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Latest Pro Bodybuilding News & Gossip - August 22nd, 2003!

Learn what happened at the 2003 IFBB Jan Tana Weekend... Find out what kind of festivities went on, who won the masters, who won the fitness chamionship and much more...

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Jan Tana Weekend

Charlotte, North Carolina will never be the same! The bodybuilding & Fitness universe invaded the Tarheel state this past weekend in support of the annual IFBB Jan Tana weekend. The festivities included the 2003 edition of Joe Weider's Masters Olympia along with a generous helping of pro women's events. As promised, here's a small collection of thoughts from the weekend:

Congrats To Claude Groulx

Congratulations to Claude Groulx! The 40 year-old dominated the lineup at the Masters show by presenting a full and very hard physique. As predicted, the outcome was never in doubt. Claude earned a unanimous first place score and was crowned the new Master. Congrats Claude!

Greenwood Wins

The Jan Tana Fitness Championships turned out to be a battle between Stacy Hylton & Tracey Greenwood. Hylton was fresh off her 2nd place finish at the Night of Champions and a Top 4 finish at the Arnold Classic, but it was Tracey Greenwood who scored the victory by dominating the physique rounds. Hylton, who is best known for her Routines, took home the 2nd place trophy. After reviewing the score sheet, I was quite surprised to see Greenwood ahead of Hylton in the 45 second routine round (that will certainly give the Fitness faithful plenty to discuss).

Best Fitness Routine Award Goes To...

It was my pleasure to present the new "Best Fitness Routine" award to Bridgette Newell. "Pro Muscle Online" created and sponsored this award as our way of acknowledging the hard work that goes into the development of a professional fitness routine. As part of this honor, Bridgette received a $500 cash prize!

Dina Wins Figure Title!

Dina Al-Sabah snagged the inaugural Jan Tana Figure Title. At the VIP Banquet, Dina and I engaged in a very healthy debate on the merits of Pro Figure. Dina, who also holds an MBA, did a fantastic job defending the newly formed pro Figure division. We shared our opinions and exchanged ideas. By the way, YOU'VE GOTTA SEE this girls body! After spending a few hours with Dina, I am (almost) a Figure fan... ok, maybe not…but I'm working on it!

Dexter Jackson was in attendance. After a disappointing showing earlier this year in Rome, "The Blade" is predicting a return to the Olympia Top 5 come October. Dexter, who never goes near a treadmill, even hinted that his contest prep will include cardio. He also predicted a few other things, but I'll save those predictions for AFTER the Olympia (you hear me Dex??).

Shawn Ray In The House!

The perennial Olympia finalist was in attendance. Shawn sponsored and presented a "best poser" award for the Masters event. The $1,000 award went to crowd favorite Flavio "The Boy Toy" Baccianini. Shawn is currently promoting a special edition of his Muscle Camp on beautiful South Beach, Florida (the same weekend as the NPC Nationals). The event will include Jay Cutler, Chris Cormier, Dexter Jackson, Darrem Charles, Ahmed Haidar and newly crowned Masters champ Claude Groulx. For more info visit!

Remembering A Fallen Friend…

At the start of the show, Jan Tana paid tribute to the late Gregory Hines. As most of you know, the actor and dancer was a passionate supporter of pro bodybuilding and fitness. Over the years he attended several pro events, including the Jan Tana and the Mr. Olympia. The crowd gave a well deserved standing ovation to remember Hines for his years of loyal support.

A special thanks to everyone at Jan Tana for rolling out the red carpet. Jan and her team are to be applauded for their tireless dedication and service to the industry. Make your plans to be at next years event!

Who Do You Think Will Win The 2003 Mr. Olympia?
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Jay Cutler
Kevin Levrone
Chris Cormier
Gunter Schlierkamp
Lee Priest
Dexter Jackson
Shawn Ray
Victor Martinez

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