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Ripped FusionTraining Course!

If you've done the first training course then you know what hybrid (fusion) training is all about. It's high-intensity evolved and it can give you strength and definition through the techniques that are used.

I hope you all enjoyed the first training course. If you've done the first training course then you know what hybrid (fusion) training is all about. It's high-intensity evolved and it can give you strength and definition through the techniques that are used. Even though, the mass training course was only four weeks, it was good enough to get a feel for the system. If you haven't done the training course, now is a good time to jump on board with the training course everyone has been waiting ... ripped fusion.

Fusion Training

This second training course will be the same as the previous training course, four weeks. But let me go back into what fusion training is all about. Fusion training or Hybrid training is a training system that combines bodybuilding and powerlifting into one program.

Chances are, your already doing this type of training. When you go heavy on one exercise or two and go light on another one, this is called fusion training because your combining heavy weights and low reps with light weight and high reps. There are two aspects that are used in fusion training. One is powerlifting. In this training system, aspects of powerlifting will be used, like periodization and tapering, benching and squatting positions, heavy lifting, rack training and other methods that powerlifters use.

But what I see a lot of is bodybuilders who turn to powerlifting and I wondered for a while why they were so much stronger. Well, it hit me! They did a lot of high reps in training to keep their physique lean and strong. That's where the second aspect comes in, the bodybuilding aspect. The training system uses high-rep techniques like 50-reps, 100-reps, X-Rep or static contraction, and other bodybuilding methods. You can call this a power-bodybuilding training system. This system is perfect for both bodybuilders and powerlifters alike or for those who want the "total package." I've dramatically changed my physique with this training system and I know it can do the same for you, which is why I decided to do training courses so people like yourself can see what this system is all about.

This training course will focus on getting lean. This doesn't mean that you'll do a lot of 50-reps and 100-reps and other bodybuilding techniques. You'll still be doing some powerlifting techniques too. I mean, let's face it ... Do you want a lean physique or a lean physique that has some power to it? Another piece of fusion training is constantly changing the workouts. In the beginning stages, workouts will change every two weeks while the advanced stages, workouts will change week to week.

Cool huh? Training like this will give your body no choice but to grow and get stronger as it never has a chance to get used to the workout. For this training program, workouts will change every two weeks and the great thing about this is that you can continue to do this program after the course is finished. My fusion workouts will be different from anyone else because I make the workouts form to me, not the other way around. By doing this, everyone's workout will be different, because everyone will have techniques they like. But just as long as they stay within these two points:

1. Change the way you do an exercise by using the fusion training techniques.
2. Change the exercise itself and keep the sets and reps or the training technique the same.

The System

This system is simple. With just these two points, you can come up with two workout and change between them or have two sets of two workouts, two for one month and two for the other. And once you think of the exercises that are out there, not to mention the ones I've come up with, the combinations are endless! There are two protocols for this training system:

- Protocol for mass: Two mass-building exercises and one shaping exercise
- Protocol for definition: One mass-building exercise and two shaping exercises

For this training system, we'll be using the protocol for definition. These protocols are helpful in keeping your exercises balanced in terms of bodybuilding and powerlifting. Either way, your doing both. Now let's get into why guys want to get lean.

Summer is coming up and guys think of one thing, getting ripped. They know how the girls like the 8-pack abs, the gorging veins in the arms, shoulders and chest and separated legs. They also think of going out the beach and not being embarrassed with a few layers of fat on their skin. Now I've came across lots of guys who want to do this, but only a select few want to go all the way. With fusion training, are you one of the few? Obviously, one of the keys is cardio while the other is nutrition which I will explain next time. Today, I will give you a workout that will get you well on your way to a lean physique. Cardio is not mentioned, but it is recommended that you should do no less than three days per week. Also, you guys have the pleasure of testing two new fusion training techniques that were recently added to the training program. Here are the training techniques that will be used below:

50-reps & 100-reps

These are good for pumps and build great muscularity and strength too. You don't do all of 50-reps in one swoop, but if you do the weight you chose is waaay too light. Let's say you do 15 reps and stop. You should take a 5-10 second rest and perform some more. Keep doing this in this fashion until you complete 50-or-100 reps.


These are extremely good for pumps as well as increase muscle mass. You should pick a weight that heavy (but not too heavy). Bring the weight to contracted position and hold it there for as long as you can. If you hold it more than 30 seconds, more weight needs to be added. These can only be done for 1 set of 1 rep.

Blast Singles

These are good for increasing explosive strength ... something bodybuilders are known for. Your bringing the weight explosively to the contracted state and doing a slow negative. These are usually done 4-6 sets of 2-3 reps with the rest being 10 seconds.

5x5 method

This is doing 5 sets of 5 reps, but your goal is to do 5 sets of 5 reps with your selected weight. If its too light, you need to increase the weight and if its too heavy (4-3-2-1-1 rep scheme), you need to go down in weight. The rest should be 30-45 seconds between sets.


This is the combination of super-slow and going to failure. You're doing 2 sets of 6-8 reps with the rest being 45 seconds. The weight should be moderate. The exercise should be done in a slow fashion which will cause you to go to failure in no time ... if not, you need to increase the weight.

MPO (Maximum Progressive Overload)

This technique is done with a weight that usually starts at 70% of 1RM or a weight that's done from 4-to-6 reps. The rep scheme is 6 reps on the first, 5 on the second, 4 on the third and 3 on the last one. By the time you get to the last set, you should 15 pounds up from your first set. The rest between sets here are 30-45 seconds.

Maximum Pump

This is actually can evolved version of the 5x5 method. This is done after a mass-builder. This is 5 sets of 8-10 reps and once 10 reps is achieve per set, increase the weight by 10 pounds. The reps should be done in a slow fashion and rest between sets should be 10-15 seconds.

Make you follow the training techniques to the letter. They will help. The routine is below along with the training techniques that will be used.


Bench Press (M.P.O. METHOD)
Incline Machine Press (5x5 Method)
Behind-The Neck Barbell Shoulder Press (BLAST SINGLES)
Machine Shoulder Press (SUPER-SLOW/FAILURE)
Lateral Raises (50-REPS)
*Upper Abs (100-REPS)

Click Here For A Full Bench Press Video w/ Audio! (MPG, 37 sec, 3.95MB)


Rack Deadlifts (5x5 METHOD)
Front Pulldowns (50-REPS; X-REP)
DB Or Barbell Rows (25-REPS)
Barebell Shrugs (100-DROP; X-REP)
*Lower Abs (100-REPS)


Leg Press (50-DROP)
Seated Leg Curls (50-REPS)
Standing Calf Raises (100-REPS)
*Upper Abs (100-REPS)

Squats: The Right AND Wrong Way To Do It.
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Barbell E-Z Curls (M.P.O. METHOD)
DB Curls (5x5 METHOD)
Close-Grip Bench Press (BLAST SINGLES)
Tricep Kickbacks (MAXIMUM PUMP)
Pushdowns (50-REPS)
Hammer Cruls (50-DROP)
*Obliques (50-REPS)

Well, that's it there. The first part of the ripped fusion training is up and going. Next time, I will give some tips on nutrition and diet that will help you melt bodyfat fast. In the meantime, get ripped!

Curtis D.