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Anything Is Possible

Three years ago I weighed 115 pounds and was probably one of the smallest guys you would have ever seen. I was outweighed by a considerable number of girls in the school, I was shy and for good reason.

If someone told me 4 years ago I'd be sitting here as a bodybuilder weighing a comfortable 165 pounds I would definitely have laughed at them. Three years ago I weighed 115 pounds and was probably one of the smallest guys you would have ever seen. I was outweighed by a considerable number of girls in the school, I was shy and for good reason.

My Transformation

The transformation I experienced was quick and seemed to come from no where. I ran into a guy who was in the middle of his own transformation at the time. He was also very small and he decided to do something about it. That guy is now the largest bodybuilder I have ever met in person. We started training from his small basement gym which was composed of not much more than a bench and a few adjustable dumbbells.

But from that he taught me the right way, right from the start, not neglecting the legs and back, and no extra privileges for the arms.

I wasn't overly interested at the time and I ignored the good planning my friend did. All my friends were getting into it, so why not kill some time I thought. Hearing about weight lifting all the time, and seeing the change in my friends I knew that is what I wanted.

My First Setup

I soon got my own little weight bench and had a nice little setup in my kitchen. All I had was a weight bench and 80lbs worth of weights, but it was more than enough weight for any exercise I could do, yes, it was even enough for my bench press. I did everything wrong, not training legs or back, and training arms and chest much to frequently, but my body didn't care and neither did I.

I was looking for those massive arms and chest that I saw the pros with, so I overstrained those body parts hoping I would build them myself. My body responded quickly and I did grow, most likely due to the fact I just started and my body would have reacted to anything I did to it at the time. I think I also owe it to my addiction to protein powder.

My Mistakes

I took the stuff all the time, and without it I don't think I would of made the gains I did. My split was 2 days on one day off. It was Chest, Arms and shoulders, one day off the repeat, over-training at it's finest, but I did it, and I grew. I didn't monitor my weight, but my body changed shape rapidly. Within a few short months I outgrew the weights I had at home and moved on to the local gym. I made all the same mistakes there, not doing back or legs.

After my first year I started doing back and I noticed a weight increase and strength increase in pretty much everything. I didn't know anything about weight-lifting but what I saw others do. So I didn't know that certain muscles, such as the back, can help other muscles like the arms. I went on like this for another few months before I did my legs. Once again the weight increase was there.

My Split Now

It is only now that I am doing things properly, that is, in a way I believe to be proper. I do the entire body and I do the three king exercises, squats, dead lifts and bench. I have a split which is 4 days on and three off. My three days off are in between the days on to ensure adequate recovery. But what I believed I learned most in my time is the fact that body parts can't be neglected if you are serious about bodybuilding. Just because you don't want large bulky legs doesn't mean you should ignore them.

Squats have been shown to release a growth hormone in the system which can help all your gains. And a powerful back can help your pulling motions when doing other body parts.

I have went from 115lbs to my current 165 and I have a long way to go. My attitude has changed with the confidence I received with bodybuilding and I love it. Weightlifting gives that since of well being that I know you can't receive doing anything else.

I'm sure that if I can reach this size with work and proper dedication anyone can. Stick with it, from the day I started I knew I was in it for life, and I'm more than happy to make the sacrifice. I started for the wrong reasons, to get girls and for large arms, but now I do it for myself, I enjoy the activity of weight-lifting and the results I get from it. I don't think I could stop now if I wanted to, but that won't be much of a problem anyway.