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How To Gain Discipline

Discipline is the willingness to sacrifice things to achieve your goal. Learn what discipline is right here and see how it comes into play during your training.

Discipline ... is what people say I have, but it's not like you're born with it. I wasn't born with this as well. Discipline comes from a need. What that means is that you have to have the need to be the best or the need to be the strongest, like myself.

Back in my "Burning Desire" article, I mentioned that older lifters have more desire than younger lifters simply because they have the discipline to do it and with that they feel that being in a gym has more of a purpose than looking good for the girls which isn't a bad thing.

Young lifters like myself finds that need to be whatever they want early and build discipline in the early stages, which can lead to some freaky physiques or freaky power.

What Is Discipline?

Discipline is the willingness to sacrifice things to achieve your goal. Bodybuilders do this when they diet. They sacrifice hangout time with the buddies to focus on training and resting for their next contest. Power lifters also do this as well when it gets close to a meet; they have to be focused mentally and physically to make sure they are on track. But those are for guys who compete ... what about the guys who don't who have everything available except discipline ... what do you do?

drinksFirst you have to ask yourself ... do you want it? It all goes back to desire ... do you have that burning desire for what you do?

If you do, then you're willing to make sacrifices. And when I mean sacrifices, I do mean that. You have to be willing to sacrifice going out to the club and drinking, hanging out with friends, sleeping in, etc ... to make your goal.

I remember getting up at 4 a.m. to train three days per week it was simply because I was willing and able to do that. This meant I had to sacrifice staying up late when I want to. You have to be willing to be able to come into the gym at the same time every training day.


Discipline also comes into play during your training. You have to be willing to do your best on the exercises you do and that you have to be willing to do even the hardest one ... including squats and deadlifts and the like. Train for something to help. This will test your discipline to the max.

For instance, Lifter X tells his friends that he wants to bench 400 by the end of winter. His friends want to see this so they set a day and Lifter X begins training, but is lacking in discipline.

What does he do? He first starts off by getting on the Internet and getting any and all information on increasing his bench so that he can be prepared the right way and to setup his workouts. He then decides to take supplements to help, like protein and creatine.

He changes his eating habits by taking out junk foods and having one cheat day.

Lifter X also restricts his going out to the clubs to once a month up until the last two months of training where he will be thinking nothing else than to bench 400 and he puts himself on a daily schedule which will require him to go to the gym before he goes to class and whenever he's not training, working or studying, he'll be resting.

Now from what I've given you, do you think that Lifter X can stick with the program? I would think so. He decided that by having a goal, he can put his energy into increasing his bench press and by being driven and disciplined he thinks that he can do it!

So what happens? Lifter X does the 400 benches, but now he wants to keep increasing it and now is willing to do anything and everything to be the best at it. That needs to be the biggest bencher just became real from Lifter X and now has the discipline to do so.

Be An Example

If you're not competing, tell your friends and/or family that you're shooting for a particular goal like getting ripped for the summer, having a big bench before football season, gaining 20 pounds before spring, or whatever you want your goal to be.

But its not like signing a contract too, once you say that your going to get bigger, you have to commit to it and having them on you about it will make you that much more disciplined. Trust me, discipline is easier to get than most people think, it's the things that you have to sacrifice in order to get what you want. I hope this article helps.

If you have any questions, email me at Until next time fellow ironfreaks ... stay big

Curtis D.