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The Impossible Is Possible: The Bench Is Raised!

Just when you think the records couldn't be broken again, someone comes out and shatters them. As powerlifting gets more popular, more and more people are putting up huge weights and breaking records along the way!
It's gearing towards the end of the year and in powerlifting, things are just starting to heat up. A lot of lifters are making some noise in the sport while others are coming back to it. It also seems like everywhere in powerlifting you look, someone is breaking the 500 bench barrier!!

I personally think that there are more benchers coming up in the sport due to the much notice its been getting. But let's get to what's happening in the sport.

First Off The Bench

Ryan Kennelly was sidelined due to a pec injury for a few months but came back recently at a lean 275..but still benching big!! Ryan is wanting to hit 830 at WABDL worlds next month to get him back in the running for the 900 bench!! Speaking of which, recently Shawn Lattimer broke the 800 barrier on the bench hitting 810!! He has a video up at where he's doing some shirt work really easy!! Shawn is setting one big goal for have the all-time biggest bench...DRUG FREE!!

Gene Rychlak, Jr took the bench by storm and broke the 800 barrier and broke Scot Mendelson's all time-recond on the bench with a 876 attempt!! Then a few weeks later benches an astronomical 900!! The video of his 900 bench can be seen on Trainordie Forums at: Many were very skeptical about seeing a 1000lb bench but it looks like a possibility. Gene is looking to do some damage not only as a bencher, but hopes to break Garry Frank's total record as well as his subtotal record, and to bench 800 in a FULL meet. Gene's squat and deadlift are 1005 and 715.

Sebastian Burns and Bill Crawford made their appearance in the WPO with Burns doing a 710 bench and Crawford doing a 724 bench. Those videos can been seen at These lifts were done at the WPO Bench Bash for Cash. Beau Moore, who surprised everyone with a big bench, was seen here doing 720.5. Bill Carpenter finally joins the 700lb bench club and then does 722!! Look for another interview with Bill Carpenter soon.

Ben White did 709.5 at this meet. Ben is also a very strong raw bencher as well. He's done 505 for 9 reps RAW(w/o shirt). Go to to see the video there as well. Its quite an impressive sight to see!! Markus Shick recently benched 600 @ 165!! The lightest (and the shortest!!) athlete ever to break the 600lb barrier on the bench!!

Garry Frank returned to competition last month as a guest lifter at Joe Ladnier's meet in Mississippi. Garry broke his own total record with a 1014 squat, 755 bench, and 903 dead totaling at 2673. He attempted a 1102 squat which would put him at 2700 even, but the lift did not pass. We all knew that Frank would be a double-threat, and with his bench rising, he may become a triple threat!! He also went toe to toe with Andy Bolton again.

Frank at the WPO finals ended up with a 1078 squat, 726 bench, and a 858 deadlift. Andy Bolton did a 1112.1 squat, 627 bench, and 880 deadlift. Andy missed his attempt at a huge dead at 935. Both Bolton and Frank missed the mark for a 2700 monstrous total!! Brent Mikesell continues being the "king of squat" with a recent 1113 squat record at the WPO finals. He also benched 600 and deadlifted 744. Brent has another website besides his own at

Beau Moore had a soild day, 946 squat, 731.5 bench(second to Garry Frank) and a 704 deadlift. Jesse Kellum had a good day with 974.6 squat, 689.7 bench, and 698.5 deadlift and going head to head with Chuck Vogepohl with him doing 973.5 squat, 577.5 bench, and 764.5 deadlift!! I'll get more on the WPO finals as it comes!!

And finally, Josh Bryant competed in the Texas Cup as a bencher and did 601 bench and misgrooved 611. The full meet report can be found here: Also, Ed Coan made his return to the sport at this meet as well, doing it "unequipped" since his knee injury. Ed "toyed" with a 760 squat, 500 bench, and 705 deadlift and all were "unequipped".

Strongman competitor Brian Schooveld posted a "135ish" 744 squat, 584 bench and 727 dead with a 2055 total!! We hope to see Brian and Ed post some insane numbers next year as well as Josh Bryant. Josh has videos of him benching and squatting at his website, Be sure to look at his 1010 walkout...he makes it look pretty easy!!

Well, a lot is expected from some of the sports' strongest going into 2004. Pretty soon, look for some new interviews with Mike Miller, Mike Ruggeria, and Jim Parrish as well as second interviews with Josh Bryant and Bill Carpenter!!

Curtis D. "get strong or get dominated"

Until Next Time, Stay Big!