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Got Power? Try The Max Fusion Training Program!

Learn about the MX training program that helps you to get bigger, stronger, and leaner all at once. And the best thing of all, NEVER HIT A PLATEAU AGAIN!

From 2001 to 2002, I've told you guys about the Max Fusion Training (formerly known as Hybrid Training) and how it helps to get your bigger, stronger, and leaner all at once. You've seen the mini-programs I have right here at I've gotten a lot of good replies from them. You've also seen the testimonials so you know the system works, now I'm challenging you!

The Year This Sport Grows

I believe that 2003 is going to be a great year for bodybuilding and powerlifting enthusiast's. I've made continuous gains in my strength as well as my physique. It because of my training that I was able to blew up 405 like Ryan Kennelly did with 800. Now I'm training for a full meet come March so I've already taken the MX challenge. This is the right time to do MX training for bodybuilders who are in the off-season. The same goes for powerlifters as well.

This system is the complete fusion of bodybuilding and powerlifting to give you the best of both worlds. The system is complex, but it will give you the simplest of results.

And that's not all ... currently there are over 25 MX training techniques and that will grow with the New Year. I plan on implementing stuff from Westside Barbell into MX training, and you wouldn't believe how much of the stuff is already implemented from WSB before now. I also plan on adding more powerlifting stuff to the system as well as bodybuilding stuff. But lets talk about the benefits of this system.


Bodybuilders can have the ripped but dense physiques that are needed to win shows. This system is completely flexible from off season to competition with a few changes to the workout. This way, your workout can change according to your weaknesses and your strengths. There are a lot of MX bodybuilding methods you can choose from that will keep you massive as well as ripped through contest time. For powerlifters, explosive strength is needed a lot as well as focusing on the weak areas of the bench, squat and deadlift. I'm currently implementing new exercises for strengthening the big three, but also here's a plus.


Powerlifters don't have to look like sumo wrestlers, but implementing several bodybuilding techniques, you can have a muscular physique and physical strength. I will go into detail on how to get in the right position on the bench as well as the squat and deadlift. For those of you now into the above, maybe you want to keep building your strength or get leaner. MX training does that as well. Even for those who are busy. In the MX system, you can accommodate MX methods and get your workouts done in under an hour. So there are no excuses there. But there's more! MX training can do anything that goals desire.

I'm talking about those who want those favored big arms or ripped abs. Once you learn and test out the methods of the MX training system, you'll be able to figure out what exercises to do and what works for you.

Everyone Else

Everyone's MX workout will be different according to his or her's goals. Also, if the system becomes too taxing, you can always model it after a workout you've seen. For instance, look at some of the workouts of Dave Waterman, Glen Chabot or Bill Carpenter. Click here to see their workouts! Keep some of the reps and sets the same and throw in some of the MX methods on a few exercises like 50-reps, Death Sets or even change one exercise and add in the MPO method. This is a great change of pace and another way that anyone can use the MX training. No other training system is this diverse and flexible. And the best thing about it is that, MX training uses anything that works and implements it. I'm currently trying to implement Power Factor Training methods into the system as well as Westside Barbell's program.

The MX Training Program

MX training is completely evolutionary so there's always a reason to stay up on the methods that I or someone else may come up with. Many people at the gym talk about how much bigger and leaner my partner and I have become because of the system. A lot of those people knew me back in 2000 when I was a flabby 240 and now I'm a leaner 260 and doing weights that most competitive bodybuilders do. My partner has come a long way from 205-to-230 now.

I was amazed at how much bigger his shoulders and arms looked even though he says he needs them bigger, but hey who's satisfied with their arms? But we have come a long way, but it's not just us. Justin Swanson has made huge improvements on his strength as well as gaining some tremendous size. I was surprised when I saw his pics and my jaw dropped! Another guy, Jason Maki, has greatly improved his strength and size and will do the same in the New Year.

Now I can talk about MX training until I'm blue in the face or until my fingers fall off, but if that is what it will take to explain the excitement about this system be it! MX training and all of its methods are base on these two objectives:

  • Keeping sets and reps or method the same and changing the exercise.
  • Changing the sets and reps or method the same and keeping the exercise the same.

Here's my new objective that's becomes a big part of MX training:

  • Gradually increasing the weight every set on every exercise or until you feel comfortable.

Just so that there's no confusion ... here's what I mean by that:

    Workout 1 - Dumbbell bench press -- 110x8; 115x8; 120x6
    Workout 2 - Dumbbell bench press -- 115x8; 120x6; 125x6
    Workout 3* - Dumbbell bench press -- 115x8; 120x8; 125x6
    Workout 4 - Dumbbell bench press -- 120x8; 125x6; 130x6

* Workout 3 will be done 2 weeks after workout 2.

View How To Properly Do The Dumbbell Bench Press, Click Here!

Do you see how this subject was gradually increasing the weight on the dumbbell bench press. In no time, this lifter will be doing 130s for 8 reps. But his body never gets used to the weight which is why I've added this new objective.

With these three objectives, the combination of workouts are endless and you can get stronger from one exercise to the next when you change your workouts either every month to every two weeks (every week if you preparing for a show). If you do the above objectives even without the methods, you're still doing the MX training.

Now that you know what MX training is all about, there is no choice but to go to my website below and checkout what's offered. If you unsure, you can try a free sample workout to see what it feel like to do MX training. I also offer workout designs as well so there are no excuses! This system can be the changing point of your physique and physical strength for this year.

MX training can do that and more. I'm challenging you to take the MX challenge for 2003. I'm not only challenging the readers, but all the writers here at as well as the staff. This system I believe will make the difference between those who want to be average and those who want to be hardcore. Visit my site at and see if you want to take the next step in training evolution!

Until next time, stay big and 'max out'!

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