your Emotions

    This is a big one and can really enhance your training. No matter the sort of day you have had before you hit the gym, it is totally irrelevant to your training. When you are at the gym, you need to be able to solely focus on your training.

    When I first get to the gym, I jump on the treadmill for a couple of minutes, not only to warm up, but also to set my emotions for the upcoming workout. I continually repeat to myself "I am CHOOSING to have an awesome session today". All our physical actions come from our mindset, so if you truly believe that you will have a great session, I almost guarantee that you will. You first must believe in yourself, your abilities and that your effort now will be rewarded.

Minimize Talking Between Sets

    I know the social aspect of the gym can be very attractive to some, but you must be able to control this. When you are at the gym, you are there to work. Minimize your in-session chatter to that between you and your training partner, and even then talk as little as possible. This will help you keep more focused to the task at hand. Save your social life until your session is over.

Create A Pre-Training Ritual

    I have saved the best for last. For me, this one technique above all overs has totally transformed my physique over the last few years - it's that powerful.

    Intensity training is very hard mentally as much as it is physically. Just as you prepare your body before a lift, you must also prepare your mind. For me, I use the power of controlled breathing. Before I start a set, I prepare myself next to the equipment I'm using and then follow a set pattern.

I take a total of 5 breaths, and with each successive breath I envision I am getting bigger, stronger and more powerful. I also envision that with each breath, all outside distractions become less important. By the time I get to that 5th and final breath, I am totally focused with the work about to come. I feel that my strength is limitless and nothing can sway my mental determination. As soon as I hit the 5th, I jump straight into the set. This ritual takes about 15 seconds to get through, but has enhanced my training like nothing else.

If anyone asked me if I had a secret weapon, this is it.

So as you can see, by following a few simple techniques, you will well and truly be on your way to realizing your physique goals - Good Luck.

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