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2012 Ms. International Competitor Debi Laszewski Embraces Her Underdog Role

IFBB female pro bodybuilder Debi Laszewski knows her competition is stiff, but she's prepared with a physique that will stun the audience at this year's Arnold Ms. International.

Currently in the best shape of her career, Debi Laszewski poses a serious threat to the IFBB elite at this year's 2012 Ms. International after finishing fourth at the 2011 Ms. International and Ms. Olympia competitions.

Debi's track record indicates she's been regressing after placing second at the 2009 Arnold Classic, third at the 2009 Olympia and third at both events in 2010. Debi doesn't see it that way; and she made it her mission to bring a physique to this year's show that will leave the judges in shock.

Debi Laszewski at the 2011 Ms. International and Olympia.

Debi is poised to break back into the top three. She reinvented her sculpted physique in jaw-dropping fashion. In previous years, the 144-pound, 5-foot-4 Debi was known for her untouchable conditioning, which rewarded her with one of the most coveted physiques ever seen on a female bodybuilder. In 2012, she promises more of the same, but with significant improvements to her V-Taper and outer-thigh sweep, guaranteeing she will come ready to win!

In the following interview, Debi discusses what she has in store for the 2012 Arnold Ms. International competition.

Interview With Debi Laszewski

You placed fourth at the 2011 Ms. International, which makes you one of the favorites going into this year's event. What boosts your chances of winning this time around?

I redesigned my training for this show to improve my shape and symmetry, and I believe on March 2, people will be able to see that. I broke down all the pieces of my physique and specifically trained each area with specific intentions.

What improvements have you made to your physique since you last competed?

Since my last show, the 2011 Ms. Olympia, you will see a better X-frame.

Have you made adjustments to your training program in preparation for the 2012 Ms. International? If so, how have they benefitted your physique?

A better-shaped package is what I aimed for. I believe I accomplished this, and I'm excited to reveal it at this year's Ms. International.

How would you describe your current training style?

I pay strict attention to every exercise and all the details that go into it. Every exercise has a specific intention and therefore a specific anticipated result. I even created my own exercises this year.

Can you describe three of the exercises you developed? What specific body parts have they helped you improve?

I focused on my upper back width and bringing out my rear delt tie-ins. Bodybuilding is about creating the best illusion. I also focused on my outer thigh sweep and continue work to push as much blood into them as I could to make them fuller and rounder. As far as exercises I develop, I'm sure you can understand this is something I keep to myself.

What is your current training split?

I train seven days per week and split body part work into whatever my physique needs that week. In this regard, I'm an instinctive trainer.

While training for Ms. International, how are you able to establish a focused mindset inside the gym? Do you use any tricks to generate an intense training mindset?

I don't use any tricks. I focus on the end result. Every day matters and what you do on that day is the most important thing. I try to follow a similar structure every day. My focus is always directed toward the day of the show. It's true that there's no gain without pain and when it's tough you know you're on the right path.

Describe your current diet. Have you made any changes since 2011?

I always mix my diet up a bit so my body continually responds. But I will be conditioned for this show.

What ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates do you try and maintain?

My ratios change week-to-week and every 3-4 days. Again, I look at my physique and change my nutrition accordingly.

When you mix up your diet, what specific changes do you make?

Because I'm so specific and detailed with my food, the changes I make are slight, which provides a better effect.

What would you consider to be your main strengths as a competitor?

I believe I have an incredible amount of mature muscle on my frame and, that said, a balanced physique. I also try to maintain my feminine lines.

You are considered one of the best-conditioned female pro bodybuilding competitors. How do you achieve such a shredded look and how do you maintain great conditioning from show to show?

I always stay within eight pounds or so of my contest weight, follow a precise diet and never cheat. I'm structured in my routine and keep my training intensity high and consistent. I must confess that my cardio is minimal, maybe 30-40 minutes per day. I have a naturally fast metabolism.

Who's your major competition at this year's Ms. International and why? How do you plan to overcome the threat these/this individual(s) pose?

I always stay focused on Iris Kyle, because she's currently the best. As much as I admire her, she has pushed me beyond my limits to stay focused and be better. I don't look at people as threats, but rather opportunities to prove I can be the best.

What do you love most about pro bodybuilding? What keeps you motivated to compete?

This sport forces one to push beyond their limits of comfort. I'm motivated to be the best, and the beautiful thing is you can keep getting better and better. The better you become, the more thought goes into training regimens. It forces me to use my brain more and that's motivating.

What's your current bodyweight? What do you hope to weigh onstage at this year's Ms. International?

I'm currently 148 pounds and will probably be around the 144-145-pound range onstage.

How long was your most recent offseason? What strategy did you employ during this time?

After this year's Arnold, I will have done four Arnold Classic competitions in a row. I've also done the Ms. Olympia for the past three years, so I've only had a few months off between shows.

Where do you hope to place at the 2012 Ms. International?

I will earn the title of Ms. International 2012!

What can the 2012 Ms. International audience expect from you?

One hell of a performance! My fans can visit me at the Ironville booth on Saturday, too.

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