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Welcome to the Fitness Business Radio podcast, with your hosts Dave DePew and Tom Perkins! Each week, Dave and Tom discuss the behind the scenes business end of the fitness industry. Listen in and learn the fit biz from the pros!

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Dave Depew and Tom Perkins
Fitness Business Radio Hosts.

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Listen in as Tom Perkins and Dave DePew interview the smartest names in the fitness business community!


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About The Hosts

Dave DePew is one of the country's most highly sought after transformation and performance enhancement specialists due to his reputation throughout San Diego, CA for producing amazing results with his clients. Dave is a Master Fitness Trainer, a Licensed Sports Nutritionist, and a Fitness Journalist - and an outstanding podcaster!

Tom Perkins has a degree in Accounting, is certified as a personal trainer, and function primarily as a business development coach. Tom works with personal training departments, fitness professionals, and management of health clubs in the areas of sales, marketing, and promotion; operations and administration, and staffing and human resource management.

With 6 startups in 15 years under his belt and over 20 years of working with the fitness industry, Tom leads companies to profitability through Fitness Industry Solutions.

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