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Learning From A Legend!

Lessons learned from training with legendary bodybuilder, Richard Baldwin!
How often are we presented with an opportunity of a lifetime? As bodybuilders we constantly seek a higher level of knowledge, commitment and motivation. We read through books, magazines and online websites in search of the answer.

Gym gurus and contest judges are also sought after for additional information that will give us the edge. We want to learn from those that know, because they are the best.

Meeting A Legend

Presented with opportunity to take my training to that higher level, this author was fortunate to cross paths with legendary bodybuilder, Richard Baldwin. A former Mr. America, Mr. USA and first runner-up Mr. Universe in 1979 and 1980, Richard Baldwin graciously gave of his time to discuss training, nutrition and bodybuilding history.

Popular in the era before steroids were used to the degree that is seen today, Baldwin achieved his initial success through hard work, goal setting and staying lean throughout the year. It's a simple message that should not be forgotten.

1. Set Goals

Work to prepare for a contest over a course of many months and divide the contest prep period into three distinct phases. Goal one, build as much muscle mass as possible. During the second phase of contest prep, concentrate on troublesome areas. Finally, set a goal to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining the most muscle mass. Baldwin personally used a nine-month period for his contest preparation phase that was divided into three, three-month phases.

2. Stay lean throughout the year

Many bodybuilders tend to pack on too many pounds immediately following a contest. Baldwin won contest after contest by following through on his goal to stay lean throughout the year. Starting each contest preparation phase without having to lose excessive amounts of fat was a strategy that won Richard Baldwin many IFBB bodybuilding titles.

Richard Baldwin, legendary bodybuilder of the 1970s and 1980s remains in contest shape at the age of 55. A continuing dedication to achieving the best physique possible keeps Baldwin motivated almost twenty-five years after he graced the covers of bodybuilding magazines.

3. Eat clean throughout the year

Keep protein levels high, using chicken, beef and fish. Chose a high quality whey protein and supplement "real" food with the whey. Eat carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, but choose your carbs wisely. Melons and strawberries are his favorite fruit carbohydrate choices, while lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes and green beans are favorite vegetable choices.

4. Workouts should be intense

While training for bodybuilding contests, Baldwin trained twice per day. He attacked each rep as if any one particular rep would be the one to make his muscle grow.

5. Get adequate rest for recovery

Sleep is a critical element in the training and nutrition plan. Workouts should be so intense that adequate sleep is necessary to recover adequately for the next workout.

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