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Devastating Delts: Put Some Polish To Your Physique!

Your number one priority is always to have an unbreakable desire. If you want big delts, then you need to want them real bad... I am going to share some information and exercises with you that will get you those huge deltoids.

Let me ask you a question as see if this rings any bells...

You are 100% dedicated to the iron game and improving your physique. The sweat on the benches, the feel of the iron in your calloused hands - the gym is your haven. You live and breathe it! Stripped down, you are a muscular powerhouse. Slabs of striated muscle at your beck and call - this is your reward after years of pain and determination.

Now how do you feel when dressed in your street clothes and someone says, "Hey, have you ever thought about getting into the gym and building some muscle?" Isn't your physique obvious? You have the physique that they can only dream of, so why can't they see that?

Under street clothes no one can see your beautifully etched 6 pack, your striated pecs or bulging biceps. They can only grasp an overall impression of your physique by your shoulder width, which is a true indicator of strength and power. But for most people, I think shoulder training just isn't fashionable anymore - well at least when compared to training biceps that is. It seems as though most folks have forgotten about balance and creating a great overall package.

Well I think it's high time that you change your views. Nothing stands out more and tells the world that you are a dedicated iron warrior then a pair of devastating delts. Follow me now as I share with you the simple and effective way to creating width beyond your wildest dreams - a method that will take only 5 working sets and less then 30 minutes once a week!

So You Want Big Delts!

Your number one priority is always to have an unbreakable desire. If you want big delts, then you need to want them real bad because they will not happen by accident.

It's great for me to sit here and say that they will enhance your physique, but the truth is unless you share this goal then you are going to be in for a tough time.

Heavy shoulder work is downright painful at best.

But when you attack it with outright passion, the rewards far outweigh any pain that you might experience. The deltoids are such a prominent muscle group that when you employ effective training techniques you will get results almost instantly.

The only question that remains is "How bad do you want it?"

Now whatever you do, don't tell me that you cannot build cannonball-sized delts because of this reason and that. Don't be looking for an excuse now to put forth anything but your best.

Why would you ever have a chance of succeeding when you have already set yourself up for failure before you even begin? You need a positive mindset if you wish to reach any type of success.

Only a small number of people have naturally wide shoulders with great overall shoulder development. The rest of us have to work our butts off to get them. When I first started training I was narrow as a fence post.

But you know what... whilst I'm not the widest guy walking around, each day I get just that little bit better. I am proof that the system works! Just push aside the excuses, believe in yourself and what you know you can accomplish - then just go and get the job done.


    Ok, you want big delts, believe you can get them and are willing to do what it takes - now what? Well, you need to prioritize them your routine.

    Sometimes people fail to grasp the prioritizing theory correctly. They believe prioritizing a certain body-part means neglecting another. You know what I mean.

    Focus on delts and forget about the rest. Of course you will get results following this system because as your target muscle groups gets a little bigger, your others basically stay the same.

    This is why you might think that you are getting exceptional results. The trick to effective prioritizing is to keep everything moving along, whilst the targeted muscle group plays catch up and then exceeds its previous lagging state.

    How do we do this? Well simple. Allocate the first day back into the gym after your longest rest period to deltoid training and that's it. Say that you train 5 days per week (Monday through Friday) with the weekends off, then schedule your deltoid session for Monday when you are your freshest. Here you will be the most recovered and ready for an all out delt-assault.

    Then on the other days of the week for your remaining body-parts, still hit them just as hard as normal; with 100% focus and intensity.

Have A Game Plan

    Now you cannot just go into the gym, do a few sets and watch the magic happen even if you are prioritizing any body-part, especially delts. You need a game plan, one that is going to give you the results you are after.

    Now when it comes to effective weight training, you need to think about what you are trying to do. You are trying to add overall mass, with a good degree of separation and balance between the 3 muscle groups; the anterior, medial and posterior deltoids. So when you are making your exercise selections, think about what you will be trying to create and go from there.

The Muscle Groups Of The Deltoids.
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Intensity, Intensity, Intensity!

    This is the real ticket to any type of success in the gym. Many people can fire up the intensity when training chest and arms for example, but when it comes to shoulders, for some reason people forget about the basic overload principle and intensity.

    Whilst they are willing to train to the limit on the flat bench, very rarely will you see someone use with the same level of determination on an overhead press, or even a lateral raise for that matter.

    For me, it's all about intensity! Lately I have been following about 4 different styles of training all rolled into one. I have been only utilizing the parts that I believe the most effective for increased muscular stimulus.

    It stands to reason that the more effective your training program is, the less work you actually need to do. Do it right and you only need a handful of sets and about 30 minutes tops! There is simply no need to be in the gym for hours on end.

    Full range of motion reps, partials, isometric holds, negatives - I'll use it all. If it enables me to train harder and get more 'bang' for my buck, you can bet that I will give it a try.

    I do draw the line at anything that extends the length of a set too long. I want to overload the muscle, not tire it out. Overload builds maximum muscle, not muscular fatigue.

Directing Your Enthusiasm

When you are gung-ho and really focused on achieving big, it is easy to let enthusiasm take over and basically sabotage your results by doing too much. Doesn't sound right does it? Do too much and you can get minimal results at best!

It's not how much you do, but how you do it. The more effective your training is, the less you need to do.

My whole deltoid routine is now only 4 to 5 heavy sets a week. That's it. That's not 4 to 5 sets per exercise; excluding my warm-ups that's my total workload. Even though it looks like nothing on paper, don't be fooled, I am generating results every week and so can you.

A Routine To Pack On Instant Width!

    This is the exact strategy that I am using with my own training and I am going to share it with you now. I have broken my deltoid session into 2 distinct categories: the 'foundation' phase and the 'total intensity' phase (in that order within the same session).

    Foundation Phase

      Within the foundation portion on the workout I will choose one compound free weight exercise and perform 1 to 2 working sets to standard concentric failure, which usually happens around the 6th rep mark. From here I will then move onto the 'total intensity' phase for the remaining 3 exercises.

      Using the overhead machine press as an example, I will select a maximum weight and pump out as many 'full' reps as I can until I cannot complete another. The goal is to get 6 but if I can do more then I keep going. However, I would not want to get too many more. As I reach failure, which will usually be around the mid-point, I will now class this as my first partial rep.

      Overhead Machine Press.
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      What I do now is lower the weight back down and then drive it back up again. On this rep (as on every rep) I am aiming for lock out but there is no way it is going to happen and I will again reach failure around the mid-point or slightly lower. I will continue on with this method until I can no longer move the bar from the bottom.

      Now, I will keep pushing even though the bar isn't moving, which will now turn the movement into an isometric hold. The set is still not over because I will keep pushing hard until I cannot even support the handles and they come crashing back down - that's one set.

    Total Intensity

      With these 'total intensity' exercises, I will choose 3 separate exercises and only perform 1 set each. I let my focus in the gym on the day dictate what exercise I wish to do because I believe that focus and intensity is more important then exercise selection (as long as the chosen exercise is effective and functional).

      If you are stuck using an exercise that you don't necessarily enjoy doing, then you are not going to put forth any sort of effort.

      I always perform the foundation phase (which will always be either Barbell Press or Dumbbell Press - always free weight), and then I go by feel.

      Below is a sample routine that I recently used in the gym, which led to a huge jump in strength by the following week:

Effective Deltoid Training
Seated Barbell Press 2 sets, maximum 6 reps to concentric failure
Total Intensity
Seated Machine Press 1 set, full reps (goal = 6), partials (as many as I can), isometric hold (as long as I can), total failure
Dumbbell Upright Row 1 set, full reps (goal = 6), partials (as many as I can), isometric hold (as long as I can), total failure
Machine Lateral Raise 1 set, full reps (goal = 6), partials (as many as I can), isometric hold (as long as I can), total failure

Machine Lateral Raise
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So there you have it. If you are ready to tackle some effective deltoid training head on and finally own a pair of delts that will show the world that you are a true iron warrior (regardless of what you are wearing), give the above techniques a test drive.

You might need to invest in some new shirts soon!

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