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Curtis Dennis Jr. Training Journal: Page 6!

The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.

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Well, this is my first offical week on my "super" stack. If you just now reading my training progress, I'm currently taking Cell-tech, Nitro-tech, Hydroxycut, and Amino Acids(during the workout). For the first week on this stack I've been stronger than normal. On Monday, I did 335 for 3 reps, 10 pounds up from last week doing 325 for 3. And I also couldn't believe how strong I got 335. Jon went up as well doing 275 for 3 reps, 10 pounds up from last week. The DB bench press is what surprised me the most out of the workout.

Jon attempted 135 on the DBs but it was no go. A lot of the DBs are broken between the 120s and the 130s, so this kind of cheats Jon, which I don't like. He did the 115s with ease on the DB bench press for 6 reps on both sets. I however, went to doing 135s for 6 reps on the DBs and felt I had a lot more. So I went up to 140s and did 6 reps there as well. I'm itching to do 145s and 150s this Monday, weights no one could touch on DB bench press...stay tuned. Jon got a crick in his neck from behind-the-neck shoulder presses when we were doing them slow, so we may switch to fronts this monday.

But after we did those slow, we went to DB should press and used once again..the blitz-pump method to get our shoulders pumped. Then we finished off the workout with lateral raises and abs. Tuesday, I was flying solo. Everything in the workout was feeling strong. I did 6 plates(3 per side) on the hammer strength pulldowns and my lats are sore from it doing the maximum pump method(5 sets of 8-10). The Rack DLs really pumped me up. I did up to 665 for 3 reps!!

My strength had already begun to skyrocket! Thursdays and Fridays workouts weren't as efficient as the other two days because we had people working out with us(talking was slowing us down as well, and I wanted to work!!) DB curls got heavy on Jon when he hit 70s for 3 reps and I did up to 80s for 3 reps and I was once again shocked to see this. I'm itching to hit 85s and 90s in the next few weeks.

Then it was preacher curls with me and Jon going neck and neck on them. He managed to pull off 5 sets of 10 reps, where I was staying between 8-10 reps on the five sets. After 100-reps on concentration curls, we went to close-grip bench press doing the same thing we did last week on them...blitz-pump method. But it wasn't as effective as last week because there three other guys including Jon working out and talking at the same time.

I was pretty pissed throughout this whole workout, but calmed down afterwards. I may want to just keep it me and Jon since we go through this workout efficently together. We had to skip rope kickback(really wanted to do those) but because of all the talking my "guest" partners(not Jon) we had to pass on it. We did Pushdowns for 100-reps and did Hammer Curls doing the blitz-pump method and hit abs afterwards. Friday was a little better with an additional third training partner again up til Squats. On Squats, me and Jon did very well.

I had done two sets of 6 reps with 515 and Jon did 355 for the same. We wrapped our knees on squats this week. Then it was leg press doing the MPO method. We ended pushing each other to go deep on leg press. I finished with 20 plates(10 per side) with an additional 45lbs. DBs in the hatch for 3 deep reps screaming!! Jon did 16 plates (8 plates per side) for 3 deep reps which I was impressed with. We did standing leg curls for 50-reps and seated calf raises for 100-reps. I did 4 plates and Jon did 3 plates and later did 3 plates and a quarter before completing his 100.

My calves are not sore, but are weak. All in all, this weeks workout was great. My strength had begun to skyrocket and yes I stayed on top of my supplements this week. Next week, I'll be taking Cell-tech after the workout and Nitro-tech twice a day(once a day on the weekends). Hydroxycut is going to be bumped up to 4 caps a day(2 in the morning and 2 before working out). As for my amino acids, I've been taking one cap in between sets in my workout( not during the warmups).

Just so you guys know, my bodyweight has bumped up to 245 this week. That's 5lbs from my norm and I'm excited about it. Also, I'm going to be creating a Fusion Bench program later this summer just in time for the football season, so stay tuned. Well, that's it for this week. I hope you all are training hard and heavy. Stay big!! STRENGTH & HONOR

Curtis D. "naturalfreak"

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