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Stop Making Excuses!

I get so many people come up to me and ask how do I lose weight and I tell them. As soon as I get done, I get excuses from them. Well ... Now is the time to STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

Excuses ... Excuses ... Excuses! I am so tired of hearing excuses. We all need to take control of our lives, get in better shape, be fit, eat healthier and feel better about ourselves. Everyday I talk to people who ask me, "How do I lose weight and get in better shape?" When I tell them to join a gym and follow a good program that includes exercise, proper diet and nutritional supplements, they usually respond with a number of excuses. Well ... Now is the time to STOP MAKING EXCUSES! These are the typical excuses and how to overcome them:

"I don't have enough time to exercise"

Oh, come on now. We make time in our schedule to golf, to go to the beauty parlor, get our nails done, watch television, go to the movies, etc ... It only takes 30-45 minutes per day and 3 days per week to follow an exercise program that will allow us to lose fat, be healthier, and live longer. I always look at it this way ... We can either spend time exercising now to be healthier or spend the equivalent amount of time that you would be exercising sometime later in a hospital bed because we did not take care of ourselves. We are capable of making the right decision.

"I can't afford a gym membership."

I hear this excuse often. I find it ironic that the same people tell me they cannot afford a gym membership are the same ones who spend much more money on cigarettes, alcohol, fast food restaurants and junk food. Many of them do not even realize how affordable a gym membership really is. You can join a respectable health club for just over $1 per day. Is a dollar a day worth spending to live a healthier, longer life in a better looking body?

"My Spouse doesn't want me to join a gym."

I have heard this excuse from both men and women. I don't mean to be rude but how pathetic is our society when we are telling the people that we supposedly love that they cannot join a gym, lose weight, get healthier and feel better about them. Are we so insecure with ourselves that we will allow it to interfere with the health and well-being of our loved ones. If you are uncomfortable with your spouse going to the gym alone, then join together and exercise together. It will be a positive experience for the both of you. There are also gyms that have a women's area and a free weight area for the men. This is another option.

"I am too tired."

Of course you are too tired! In order to feel better and increase your energy you have to eat healthier, use proper vitamins and exercise 3 days each week. If you make these changes in your life than you will have more energy than you have ever had before.

"Burn Fat ... Be Healthier and Live Longer!"

Finally, I would just like to say that most people procrastinate when it comes time to join a gym, eat healthier and get in shape. But once you make the commitment to follow a three-point program (Exercise, Diet, and Nutritional Supplements.) Then you will see and feel the benefits that come along with it. Take my word for it ... It will be the best decision you could ever make.

Your Coach & Friend,
John DeFendis (The Fitness Expert)

About The Author

John defendis is a contributing writer for the forum newspaper. He is a former Mr. U.S.A. and has been featured on "ABC T.V.'s 20/20," "Good Morning America," and "The Joan Rivers Show." He has been a trainer for over 20 years and is the director of exercise with the ifpa. He developed the burn fat build muscle pack and can be contacted at (561) 968-6578.