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Mendelson Makes History.

Between the 'Bench America' and 'APF seniors' a lot of good lifters took down some big records. Bench America made history by putting on the first 'non-sanctioned' meet ever allowing virtually the best to compete with the best! Let's get started!

A lot has happened in the last few months in powerlifting. Between the "Bench America" and "APF seniors" a lot of good lifters took down some big records. Bench America made history by putting on the first "non-sanctioned" meet ever allowing virtually the best to compete with the best!! Let's get started!!!

The APF seniors were another big meet prior to the Bench America. Nick Hatch was seen here as well doing a 606 squat, 407 bench, and 485 deadlift. All I can say is WOW!!! Sometimes even the smallest lifters make the impressive lifts every once a while!! Ron Palmer makes another amazing performance doing 804 squat, 512 bench, and 672 deadlift.

Jason Burnell of hits a 749 squat, 474 bench, and 650 deadlift in the 220 class getting third. Mike Roberts gets first with 755 squat, 551 bench, and 705 deadlift. Chris Taylor of hits 622 bench and 633 deadlift at the 272 class. In the 308s, Oan Basson gets first getting a total of 2403.01(1019-672-710). Josh Bryant gets second getting a 2272 total (903-622-749). The video of his lifts can been seen at You will not believe what he does to increase his squats and deadlifts!!!

Matt Ludwig, the current training partner of Brent Mikesell, hits 903 squat, 479 bench, and 661 deadlift getting fourth in the 308s. Scot Mendelson was up and nails 821 on the bench raising the record once more from Ryan's 800. Ryan was also there to witness history as he was sidelined due to a pec injury.

At the Bench America, big lifts were made but there were a lot of missed attempts as well. Nick Hatch was an impressive lifter who busted on the scene a while back with some "freakish" lifts. He attempted 405 in the 132 weight class...and folks that some really "freakish" strength for his size and he's a teenager as well!! Look for big things to come out of Nick in the future.

Tina Rinehart did three times her bodyweight with a 390 bench at 130!!! Jeff McVicar competed and benched a huge 625. But then Jeff went on later to bench 665 at 212. The video of this can been seen at Truly an awesome bench!!!

Bill Carpenter as you all know, attempted 700 after making 680. This won't be his only chance at it, he plans on attempting it again this year. Vincent Dizenzo hits 705 on the bench in the 308s joining the 700 club on the was long awaited as well!!

Last but not least, Scot Mendelson. Scot hammers 825 at the Bench America setting the standard as well as the record for benching...once again!! Mike Miller came second hitting 730 on the bench. It won't be long before he joins that growing list of lifters in the 800 club.

But wait... there's more!!!

At the APF West Coast Open, Brent Mikesell bumps the all-time biggest squat to 1107 after Steve Goggins got 1103. Brent just keeps getting stronger on squats every meet!!! And at the APF Push-Pull in July was to be Scot Mendelson's final contest and the biggest...bench ever would be done here as well!! He nails and EASY 875 and then attempts the unthinkable... 900!! He gets the explosion off his chest but not enough to lockout. But if you go to and view the video. Make sure your sitting first!! The speed off his chest was unreal!!! Also, Scot announces his retirement at this meet as well. View his retirement speech there too.

I hope to get more about this meet soon as Ryan Girard in the 242s hits 551!! His video is also there as well. Well, if you have any comments, email me at or come to my website at and post on my board. And if you got time again... go to and view those videos!!! They are worth viewing.

Oh and I would like to mention a few more lifters here... Dave Gulledge and Kyle Gulledge. I'm not sure what runs in their family but I sure as hell want some!!! Both Dave and Kyle were at an "unsanctioned" meet. Dave hits 700 in the 308s at 22 years old!!! Kyle, his brother, nails a 800 deadlift in the 275s!! These are awesome lifts but now they have to get it in the books and prove it tall to see!! Dave is considering doing a APF meet soon so we hope to see his 700 in the books!! The videos of those lifts can also be seen at as well as Gene Rychlak's 715 for 6 reps...that's not a typo folks!! Until next time...stay big!!!

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