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Curtis Dennis Jr. Training Journal: Page 11!

The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.
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This week was really good. My mind was elsewhere for a little while on Monday. But all in all, all of my lifts are getting stronger. On the Bench, I still ended up at 345 for 3 reps, but it was more difficult. But I did lose about five pounds during last weekend from walking. Jon did stayed the same at 285 for three, but it was also difficult for him too. But on the incline bench press, I managed the 135s for reps of 5 for three sets.

Incline Bench Press

These suckers were heavy to get up to starting position but from there, it was easy. Since there wasn't a whole lot of weight between the 115s and the 135s, I decided to have Jon do the 115s, which was heavy for him too. I didn't realize until now that the 115s was the most Jon had ever done. We decided to focus on explosive strength on shoulders. On the front shoulder press, Jon did 245 and I did 275.

I think Jon is way stronger on his shoulder than me because he has all sorts of veins in them from boxing a lot. We finished the workout with Arnold Presses for sets of 15 reps and Plate Raises for 50 reps. On Tuesday, we did heavy rack deadlifts. I did up to 665 for 3 reps and Jon knocked out 385 for 3, the most he has ever done...seems his lower back is getting stronger. The rest of the workout was intense though with cable rows, pulldowns, and the hammer strength pulldowns.

We finished with Db shrugs for sets of 15 reps, I did the 145s and Jon did the 135s. We modified these, doing them the way we seen Nasser do them in his video. Thursday was arms and it was intense. We started with preacher curls for 4 sets of 15-10-15-20 and then a death set. Then we went onto DB curls. These suckers were heavy and hard. Jon worked up to 65s for 4 reps and I did 80s for 4 reps. Then it was onto barbell ez curls for 5 sets of 5 reps. Then it onto rope kickbacks.

Rope Kickbacks

I'm starting to like these, they bring out the tricep separtion pretty good. Then it was off to close-grip bench press for sets of 15 reps with 225 focusing on explosion. Those were exhausting. Then it was dips with 50 pound for 3 sets and went to heavy hammer curls. Jon went to 90s and I went to 115s for 6 sets of 2 and then we did 25 reps with 50s(for me, Jon did 40s).

Friday, it was legs. We started with the bench press for 6 sets of 3 reps with 225 and then went onto legs. We did leg press for 3 heavy sets and then I did some squats and Jon did hack squats for 3 sets of 15 reps. We did 50-rep leg curls and did abs and called it a day. My new wrist wraps came in from inzer and man are they thick and tight. I hope they help my wrists come Monday.

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Also, my website is in construction for another week due to my stuff being deleted. So have to upload a whole shitload of stuff again and I'm in the process of creating a bench press program based on my strength system. I'll write an article based what its going to be about and it just in time for the football season too. Well, until next week, stay big!

Curtis D.
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