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David Robson Podcast Interview: Personal Fitness Training In New Zealand.

Dan Gastelu interviews noted bodybuilding author and interviewer, David Robson! In this audio interview, listen in to David's cool New Zealand accent and hear his thoughts on personal training and natural bodybuilding!

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Welcome to Interview # 21 in the Awesome Muscles™ Podcast Interview Series. Today, your host, Daniel Gastelu, talks with noted Bodybuilding expert, writer, and interviewer, David Robson in this podcast interview. Hear David's cool New Zealand accent and his thoughts on natural bodybuilding and personal training!

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David Robson
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Noted Author, David Robson.

In this exclusive audio interview, Dan talks with David Robson, widely-known bodybuilding and fitness expert, personal trainer, and author. David discusses his bodybuilding approach to personal fitness training, he reviews his bodybuilding career, and most recent advancements in bodybuilding training and contest preparation.

David also discusses his activities in the new emerging field of online personal training, and how his approach is a convenient and economical way for people to get the benefits of a personal trainer in the convenience of their own home.

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