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My Precontest Preparation!

After I decided not to do the contest, I went back to my normal routine, eating whatever I wanted while training as hard as ever. I met with Phano less than three weeks before the contest. He felt that I could, so I decided to resume my preperation.
As many of you know, I am preparing to enter a contest pretty soon. The contest will be for the NPC Junior Georgia title, and it will be held on July 6th. I had planned on doing this contest, starting after my last contest in September, and then I changed my mind due to family reasons. However, I changed my mind once again about two weeks ago to go ahead and do the contest with three weeks left of preparation. After I decided not to do the contest, I went back to my normal routine, eating whatever I wanted while training as hard as ever. I met with Phano on a Monday or Tuesday, just less than three weeks before the scheduled contest. He felt that I could make it, but it would be close. After a brief persuasion, I decided to resume precontest preparation.

Making Up For Lost Time

I knew that I was going to have to work very hard in order to make up for lost time and because I have three other major projects going on right now at the same time. In addition to preparing for this contest, I am working in the exercise psychology laboratory at school, trying to get all of my crap together so that I can apply to medical school, and I am moving within the month as well. It is a lot of things to do, but anything is possible.

My Workout Routine

From the time that I talked with Phano and reconsidered doing the contest to the one week mark, I was doing three-a-days in the gym. The worst part was that I was going into the gym three times every day for three days in a row and then take one day off. By the end of the second day, I was exhausted. I was accustomed to taking a total of six training days to complete one full body cycle of training. Now, it was compressed into three days. In order to fit it all in a three day span, I had to double up on my muscle groups and work one group early in the day and the other group later in the day. As for the training split, it was:

  • Day 1: Cardio, hamstrings, and arms
  • Day 2: Cardio, quads, and chest
  • Day 3: Cardio, back, and shoulders
  • Day 4: Off
As you can see, in addition to weight training, I was going in and doing cardio before breakfast only on the days that I did weight training. At first, I tried running outside, but I was getting terrible shin splints. I had never gotten shin splints before, and they hurt like hell. I could barely walk after my first session. The solution was to compensate and ride on the stationary bike instead. After I went and bought new running shoes, and did the bike for a solid week, I tried running again. This time, I ran on the treadmill and had no problems. For my last contest, I did a lot of really high intensity cardio such as: running two miles as fast as possible, usually about 12-12.5 minutes, sprinting, and riding the stationary bike for 15 minutes at around 130 rpm's. For this contest, I lowered the intensity a bit in order to preserve muscle mass. This is because the judges at the last contest were looking more for conditioning. I think that the judges at this next contest will be looking more at size and less at conditioning.

Five Days Out

As of now, it is Monday, and I am 5 days out. I stopped doing weight training and cardio two days ago (Saturday), and now I am relying on my diet to carry me the rest of the way. In the morning and evening, I practice posing for about 10-15 minutes by running through the mandatory poses very slowly. Unfortunately, I haven't practiced my routine. I've been so damn busy that I have not even thought much about it. Starting two days ago, I began taking pictures of the mandatory poses so that Phano and I could monitor my progress and see where I need the most work. I was worried that I wouldn't be ready in time, but right now I feel like I'm right on schedule. I haven't weighed myself yet, and I don't plan on doing that until Friday morning. Right now, I really don't care what I weigh, I haven't weighed in months!! However, I will need to weigh 176.5 lbs, at the most, on Saturday morning. I want to be at the heavy end of the middleweight class instead of being at the light end of the light-heavyweight class.

Carb Depletion: Day Two

Today is the second day of carbohydrate depletion. This time around is definitely easier than preparation for my last contest. The carb depletion phase was brutal last time because I cut out all carbs completely for two days. This time, I am still taking in carbs throughout the day, but it is in very small amounts. Tomorrow, I will begin carb loading for at least two and half days depending on how my body responds. I'd like to load all the way until Friday, but we'll see. I'm still eating the same amount of protein that I was eating last time. As far as vegetables go, I only eat them when I don't get enough to eat with a meal, which is usually not the case. Surprisingly, I feel pretty full just off of the carbs and protein in my meals.

No Relaxing!

I was hoping that I could just relax during this last week. However, I don't think that this will be the case at all. The research that I am assisting in is really starting to get rolling, so I'll be in the lab a lot this week. Also, I am having to put in some long hours with getting my medical application together so that I can send it off as soon as possible. There has been a lot of running around today, but I am still eating exactly what I need to be eating at the exact times in which I need to eat. It works out perfectly as long as I precook my meals and carry them in a cooler with me.

Like I said earlier, I am taking pictures of mandatory poses every morning. I will send all of these in after my contest so you can also see the gradual progress of the last week before a bodybuilding contest!

Good Luck!!