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Training Partners: It's A Requirement!

The physiques that impress me the most are the ones that powerful as well as well-built. I have a few bodybuilders/power lifters that I think are Training Partners: It's A Requirement in my eyes.

When most of us started weight training, we were training alone learning the ropes of the gym until our progress came to an hault. I remember finding out that training alone was pretty hard. I wanted to be strong as an ox. I remember doing a powerlifter's routine not knowing that I was supposed to have a partner in order to do them. But having a training partner can be beneficial to both a bodybuilder and a powerlifter.

We all know for years that bodybuilding is a solo sport and powerlifting is the opposite, but having a partner is a must for motivation and dedication. Plus, training is supposed to be fun too. There is much need to have another kindred spirit. Training then becomes more fun, aggressive, and even challenging. There is only so much motivation a person can carry alone. Sure listening to the radio or popping in one of your CDs will help and I have nothing against training alone, but training with a partner can help with results much better.

But What Kind Of Partner

A partner could be anyone, but I understand the need for a serious partner and I'm glad I have one. My friend has gone through one partner that one of my buddies at my other gym would of called "one and gone", he's at the gym once and his gone!! I tried to help him find a serious partner and needless to say, he found one on his own.

I'm glad he did, because now I think he's even more dedicated and motivated so much that he's even keeping track of his training progress now (he's also using my training course). I know some of you, this situation won't happen. But have some tips that may assist you on finding one.

Look Around

Look around the gym anytime your there and look for the guys that are in there consistently. Those are the guys are the ones that have the concept of time on their hands. Talk with only guys who think are serious enough to train with you.

Talk, Talk, Talk...

Talk to your possible partner. Communication is the most reason why most training partnership fail. You have to know what your partner does and what might conflict with your training.

Trial Week

Trial week. Give them a week to see how it will workout. Usually you can tell if a partner is serious or not within a week. Don't put your workout on hold for them, if you workout at 6pm, then start with or without him. When he gets in, have him/her continue where you are at. If they are consistently late (and call), but still come in, adjust your time.

Regardless, you look at this, this means that they are serious. But if they are late, never call, and comes in at the end of your workout, lose him!!

Someone Alike

Make sure it someone who you can like as a person. Don't just train with just anyone, a good friend can be the best training partner ever. Your serious and dedicated, you should train with someone who you can like as a person. If you don't, the partnership is doomed from the start.

Respect and Consideration

Respect and Consideration. This is important. If they respect what you do, they'll have consideration for you. Meaning that they will call you when they are about to be late or not coming, or call you to talk about training. If a partner doesn't do this, the lines of communication are lost and the partnership is doomed.

Look Everywhere

Look everywhere for a partner. Even though a gym is a good place to start looking, don't leave out the internet (like or supplement stores.

Be Patient

If you have a beginner, be patient. I think that this is the best training partner, the one starting out. This partner is dedicated, but be patient with them. In time, they will be just as dedicated as you and will be able to put in more as far as training is concerned.

Two Is Enough

Don't train with too many partner. For me, two is enough for right now because time constraints, but if we have to have a third to me, that third has to bring something special to the group. If this third does the negative stuff of partnership, loose the third wheel. If they are just as or even more intense has you and your partner, go for it!!

Make Sure They Know

Make sure they know how to spot. Let a beginner know how you want to be spotted. If you training with someone with some experience, still let them know how you want to be spotted. Make sure they pay attention while training and never distracted. Let them know this.

No Bigmouths

No bigmouths!! During training, if a partner talks too much, get him back on track by pushing up the intensity. If they do too much of this, lose them!!

Some Helpful Notes

These are just a few tips and ways you can help find a partner. Finding a partner won't be easy so be patient. The number one thing is dedication. Are they in the gym? Are they training hard? Do they put in the time? Ask yourselves these questions. Now if a partner is serious, they will miss a few days (ok, who doesn't?) which should be fine if they call and let you know. This means that they still want to train with you.

If they claim to be lazy on too many days(or just playing hookey to go to the club), lose them. From what I've seen in the gym over the past years, older adults tend to be more dedicated to training (over 27) than younger adults (under 26). I'm not saying guys under 26 aren't dedicated, its just that there are just so few of them out there like myself and a few others I've met on the net (especially at's Forum).

Where To Train?

Those few choose to train over going to the club week to week (not that there nothing wrong with that), but the days you train should be more than the days you go to the club. Also, if you find a partner that's dedicated, but is more stronger, intense, or leaner or all of the above, this is a great partner will keep your motivation...with no problem.

I hope this help those whose training is falling short from where they need to be. For powerlifting, partners are needed for the heavy stuff and the like. Bodybuilding doesn't have to be a solo sport if you want it too. But having a partner can make all the difference and can help in more ways than one!! Until next time, stay big!