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Fusion Testimonials!

Well, automatically you think about getting stronger right? And when you think about getting stronger, you think about getting a bigger bench right? Read what other people are experiancing!

Hey...I know. I bet you guys get tired of this but I love this system because its the only one that pushes you to the absolute limit and beyond them. I'm still seeing great results from this system even up to today. When I started this system, my best bench was about 320 and now I'm doing 315 for reps.

There has been a lot of people who has tried this system and has gotten great results from it. But I've kept track of two guys who started this system with great goals and achieved them...if not surpassed them. Below are the testimonials of Justin Swanson and Jason Maki.

Testimonial # 1

"Well before the program I was benching 180 for my max, I am now at 235. The great thing about this program that it takes you away from the typical 3 sets of 8 and things like that and it tells you exactly what to do and when to do it and unlike some programs that you can use are for only 6 weeks and they might work great but the hybrid program gives you 4 months worth and by the time your done you can just start it over again. It is an extremely easy program to change and it is easy to substitute different exercises and techniques. This program also gives you the diet which goes hand and hand with your lifting.

I am still a considered a novice in lifting and such with only 2 years under my belt but I can say I have tried a lot of different things and a lot of the new hype stuff but this is not hype it is a great program for beginners up to the experts. I am currently at 200 lbs benching 235, squatting 500 and deadlifting 420. It might not seem much but 4 months ago I was 180 benching 180, squatting 380, deadlifting 300. I look more thin and cut now also. I still have a long way with my goals are but I now have a program that I can use for longer than 6 weeks and have seen great results from."

- Justin Swanson

I was surprised when Justin told me of his improvements. His biggest was in his squats and deadlifts, but even his bench was an improvement. He is already squatting twice his bodyweight and that's an impressive feat for even a novice lifter. He has even gained respect of his fellow lifters with Fusion Training.

Testimonial # 2

"This power-bodybuilding system is absolutely amazing. I experienced drastic results in both strength and power within the first few weeks. It offers a great balance of intensity, power training, and endurance training. This program is unrivaled for supplying a kick butt workout that doesn't keep you in the gym all day long. It pushes one to reach their potential. The results are surprising because it's a surprising system.

It throws techniques at you that even the most experienced weight lifter has never tried. By putting your body under brand new stresses you force it to adapt in brand new ways, which equals brand new gains!! This is by far the most complete system I have ever tried in my 25 years of training! If you want serious results, then you better seriously do this program!" "I absolutely love the concept of power bodybuilding!! That is what I have been after my whole life but never found the program until now."

- Jason Maki

Jason comes from a long line of strong lifters. He's also 5-11 at 200 pounds after the programs' first use. Because Jason has found a great system to work with, He can now proceed to breaking the 400 barrier on his bench, which I believe he will do because its in his blood to train hard and heavy.

These are but two of my testimonials, but the progress Justin and Jason has made are incredible. But that just what this system does. It helps create incredible power for incredible physiques. Fusion training is the best of bodybuilding and powerlifting and its great for both lifters of both sports. The system right now is at $8.00, so take advantage of it now!! Well, until next time, stay big!!

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Curtis D.