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This week was amazing to me. I'm not going into detail of every exercise we did this week, but only the ones I feel me and Jon has made improvements on. On Monday, the bench press was tough, but we managed to make it through them. I did 325 for 6 sets of 2(maximum muscle endurance) and my new wrist wraps were extremely tough. Jon di 275 for 6 sets of 2 reps.

We'll come back to these in two weeks and stay the same on them. On the DB bench press, Jon did the 105s and 115s and I did 135s and 145s. I know it feels like were doing the same stuff on these but with the weights being broken, we can't exactly help it. We also had someone else working out with us on Monday.


He was more motivated than our last two partners. His name was Justin and has good benching strength and chest strength. I saw that on the DB bench press when he did the 90s and 100s. I probably should of had him do 100s and 110s. We went heavy on front shoulder press with me doing 315 again and Jon doing 255 for sets of 5 and 6 reps.

On Tuesday, we did pulldowns with sets of 5 with 6 plates(3 per side) and did 6 plates and 2 quarters. We did Shrugs for sets of 10 reps. I did 315 and Jon did 225, we were going light on these. I'm in the process of uping the intensity on these days. On Thursday, while doing DB curls, Jon did 50s and 60s and I did 60s and 75s.

Preacher Curls

This is after doing preacher curls up to 135lbs (3 plates). Everybody thinks doing 3 plates is incredible on this exercise. Then we did barbell curls with 115lbs for 2 sets of 15 reps and drop the weight down to 85lbs for the last set of 15 reps. Then finally on the rack close-grip bench press, me and Jon did 315 for 6 sets of 2(with everyone in the gym watching by the way). We didn't go heavy on hammer curls because I wanted to focus more on form.

I liked the fact the me and Jon are pushing 100s on these now and i'm really impressed with how our training has been going. We didn't do legs this friday because Jon wanted to hang out for the day, but this gives me time to contruct new leg routine. As for my website, I'm in the process of uploading the pictures. The pages are already up so look for my website to be back online this saturday.

The new address is: I'll have another address by this weekend as well to and I hope to have my own .com website this year too. Well until next week ironfreaks... stay big!

Curtis D.
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