Pump Up Your Arms!

Ever wonder why powerlifters have such big arms? They do a lot of close-grip bench presses and tricep extensions. Learn how here.

Everybody gets into the gym for several reasons, one to increase their bench, two, to get as big as Greg Kovacs, and there are many who are in the gym for the last reason, to get big arms like Mat Duvall. And who doesn't? I know I would and I also would like a superman tattoo on my arm as well.

This is great motivation, but people go about it in the wrong way. They train the biceps more than their triceps when in fact the triceps are about 3/4 of the arms. So the logical way is to train the triceps.

Ever wonder why powerlifters have such big arms? They train the triceps, which is great for the bench press. They do a lot of close-grip bench presses and tricep extensions. They also go heavy as well. To me, the only way to build muscle is to build strength...there are no shortcuts to this. Muscles have to get stronger in order to grow.

Also, some people might have strong triceps or strong biceps. The only way to know this is to figure out which heals the fastest. For example, my triceps heal faster which means they are stronger than my biceps. My best friend has the opposite problem, strong biceps. But knowing this, you can utilize them in the upcoming routine I'm about to present. Work the stronger part of your arm harder.

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The routine below is one that I wouldn't advise beginners to do. Trust me, after you do this routine, you'll have to love pain. Since I'm into combining bodybuilding and powerlifting into one, I used mass-building movements as well as shaping movements. I like to be well-rounded. Without further ado, let begin!


EXERCISE 1 Preacher Curls

The first muscle you'll work will be the biceps. The exercise - Preacher curls. I warm-up for two sets to get the blood going. I do this with perfect form then I move on to do four heavy sets of three reps. Don't make these too heavy, do enough to do three reps.

EXERCISE 2 Machine Curls

After that, me and my partner move onto Machine curls (Universal). We don't need too many warm-up sets, just one set and then we move onto a heavy set of 6-8 reps. After that we do a drop set. We start with the heavy weight and drop every time I stop or go to failure. We drop about five times, but on the fifth one, we use one arm at a time.

EXERCISE 3 Cable Curls

After that, we go to do Double-Bicep Cable Curls and Squatted Cable Curls. I love this part of the routine, we do superset with 25 reps done on each exercise. We do about three supersets and then our arms are finished. Choose light weight (not too light) when doing these supersets.


EXERCISE 4 Close-Grip Bench Press

Next up, is the triceps. The first exercise is the Close-Grip Bench Press. Same as the Preacher Curls, we do two warm-up sets and then four sets of three reps with heavy weight. Do these with perfect form and slow. That how we do everything...slow!!

EXERCISE 5 Triceps Extensions

Then we move onto cable tricep extensions. One warmup set, one heavy set, then a drop set... the same as the Machine Curls. On the last set of these, I go super-slow to feel the burn. I keep doing this until I reach failure.

EXERCISE 6 Triceps Pushdowns

Then its off to the tricep superset. The exercises...Pushdowns and Machine Tricep Press. 25 reps for both exercises and a total of three supersets. No cheating allowed. Then finally, the forearms.


EXERCISE 7 Hammer Curls

After doing triceps, your biceps should be able to move. The first exercise is Hammer Curls. I consider this exercise a forearm exercise with the biceps working indirectly. Again, two warm-up sets and four sets of three reps.

EXERCISE 8 Preacher Hammer Curls

And then to end the workout, we do Preacher Hammer Curls, one arm at a time. This is done for a total of 50-reps. Not all at once, do enough at a time until 50-reps are achieved with taking only a 10-15 second rest.


Well, that's it, this is an incredible workout because I've done it myself and my arms grew a quarter from 18 1/4" to 18 1/2". This is no joke!