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The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.

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This weeks training was a little better than last. I was psyched up on Monday for the bench press. I worked up to 345 for 3 reps, which I was proud of. I had done 315 for 6 reps really easy. It surprised me. Due to last week's breaking of the 150s, we had to do incline DB bench press. I did 115s and Jon did 100s for reps really easy. Some members of the gym were watching as well. We went onto barbell shoulder press out of the smith machine.

I had a lot of people watching me as I did 315 for two sets of 4 reps. I was already psyched up from the bench. Jon decided to follow lead and did 225 and then 245 on his last set. We did Arnold Presses and then Plate Raises to finish out shoulders.

On Tuesday, it was back to me and Jon. We did Rack Deadlifts. I did up to 645 and Jon did up to 345 for 3 reps. Then did Pulley Rows and then Hammer Strength Pulldowns. We went as heavy as 3 plates. I went overboard with 4 plates on a set of 4 reps(barely).

I decided to just do 3 plates and a quarter. Then we both did the whole stack on the close-grip pulldowns for sets of 12 reps.

I'll add more weight next week on this. We did DB shrugs for sets of 15 reps and on these we changed up our technique on this, by sticking the head out more it enabled us to get the weights up higher. On Thursday, it was arms again and I once again went up to 4 plates on hammer strength curls and Jon did 3 plates and few dimes(10lbs). We went on to DB curls then Barbell curls explosively for sets of 15 reps.

We did rope kickbacks for triceps which I think is the cause for my tri's being sore and then did close-grip bench press with 225(2 sets) and 275 (2 sets) and then went onto Dumbbell Extensions which was a new one for 5 sets of 8- 10 reps. We finished up with Hammer curls on the preacher bench. Friday, I was mentally drained for some reason.

The workout itself was kind of short. We still did the bench press for four sets and then moved onto squats for 6 sets of 2 reps with little rest between sets, then leg press with 20 plates total and then we finished up with hamstrings and calves. Note: we do abs every training day. We bumped up our work to two ab exercises, 75 reps per exercise.

I'm still on the muscle-tech stack and my amino caps are running low, so I'll have to get some more in a few weeks. My bodyweight is up to 250 now and I'm getting stronger as well. I'm betting that I can bench up to 405(with bench shirt) and deadlift around 605 now as well.

I'll be competing in a few month and I'm taking the time to hone everything so that I can go to the next level. Well, my website is still under construction until next weekend so next week I'll let you guys know where the new site. Until next week, stay big!

Curtis D.
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