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An Interview With Bill Carpenter, #3.

Since the last interview Bill has changed up his training quite a bit and has successfully hit not only 700 but hit 722 as well at the Bench Bash for Cash. Read on, because Bill is heading to 750 and then, 800!

This month I bring you an interview from Monster Muscle Magazine. In " Monster Benchers", I mentioned a man named Bill Carpenter, who looked to have the strength of an powerlifter and the physique of a bodybuilder...a physique that I admire myself. Bill Carpenter is an accomplished powerlifter who has many years left in his training (he's just a year older than Ryan Kennelly). Later on this month, I will reveal Bill Carpenter's workout that was done in Monster Muscle Magazine after this interview.

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Interview from Monster Muscle the Magazine!

Age: 29 Weight Classes: 220 lbs. & 242 lbs.

Class PR Lifts: Bench Press 220lbs. (630lbs.) 242lbs. (639lbs. Bwt. 230lbs.) Titles Won: Illinois 242lbs. Bench Record of 639bs. , 99' & 01' APF National Bench Press Champion in 220lbs. Class. 97'& 98' WPA World Bench Press Champion in 220lbs. Class (Best Lifter Award 98'Worlds). 01' APF/WPC World Bench Press Champion & Best Lifter Award in the 220lbs. Class.

MM: Do you plan on lifting in future WPO events?

Bill: I just lifted in WPO Bench Meet at the Arnold Classic Feb. 23. I locked out 628lbs., but was red lighted by the side judges. Then like an amateur I jumped up to 639lbs instead of doing the 628lbs. Over. I thought it would help me bring the bar down easier. But I missed both times. I hate bombing especially at the biggest meet of the year. That loss is going to hurt for a long time. All I had to do was get my opener to win the cash! I will be doing the APF/WPO Qualifier June 2. I would really like to go to Finland in October for the APF/WPC World Championships & I need to get back to the Arnold Classic and redeem myself!

MM: Have you considered IPF events?

Bill: I have no intentions of lifting in the IPF. I really don't know much about the league. I just feel the APF & WPO is the league to compete in. I feel the best & elite powerlifters are in these two leagues. To be the best you have to compete against the best. So when you say you are a National & World Champion. You know you are because you just beat the best!

MM: What type of shirt do you wear in competition?

Bill: I wear Inzer Double Denim with velcro on the back.

MM: Do you feel the WPO is doing good things for the sport?

Bill: Yes, I feel Kieran Kidder is doing the best he can to put Powerlifting on the map. Powerlifters need to be paid. Its not cheap going to meets all over. We need more sponsors. I'm lucky because I have a great hometown sponsor. Becwar Marble & Tile gave me $1,500 to go to the Arnold Classic. The Becwar family are great people. Powerlifters need supporters like this. I feel strongly powerlifting should be on TV. I see strong men competition on ESPN. Why not the strongest lifters in the world!?! I only have one complaint and it is the weight classes. I think 181lbs. Class should be the cut off for the lightweight class. The 242lbs. Class should be the cut off for the middleweight class. Otherwise I feel the WPO is heading in the right direction.

MM: Do you plan on lifting in full meets or simply benching?

Bill: No, I don't plan on lifting in full meets. I had ACL surgery on my right knee in 95'. I still have problems with it. I do have a strong squat, but my knee swells up a lot. I really don't deadlift at all. I will just stay in bench meets for now.

MM: Any significant injuries to speak of?

Bill: Two three weeks before the Arnold, my biceps tendon in my shoulder popped out of place my chiropractor Todd Spurling worked on me for free. He had me ready just in time for the Arnold classic.

MM: What is the basis of your training? Speed work, lockout stuff ect.

Bill: I have been changing my workouts lately. I'm doing more speed work. I am going to start doing band work to for speed. I use blocks and floor presses for lockout training. I have been bringing my elbows in more and bar lower to use more triceps in my press. One of my biggest problems is I train like a bodybuilder in the rest of my workouts. Which doesn't go good with powerlifting.

MM: How much bodyweight do you cut before competition?

Bill: For the Arnold Classic I cut 20lbs. I am kind of sick of dieting down to 220lbs. Now I am going to lift in the 242 class for a while. So now I want to put more weight on. This is much easier than dieting! I have been in the 220lbs. Class since I was 18. Its time for me to move onto a different weight class. Plus it is getting too hard to get down to 220lbs. anymore. It always ends up being a guessing game with my shirts and strength!

MM: Who do you feel are the best lifters competing today?

Bill: In the bench it is HALBERT, HALBERT, & HALBERT!!LOL!! He is just unbelievably STRONG! Full power there is so many guys that are awesome. Chuck Voegels 1000lbs. Squat at 220lbs. Is crazy! Jesse Kellum, Ed Coan, & Gary Frank are the Elite of full power!

MM: Do you see yourself eventually pressing close to WR poundage?

Bill: Yes, The WPO 242lbs. Record is 701lbs. By Kenny Patterson. I feel strongly I can break that record. Im not sure about the APF 242lbs. Record. I just hear it is real controversial if Chris Confessor did it good. I think it is 733lbs. I don't see that record out of reach either!

MM: How many people do you train with?

Bill: I train with four people on bench day. One guy in the middle, one guy on each end, and one guy holding the boards. I feel having a good hand off is one of the most important things in benching. Bad hand off, usually means bad lift. So I make sure the guy that's handing off to me in a meet is there every bench day to practice!

MM: Where do you train?

Bill: I train at the Dubuque YMCA. It is not a pretty gym. It is a hard core free weight room. A lot of powerlifters lift there. I also, once month travel 3 hr. to train near Peoria , Ill. At Randy Egli's Pops Gym. I train with Randy Egli, Bill Gallagher, Stephen Webb, and Steve Parkhurst. All APF & WPO competitive powerlifters.

MM: When did you start competing?

Bill: I started competing when I was 18. I always had a strong bench. I did 420 at a body weight of 190 when I was 18 (with no shirt). I won around 25 first places and several best lifter awards over the years at small bench meets. So my friend talked me into competing in National and World meets. I shouldn't have waited so long. I feel I could have broken a lot of Jr. National and Jr. World records.

MM: Are you on a strict bench program or do you do other lifts also?

Bill: I do a lot of squats. I destroy my legs in workouts. I feel strong legs help your bench too. That quick push with your quad muscles when you get the press signal, helps a lot off the bottom of the press. A bencher should not skip leg day. I know a lot of benchers who do not do their legs. That is a big no, no in my book. Leg muscles are the biggest muscle in your body, which in return when you work them it helps release testosterone in your body! And powerlifters need there testosterone to be RELEASED!

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