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Curtis Dennis Jr. Training Journal: Page 22!

The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.

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Sorry again for the lack of updates but things have been busy. I also have been having trouble tapping into my mental strength during training (both powerlifting & martial arts). If you guys out there have any ideas on this, email me. Anyways, training has been modified again and i'm still perfecting the max fusion bench program so stay tuned. I also formatted my workout to Bill Carpenter's workout but added a few max fusion techniques to it to add more variety.

On Monday, it was time for me to go up on bench again doing 355 (remember now I had trouble with this earlier this year!) doing 2 sets of 3 and 2 sets of 2. I'll be staying here for a while until I can get 4 sets of 3 reps. Jon came in with a strained tricep so he was unable to do 305 and had to do 275. He's been out for 2 weeks with a strained shoulder. Then we went onto hammer strength wide-chest where I did 10 plates (5 per side) for 3 sets of 6-6-7. Jon did 6 plates (3 per side) for a set of 8 and then 8 plates for 6 reps and then another set for 8 reps. Pretty soon, I'll have to switch exercises because I'm about to outgrow this particular exercise.

We then followed up with pec deck using the 6-6-6 method, which will be explained in the following months. We did Hammer Strength Shoulder press where I managed to do 6 plates (3 per side) for 8 reps on the last set. Jon was taking it easy on his shoulder/tricep so he went light on this. We then did dumbbell side raises and reverse pec machine and called it a day. For the rest of the week, I was solo because of Jon's injury. On Tuesday, I did rack deadlifts working up to 715 for a set of 1 rep which felt really good. I feel that I can do 600 from the floor now.

I then did 15 pull-ups as a warmup for the seated pulldowns. Then I went onto hammer strength pulldowns and t-bar rows. Then I finished the workout with traps working up to 405 for 10 reps on barbell shrugs. On Thursday, it was arms. Remember, I modified this workout to bill carpenter's workout and adding some max fusion to it. But in his workout he adds weight to every set of every exercise. I started out doing biceps first doing barbell curls, db curls, preacher curls, and concentration curls. By the time I finished with arms, my biceps were measuring a huge 20" pumped inches.

I was surprised and proud. Then it was off to triceps doing pushdowns, head bangers, overhead rope extensions, and one-arm pushdowns. After doing triceps, my arms now measured 20.25"(they were still pumped from the bicep exercises.) I finished the workout with hammer curls and called it a day. On Friday, I did rack bench press with 380 for 10 sets of 3. I managed to make it up to 7th set with 3 reps before the reps started dropping down to 0 on the 10th set. In two weeks, I hope to make it to the 9th set doing 3 reps.

I then went to doing quad squats, which I know will help my strength on full squats. I did up to 500 for 3 reps and going down to 275 for 6 reps. Then I quickly did the leg press for 3 sets of 10-12 reps followed by leg curls(seated) for the same. Then I did standing calf raises for 3 sets of 12-15 reps. All in all, this week's training was good but it was hard to get through them without a partner, but I did it. Although, mentally I'm starting to fatigue from training which is way on the week of christmas, I'm taking another week off. Memberships at Max fusion keep rising every month because of the great things this system offers.

I also added 10 new training techniques which will be available only on MX Online. But don't worry, in a few weeks, I'll be introducing the MX Mass Program for you off-season bodybuilders as well as introducing to you guys the workouts of Glen Chabot and Bill Carpenter. Also, I'll be doing my training journals bi-weekly starting the week after christmas. Be sure to visit my site for training information and/or to see the new gear we have available. Until next time, stay big!

Curtis D.