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Every year since 2001, Merry Christine and her husband Dave have catered crab feasts to those who took part in the NPC Emerald Cup. We caught up with the popular pair and quizzed them following their feast of 20 lbs of crab!

Every year since 2001, Merry Christine and her husband Dave have catered crab feasts to all of the competitors, judges and photographers of the popular and ever growing NPC show - The Emerald Cup. Following the bodybuilding show, competitors and friends indulge in a feast that tickles the taste buds but without stretching the waistline.

Whilst Dave risks his life as captain of the Arctic Mariner, he also works with Sig and his younger brother Edgars who can be regularly seen on the hit TV show "Deadliest Catch."

Merry & Dave Cater Crab Feasts To All Of The Competitors.

His wife Merry has long been a top competitive bodybuilder within the NPC and also provides some of the best looking and perfect fitting costumes on the international and national competition circuit today.

Although both are humble supporters of the bodybuilding industry, we are fortunate to have them as avid supporters of and have had the opportunity to have them as part of our family for years, "When people ask me for advice on nutrition or want to know where to shop for their supplements, I always tell them it's all just a click away and point them in the direction of" says Merry, who is also one of's writers.

With the opportunity to meet others, and to track their future progress on our BodySpace page, or for those seeking interaction with like minded people on various topics within our forum, we do our best to accommodate Merry's referrals and we would like to acknowledge that their team effort has allowed us to help countless numbers of people wanting to improve their health, fitness and appearance goals.

We caught up with the popular pair the day after the 2008 Emerald Cup and quizzed them following their feast of 20 lbs of crab, 10 lbs of chicken thighs, 6 lbs of beef and 4 lbs of flank steak. And that was only the meat!

The Fleet Of Ships.

I hear that many of the ships crew take Ultimate Orange whilst at sea. Can you tell me what advantages they experience by using this supplement and are there any other supplements that are recommended?

The Ultimate Orange is great because it not only has the energy ingredients, but it also has the protein, and other vitamins to keep the crew going since they will work up to 22 hour days with only 2 hours of quick sleep. The supplement bars are also a must because these guys have NO time to stop and eat.

Do you recommend a training program for the crew?

Honestly, a general workout in the gym, including lots of cardio and upper body strength training, for they have to hoist some seriously heavy weight on deck while enduring incredibly dangerous seas.

They Have To Hoist Some Seriously Heavy Weight On Deck.
They Have To Hoist Some Seriously Heavy Weight On Deck.

Crab seems to be a popular choice of food for bodybuilders following the Emerald Cup Bodybuilding show. Can you tell me about the feast that you hold for the athletes every year at this event?

The crab is the popular choice because it is NOT something you can eat when preparing for a contest, for it is very high in sodium. It is very sweet, salty, and meaty, AND mostly very expensive. So anytime we pull the crab out it is adored.

The funny part about it is everyone thinks they can eat a lot of it and because of it richness, only half of what one intends to devour is done so. But we have every food you can imagine. I make homemade pizzas, steaks, burgers, and chicken all on the bbq, and of course many amazing desserts. It is all for the people that have depleted and trained their bodies for months, along with their friends.

Is Crab something you recommend to bodybuilders all year round as a staple in their diet?

No. Too much sodium and among other things. True Alaskan Cod fish is the number one choice for contest prep, and Alaskan Salmon is the best for year round due to the high Omega's.

I have heard that IFBB Pro Toney Freeman likes to indulge in the crab feast also

He loves it after his contest runs, but his main preference, and mine, are egg whites, buffalo, and Cod fish.

IFBB Pro Toney Freeman.

Can you provide us with any bodybuilding friendly crab recipes for our visitors to experiment with?

  1. Heat the olive oil on medium heat in a non stick pan.
  2. On low heat saute the onion and spinach until soft and spinach is reduced.
  3. Wipe out the pan with paper towel and spray with butter flavored Pam.
  4. Whip the egg whites and dill with a couple tablespoons of water.
  5. Pour into the Pam sprayed pan. Be patient and let is cook slowly until it starts to look thick.
  6. Put the Spinach/onion mix and crab on top of the egg mixture down the center.
  7. You can salt and pepper it to taste. I always fold it like a tortilla so it comes out of the pan easier.
  8. Then slide it out of the pan.

Crab Recipe PDF (112 KB)

This is a pretty strict diet omelet, so if you are not dieting for a show you can put a low fat or non fat cheese on this.

Merry, I know that you provide professional and amateur bodybuilders figure and fitness professionals with some of the best posing suites today, can you tell us who wears them and is there a difference between yours and other posing suits available?

I have always been extremely modest about my work. I feel that my work speaks for itself and only take new clients by referrals only from trainers like Mike Davies. He will only send me IFBB Pro's or National level girls that he is sure will make Pro. This is because he wants to make sure his girls look their absolute best and selfishly I like to work with girls that are extremely fit.

The crew of the deadliest catch
The crew of the deadliest catch.

The difference between my suits and other suits is simply that mine fit... ALWAYS! I have never felt the need to say who wears my suits, but I can give you a list of some who have since it seems to be important to the topic; Davana Medina through her entire undefeated career, Toney Freeman of course, Dina Al-Sabah, Monica Brant, Valentina Chepiga back in her popular days, Julie Palmer, Kim Klein, Latisha Wilder, Chastity Slone, Petra Mertl, etc., etc.

I can go on for a long time - going as far back as the mid eighties with John Terilli, Nicole Bass, Robin Parker, Adrian Foster... name dropping is easy for decades if I wanted to go that route.

We won't ask you to do that for us Merry, but I would like to thank you for you time and the consideration you have for everyone involved in the Emerald Cup. Thank you for your contribution to the sport.

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