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WABDL Alabama State Meet: My Best Meet Yet!

Before May, I had more bad meets than good. Some I pulled it out and some I didn't. But let me tell you the experience I had with this meet!
If you remember from earlier this year, I told you about my first meet experience. I still remember that day like it was yesterday and it was something that got me addicted to this sport. To tell you the truth, there hasn't been a meet like that--until now.

Before May, I had more "bad" meets than good. Some I pulled it out and some I didn't. But let me tell you the experience I had with this meet.

Competition Time

It all started the week before when it came down to doing the meet. My part-time partner wasn't able to make it and was going to be out-of-pocket for a while. So when I decided to go, I got a ride from someone headed in that direction. We had to arrive there before 5PM. When we got there there were about 25-30 lifters waiting to get weighed in.

Boy, for some reason I got nervous. I had a tendency of losing bodyweight prior to a meet in the past but this time I did something different. I kept myself high on protein and hydrated. I was putting myself in the Junior 275s. When I weighed in, I was about 271. Before I left, I weighed myself at work and I was 265, so I knew something worked. I was happy that I didn't have to break down and hop in the steamroom to drop weight like a few other lifters were.

While I waited on my buddy who had to go in the steamroom to drop weight, I meet a few of the lifters who were going to compete the next day including Brent Howard (who was there for a good bit, dropping weight) and Tiny Meeker. I had some good feelings about this meet but more importantly I had to redeem myself from my previous two meets where I was barely able to hit 405 on bench and bombing out in the other.

Jon (my part-time partner) had got a lift in at the last meet we went to and took the state record whereas I bombed out. And when you bomb out in a meet, you have to redeem yourself at the next and that's what I was here to do. After my friend got weighed, we went out to eat at Red Lobsters. I can't remember what I had clearly but it was shrimp, 2 chicken breast fillets and 2 baked potatoes... I know a lot of carbs!

Then my friend dropped me off at the hotel where the lifters were staying at. After I got settled in, I walked around and met some of the lifters and they were telling me how good of a turnout this meet is supposed to be... over 100 lifters. This would be the biggest meet I've been too since my USPF meet in Georgia.

Later after checking email, I went to his restaurant that was popular on Fridays and decided to stop in and get some dinner. Now, I was expecting something small for $10.95 right? Well, it blew my mind when the lady gave me a "box" of my food! The plate itself had 2 grilled fishes, one huge baked potato, and a roll... I think!

Then there was some coleslaw in a cart and cornbread that would make my mom envious(about the size of my hand) in aluminum foil. Folks, I couldn't eat all that unfortunately by the time I finished with the fish and baked potatoes, and ate some of the cole-slaw I was done. But I did what I wanted to, to eat enough to fall asleep without nerves working on me. Before I went to bed, I scarfed down a Cell-Tech Hardcore and Joint Support, courtesy of, and hit the hay for the next day.

When I woke up the next day, I took another shake of Celltech before breakfast which guaranteed me not eating everything at breakfast. To tell ya the truth folks, with all I had eaten in the last 12 hours I had to be closer to 280! But was ready for sure! We then got ready and went to the venue of the meet which was the site of the 2003 Riverfest in Gadsden, Alabama.

It was exciting - more and more lifters kept showing up and it excited me even more - also it made that urgency to put on a show too. After the rules meeting, the warm-ups began for the bench. The number of flights for the bench, 8 flights! If you ever competed before in powerlifting, you know that's a lot of flights. I was in the fourth flight and was "timing" my warm-ups so that I'm not cold or rushing them. I warmed up at the beginning of the the third flights' 2nd attempts.

Here's what I did:

  • 135 x 10
  • 225 x 6
  • 315 x 1
Shirted from this point on w/ Titan Fury.
  • 355 x 1
  • 375 x 1
My first attempt was 405, so I didn't want to do 395 burning myself for it... experience! While I was warming up, a fella from Georgia was warm-up up to 585 on the bench... it was an awesome sight to see!

When it was time for my first attempt, I got the bench and had someone from the back hand-off to me. 405 was easy--just like I knew it would and knew 425 will fall and it did. So for my third, it was either 446 or 451(kilos!). So I decided on 451. Keep in mind, I broke the state record for the bench with my 405 and broke it again with 425.

When I did 451, it was surprisingly easy! I did do 475 on reverse band bench the week before so if they would of given me another attempt it would have been 475. At this point, I was feeling pretty good. The one thing that shocked people was the use of the arch and from what people have said about it, it was pretty huge. That was from my utilization of Metal Militia training. I was very proud of that! And I was redeemed.

It was around 2PM or 3PM so I kept myself hydrated and took another Celltech. At the last flight, Tiny Meeker was attempting 705 on his third attempt. I tried to get a good shot of it but the most amazing thing happened - when I had a good shot of his lift at the last moment, everyone rushed into my camera's view and completely blocked it. I still took the pic but it looked like an easy attempt with 705. Everyone was estatic seeing a bench that big!

It was no wonder Tiny got invited to Bench America later on. After the bench, they took an intermission before starting the deadlift. The number of flights wasn't that big, but just as well…it was 5 flights!! I was on the 2nd flight this time, opening with 585. Again, I timed my warm-ups right, right at the start of the 1st flight's 2nd attempts.

Here's what I did:

  • 225 x 6
  • 315 x 1
  • 405 x 1
Used my Z-Suit from this point on.
  • 495 x 1
  • 545 x 1
I didn't want to burn my first attempt which is why I stopped at 545. My first attempt was pretty easy and broke the state record on the deadlift with it. It was awesome. The crowd loved it since I was wearing my Superman t-shirt. Then I went to 600.7 which was no problem as well. Then my last attempt was 633 which from what I heard was fast!

People told me that the speed on my deads were fast and this was from Westside Barbell training. The best thing about my lifting was that I had so much more in the tank--on the deadlift I had at least 650 or 675 in me for that day. I pretty much set the state records at 633 for the deadlift and 451 on the bench.

After I got out of my Z-suit, I went to cheer and motivate other lifters, so much so..I lost my voice. I took some pics of it here: I didn't get any pics taken for the bench... DAMN! I really wanted to see what my arch looked like.

A lot of great lifting continued! Brent Howard nailed 733 in the 220s! I wish my camera was quick enough to take the picture! There were some awesome pull over 700. Tony Capari did his deadlifts without any suit or belt and attempted 700+ also! It was truly awesome! The competition didn't finish until around 8:30pm..keep in mind the meet started at 10:30am! This was indeed a very long meet--the longest and the best I've been too in a while!

I got first in the Junior 275s but it wasn't getting first that made me happy, it was going for 6 for 6 on my bench and deadlift combined! This was my best meet out of the 10 or 12 I've done thus far. I was very satisfied with my performance at this meet. The meet ended in a thunderstorm around 9:30pm. So we were all running in the rain including this writer getting soaking wet.

We went to a friend's house to change and eat. My socks were drenched so I had to go barefoot on the ride home. Me and two other lifters were chatting and talking all the way home and keep in mind, my voice was barely recognizable. My vocal cords where straining to talk but I liked it because this was the most fun I've had at a meet in a long while! I arrived home around 1:30am and stayed up another hour emailing my bud, Jon and telling him what I had done and so on and went to bed so I could rise to go to work the next day, without a voice.

In conclusion, This was a nicely ran meet and I hope to attend another like it or do this one again next year. I'm making some plans now to compete again in more meets in 2004. I wasn't able to go to Worlds due to a nasty cold I had contracted in the last few weeks. And I hope to do some meets with some of the fellas over on my message board too. You can keep track of my progress by visiting my website at:

Curtis D. "get strong or get dominated"

Until Next Time, Stay Big!