Powerlifting Meet Preparation!

Meet preparation is everything prior to a power lifting meet just like it is before a bodybuilding meet...

Meet preparation is everything prior to a power lifting meet just like it is before a bodybuilding meet. Everything you do two weeks before meet day is everything and your doing anything to make sure you make weight, train right, and get your mind right before then. Nothing can impede your progress at this point because if it does, it will show up at the meet. I know everyone has a particular was they prepare before a meet, but here's how I would prepare for a meet starting with two weeks out.


At two weeks from the meet, you should be on your last week of your power lifting cycle. At this point your bodyweight should be where it needs to be. Watch it for the entire week and see where it goes. If your borderline into the next weight class, bump up your protein intake and carb intake...don't drop weight unless you have a reason being in the lower weight class. If you do, drink water (cold water) and cut back the carbs.

Don't do anything drastic like start to take fat burners prior to the meet, your body won't adjust to it in time. Also on your last week of your cycle, you should be training in your power lifting gear (i.e. bench shirt, squat suit, dead lift suit, knee wraps, wrist wraps, etc...). Most of this stuff is tight, so your body should be used to it by now. I advise to get your gear before starting your cycle this way you have time to get used to it.

You should also do only the bench, squat, or dead lift (if your just doing the bench, just do bench) and nothing else in the workouts. Focus all of your energies towards that last workout before the meet. Cardio can be done for the last time before the meet only on this week only if your try to make weight. If not, just do bench one day, dead lift another day and squat on another day.

If your not trying to make weight, eat everything in sight and eat less frequently (3-4 times daily) to slow your metabolism for weight gain, if you have a fast metabolism, eat constantly to keep your body from burning weight. Come this weekend, your doing nothing else but resting and relaxing.


No cardio for the next five days at all. If you go to the gym, you should focus on lifting technique only with 135lbs if not the bar on any of the three lifts if not all of them. Workout only using bodybuilding movements and use light weight only as well. Don't let your ego rule your workouts. Your workouts should be short as well.

Stretching should be ok for this week to keep you relaxed. You should do nothing else that doesn't stress your energy other than work and school. Keep everything restricted to resting, relaxing, and eating. If your trying to make weight, do cardio in the EARLY part of the week. That means after Wednesday, no cardio.


By now should be completely relaxed and rested. But you should be excited at the same time. Prepare your lifts according to what you've done in the gym. Here's how I would prepare my lifts at a meet:


135 x 12; 135x 10
225 x 6
315 x 3
330 x 1 (3-5 minute rest)
345 x 1 (3-5 minute rest)
360 x 1 (3-5 minute rest)


380x 1
390x 1
400-410x 1(depends on how the first two attempts are)

** As you can see my last warm-up set and my first attempt are 20lbs apart..this is good. I would also be sure my technique is there too (ex. deep squats and rest-pause bench press).

*** This is my future lift preparation folks...I'm going to smash 400!!!

At this time, I would make sure you have everything packed and ready to go. If your meet is out of town, you probably want to leave that Thursday so you can make in for the early weigh-ins. Make sure you have everything packed if that's the case.


EATING...RELAXING...AND RESTING should be your vocabulary now!! You also shouldn't be working out right now as well. Your three lifts should be done up to Wednesday so you can rest the last two before the meet.

Also, you should go into the early weigh-ins because once you weigh in you can relax even more afterwards. If your training to make weight after you weigh in, eat like there is no tomorrow! Heck, you should do that anyways after weighing in. After you eat, rest and relax.


Get up early of course and get your gear together. Have a big breakfast and I do mean big. Also have a energy drink or some fat burners with you. I know I said don't take them before the meet, but they have a purpose here though. Be sure that among your equipment, you should have ammonia caps with you.

They will help to clear your head, just don't take them too close to your nose. Make sure you have someone with you at the meet too...like a training partner, but at power lifting meets, everyone is willing to help so it should not be a problem. Your lift preparation sheet should of been studied by now, if not you should still have it with you.

Pay attention to the order lifters they will have. If your first to go, your warm-up should commence immediately. If your in the middle, your warm-up should start immediately as well. If you last, wait until 2 lifters has lifted (or depending on how many is there) and then warm-up. Be ready when they call your name and don't waste time at all.

I hope this helps anyone wanting to compete in power lifting. Your meet should be an experience because any power lifter will tell you that lifting in the gym and lifting at a meet are two different things that can't be explained. Well, that's it for now folks. Until next time ironfreaks...stay big!!

Curtis D.
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