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Train Or Die/Metal Rage Attitude!

When I started my message board, I found out that others were about the same thing as well. It was really amazing to see that everyone was taking and living the trainordie attitude further than I thought possible.

About a year ago, I was "really" starting to surf the Internet by posting messages on message boards and over the time period I found a lot wrong with some of them. There was about as much "drama" as a soap opera. It was cool hearing about the goings on in the world powerlifting so don't get me wrong there, but all the other crap can be left out.

Raw lifters are this, shirted lifters are that. It really got to the point where I had to "pick" my post because if I didn't, well I was going to get called on it for no reason. "Trolling" was an absolute annoyance on some boards and I've dealt with personal experience from that in the past so I really don't care for it. Now there are some good ones like,,,, and

But good message boards are few and far between these days. I also started posting my log on some of them and didn't get any feedback, positive or negative and for someone training solo, it's hard to for someone to pick your log apart when they don't bother to look at it all.

Isn't that what part of training is all about? Having someone see stuff that you can't. Well, I decided to create my own board and this is what happened.

Trainordie Attitude

When I took the trainordie name for my website I took it for several reasons, but one stood out in my mind because it was what I was all about for as long as I can remember. When I started my message board, I found out that others were about the same thing as well. It was really amazing to see that everyone on there was taking and living the trainordie attitude further than I thought possible.

Again, this came from a simple website and I didn't expect much but I got more than I bargained for as far as creating an attitude about training. Trainordie started becoming an attitude where you're out to set PR (personal records) every week. This helps with confidence and helps with increasing motivation.

This is what I needed and fortunately, this is what others needed as well. Everyone started posting up a training log and it's amazing on how much feedback you get, positive or negative. Trainordie also started becoming kind of like a family as far as supporting one another is concerned. There were even "friendly competitions" on there that would push lifters to their limits.

That's where I came up with the concept of METAL RAGE. Something about metal rage made me think that this is what the heart of trainordie is and other guys and gals started agreeing with me. So then I started a thread on there asking other lifters what METAL RAGE meant to them. There were a lot of good responses but these I believe are the best examples of what METAL RAGE is.


  • METAL RAGE is that pure burning desire within yourself... the RAGE that a lifter has approaching the weight that most men stray from...

  • METAL RAGE attitude is being able to lift without fear and all heart...

  • METAL RAGE to me means never being satisfied in what was done yesterday just what you are up against tomorrow…It means digging deep within your self for the strength to push harder when you feel the weakest. It means brotherhood.

  • METAL RAGE means indomitable spirit an un breakable will.

  • METAL RAGE is smiling at the weight knowing you have it beat on any given day.

  • METAL RAGE continues through weather, injuries, setbacks, lack of spotters, and whatever other obstacles get in you way....then you just smile and see it as an opportunity to get stronger and make yourself better.

  • METAL RAGE is learning from those that have been in the game a lot longer than you and teaching those that are new

  • METAL RAGE is not being afraid to try new things

  • METAL RAGE is about encouraging the next guy so that maybe he can become better than you are or were

  • METAL RAGE means setting a goal each and every day and accomplishing that goal knowing that's its part of a much bigger picture.

  • METAL RAGE is stepping up to the plate when no one else will

  • "METAL RAGE is about showing dominance in the gym...leaving no question in anyone's mind who the strongest motherf**ker is!"

  • METAL RAGE is about sacrifice. Giving up the activities that wont make you stronger, going to bed instead of going to party so you will be ready to kill the heavy squat or dead the next morning. It's sacrificing those things that won't bring you closer to your goals. It's about working harder than anyone else. Its about being the best

  • METAL RAGE attitude is a movement of tireless individuals who come together, united across the globe as one, to destroy the enemy clad in iron!! And together we will.

  • METAL RAGE means helping others do their best, even if it may mean they will beat you in the end, either way you win.

  • METAL RAGE is working hard to reach every goal....both in and out of the weight room.

  • METAL RAGE is about the fire in your heart, and the drive in your soul, anything you need will come true, but that's up to you. I know for I have walked the razors' edge, and I am the victor. I didn't always get what I wanted, but usually got what I needed.

  • METAL RAGE is what we are about here, and that's why we stay, for the people, for the logs, for the support, don't kid yourself, you do have a spotter, you guy's are mine. When you go to a meet, I go to a meet; I was there in my mind.

  • METAL RAGE is not about being the strongest on this board...but it's about being the strongest f**kin board together...

  • METAL RAGE is more than an's a lifestyle

It was amazing on how much METAL RAGE meant to everyone on the board. I talk about this board more than anything now, especially when I meet a new lifter in the gym. This board really motivates and encourages lifters like nothing before. The reason for this article is to show how much I'm proud of this site and this board I'm proud to be the owner of.

I've never been more motivated about training in these last few months than in my whole lifting career and I believe that's going to make the difference in my training. Not only are PRs falling on the board just about 24 hours a day, but now challenges are being thrown on there left and right and they are done for good reason; to help that lifter go to the "ultimate limit" and become something they didn't think was possible.

It's about supporting your competition cause you know its pushing you too. It's about respecting one another as a brother or sister would. This is truly what METAL RAGE is all about. If want to learn more visit the site here: Until next time, break that PR!

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