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Dawn Butterfield Interview!

This beautiful five-foot, 34-24-34 blonde 95-pound bombshell sure isn't built like the Mighty Mouse I remember watching every Saturday morning as a youngster growing up.

This beautiful five-foot, 34-24-34 blonde 95-pound bombshell sure isn't built like the Mighty Mouse I remember watching every Saturday morning as a youngster growing up. I would've been addicted to Saturday morning cartoons if Mighty Mouse and his friends had bodies like that! The radiant Dawn Butterfield literally stops traffic wherever she goes. Dawn offers a fresh new face to the already crowded hot-body fitness events scattering through the nation, and she looks good on these eyes but something tells me there is more to this little mouse then a hot-bod. That something is a proud mother who takes raising her son very seriously, seriously enough to stop working on a career to stay home and build a home-based-style business just to be the one to raise her child.

1.) So, is your placing 11th in the 2001 Fitness America a great mark for you? Would you put that as a confidence-builder leading up into the next season of competition?

1.) Placing in the top twenty and competing in the final show was one of my goals. So placing 11th was a thrill, definitely motivational. I was actually considering retiring this year. Now I am so pumped to compete again I am training harder than ever. Placing in the top five is my next goal!

2.) What got you started in fitness competition?

2.) I started training with weights after my son was born. I became a full-time mom but didn't want to look matronly! I saw results pretty quickly and was approached by a trainer about competing. I did a local bodybuilding show. I was awarded best poser but was too soft ~ which naturally lead me to fitness. I enjoyed competing and competition preparation but bodybuilding didn't feel very feminine to me. I love the pretty costumes, the high heels, and the dance routines in fitness. Also, I couldn't realistically go anywhere but local in bodybuilding whereas, in fitness the opportunities are abundant.

3.) It seems every time I interview a female fitness or bodybuilder they all make the same remark about "feminine" looks. Is this to make sure you all are politically correct and don't rock the boat?

3.) For me it has nothing to do with being politically correct. For myself I simply don't find it attractive or healthy for that matter. And I wouldn't purposely do something to myself to become unattractive or unhealthy, that would be insane!!!

4.) What happens if you don't make top 5 this go around? Are you going to push for it or retire?

4.) I don't know it depends on a lot of things. If I can be happy with my performance and feel that I was judged fairly, if I still think I can be competitive age and ability-wise, if I think there is any further that I can go in my sport, if I have the time and energy to continue...I will!

5.) Can you tell us where you were born? Where do you call home?

5.) I was born in Connecticut, grew up in Massachusetts and reside in Rhode Island. I've always lived in the New England area. I love it! The long winters make me look forward to summer even more!

6.) New England and all of the Eastern states are beautiful. Dawn where did you go to school? Were you a good student?

6.) I went to school in Massachusetts where I grew up. I always did well without much effort (A's and B's). My favorite subject was sewing...they even created an advanced sewing class for myself and a couple of other students my senior year. I was a cheerleader and on the gymnastics team. I was accepted at a small girls school in Boston for Fashion design but being the homebody that I am, I decided not to venture even that short distance and opted to go to the local community college where I received a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

7.) Do you have any brothers or sisters? What do your parents do?

7.) I came from a pretty ordinary middle class family. My father was a quality control engineer for Princess House and my mother was at home until we (myself and three brothers) got older. Then she worked at a local hospital and volunteered as a CCD teacher. My older brother was captain of the football team and I was head cheerleader the following year.

8.) How did that go...big brother being captain of the football team and little sister as head cheerleader? He didn't have to keep the other players away too much did he?

8.) He was protective but we were so close in age that mostly we were just friends. No, he didn't have to keep the other players away from me. I was extremely quiet and it seemed to me at the time that most boys liked more the boisterous type.

9.) What nationality are you?

9.) I am American, but my distant relatives came from Canada and France.

That is so cool Dawn. I love it when I hear that. Most people always designate themselves from being an American they always add an adjective before it. I don't think everyone knows his or her true roots. Takes time to go through a family tree.

10.) After graduating from community college, did you pursue your academic profession with that degree in fashion merchandising?

10.) Yes. Before having my son I managed a store called "Petite Sophisticate" a high-end store for the petite professional woman. It wasn't the kind of career that I could be successful at part-time and I wasn't about to pay someone else to raise my son, so I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom after Jacob was born!

I forgot. You're a mom. That's great! I like seeing mothers staying fit by competing. And if my Mom looked like you, you'd be there at show-and-tell all the time. Dawn, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk and do this interview.

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