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Curtis Dennis Jr. Training Journal: Page 4!

The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.

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I'm back. Sorry for the layoff, but I had a lot of things happenining but that now I've taken care of them, I'm back. Throughout the month of May, I was still training but not as I should. The workouts were gettin old quick. That's I'm glad for our new workout this week which is "ripped fusion" workout. I did the first week of it and by Wednesday my whole upper body was sore. The new methods, MPO method, and Maximum Pump method were good methods for growth. On Bench press, I started with 285 for a set of 6 for the 1st set, then 295 for 5 reps for the 2nd, 305 for 4 for the 3rd set, and 315 for 4 reps for the final set. By then my chest had been worked. Jon had started with 245 then went to 255-265-275.

They were tough on him as well. Then we went to the incline hammer strength press where Jon did 2 plates and a quarter and I gave it my all with 4 plates for 2 sets of 6 then 4. We were going to complete failure utilizing the Max-Ot method. We finished the chest with the maximum pump method on pec deck, which is the reason our chest is sore. Shoulder went ok, we went too heavy on behind-the-neck shoulder press and probably do within the range of 185- 205 next week. We did some machine shoulder press..super-slow and to failure. Boy 12 universal plates sure felt like 24 plates when I did these and my partner Jon will agree. We finished the workout with 100-rep cable crunches which will probably go up to 200 next week. Back day was exhausting. Rack deadlifts went ok, but I'll be going up more next week.

I finished my last set with 565 for 4 reps and I'll start with probably 555, and Jon did well first week back doing 315 for 4 reps on his last set(we were using the MPO method--refer to "ripped fusion" training course). Cable rows followed for 5 sets of 8-10 reps(maximum pump) and we did indeed sweat like crazy on those. After that we went to 50-rep front pulldowns and then did an X-Rep thereafter. We finished back off with Dumbbell rows for 50-reps again. Then we did 100-rep Barbell Shrugs. Before Thursday, my whole upper body was sore and Jon's was too. Thursday was arms and we started with Barbell curls using the MPO method then went to Dumbbell curls and sweated some more and poured a lot of effort. We finished biceps with hammer strength preacher curls for 5 sets of 8-10 reps(maximum pump) followed by an X-Rep. Biceps were pumped. Triceps were next and we did close-grip bench press first utilizing the blast doubles method to get the triceps pumped and then went to tricep extension and did 5 sets of 8-10 reps followed by 50-rep pushdowns with and X-Rep. We did hammer curls for an 50-drop(remember those!!) to finish the arms.

My arms got to 20" that day so I know I had an hell of an workout. Then on Friday, We did bench press for 3 sets of 15 reps(blitz method..not on training course). These are not on the course, but I did these because of the previous cycle. Then we went to squat were I ended up doing 455 for 4 reps and Jon stayed at 295 for 4 reps. Then we went to the leg press where i did 20 plates total on the first two sets and then did 20 plates plus 55 pounds on the third and Jon did 10 plates on the first two and 12 on the last one. We finished legs with an amazing 100-rep hack squats. These finished off the quads completely and we finished the workout with 50-rep leg curls and 100-rep standing calf raise. All in all this was an excellent week and I'm contemplating on changing it for next week.

For those of you on the "ripped fusion" course, you know what I mean. Currently, I'm considering doing the muscletech transformation contest so I've already got the contest booklet on the way and I'll be getting my muscletech supplements soon as well. Oh, and starting Sunday, June 9th, 2002, I'll be having a great sale on my training system for those of you wanting to jump on it!! From June 9th to June 15th, the Hybrid(Fusion) Training System will be available at 50% off, meaning, it now at an AMAZING $11.99 with free email consultations. I got one tip for you, GET ONE, so that you can grow today!!. Go to: and get yours!

Curtis D.
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