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Hidden Secrets Of The 'NaturalFreak'!

Thus far, I've given you a great workout and this week the workout changes and I've also given you the diet and supplementation tips for you to formulate a diet and supplement program.

I've been writing on for almost two years now and I've loved the response I've received from people who enjoyed learning about my own training system and other stuff too. But there has been something that I felt that I left out up till now. You see, most people look at me and know right off the bat that I'm into lifting weights (I preferably prefer the term "power lifter"), but little does anyone know on this site that I've been active into martial arts for the last two years.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Yes...what type? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. My training partner Jon got me into it(if you remember from the "Burning Desire" article) way before I asked him to be my training partner. How did I discover it? Much like I discovered power lifting. I was invited to watch a class where my friends Brian and Jon were teaching a Wing-Chug class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I grappled both of them not knowing that they were way more experienced than I was. I got tapped six ways to Sunday and almost got my arm broke because of my pride.

But when I left, Jon urged me to get started in it because I had heart. When I first got taught, it was difficult to learn the moves and remember them during a grappling match. For a while, I was Jon's only student and I was trying my best to learn the move and when we grappled, it was tough against Jon since he knew the moves I knew and then some. For weeks, it was frustrating because I would remember a move just as I forgot one. Then the frustration reached its peak when I grappled a new guy...and lost.

Staying Focused

My mind was unfocused and I got frustrated too quick. Jon worked on this with me for the next few months. Soon I started remembering moves and started feeling more confident about myself more. I also started watching UFC matches in video and started looking and learning. I think I got past my barrier early last year when more and more new guys came in.

Jon threw me up against anyone new that came in since it would be fair that way. I was white belt back then, but I was Jon's best student simply because I was always in there training. Believe it or not, grappling helped my flexibility on my squats and my bench press.

One or The Other

But for a while, I couldn't be really into Jiu-Jitsu because I was so much into power lifting, but now I'm equally dedicated into both sports and just compete in power lifting still. I was soon introduced into Vale-Tudo (Jiu-Jitsu with striking) and Judo, which recently I got good at because of my physical strength. Late last year, I was introduced to Boxing and Muay-Thai.

But I still must say that I'm really into Jiu-Jitsu and now Judo because most of all fights go to the ground or get thrown to the ground. For a while, most guys didn't want to grapple me because I was big (this got annoying after a while), but Jon fixed this by making the matches himself. But because of Jon, I've learned how to grapple very effectively.

My Ranking

I hope I surprised some people. Right now I'm a second-degree White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I'm on my way to my third stripe. Hopefully, I'll be a blue-belt by the end of this year. I've gotten really good at it now. Jon's a purple-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I'm been the only one to grapple with Jon the longest (sometimes our matches go too long!!), but Jon would still beat me because he knows more.

Now, martial arts are apart of my training as a power lifter and if you have access to martial arts, I say get into it like I did. It makes you a well-rounded person. Until next time, TAP OUT!!

Curtis D.
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