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Latest Pro Bodybuilding News & Gossip - May 23rd, 2003!

Find out who is competing in the 2003 Olympia, the fierce competition of the NOC and learn more about the South Beach Muscle Camp!
May 23rd, 2003 - Previous News

We are now 5 months away from a highly anticipated Mr. Olympia showdown. For the first time since 1998 there is a feeling that the title is actually "up for grabs".

Perhaps the greatest bodybuilder of our generation, Ronnie Coleman suddenly finds himself in a vulnerable spot. It's quite possible that this will be Ronnie's final Olympia, win or lose. The analysis on Big Ron is simple... if "Ron is On" he is unbeatable, period. However, it's been a couple years since we have seen Ronnie at his very best. If Ronnie is less than 100%, we will have a new champion... and his name will be Jay Cutler (sorry Gunter fans). As Jay closes in on his 30th birthday, his best years are still ahead of him. That's a scary thought for all aspiring Sandow hopefuls. By comparison, Ronnie will turn 40 on his next birthday.

Not To Be Overlooked

Perennial Top 5 finisher Shawn Ray has confirmed his plans to return to the Olympia stage this October. We could be looking at a stunning final posedown of Coleman, Chris Cormier, Kevin Levrone and Gunter Schlierkamp joined by Cutler & Shawn. WOW! Did I forget Dexter Jackson, Lee Priest, Markus Ruhl, Darrem Charles, Dennis James... of course not. Bodybuilding fans across the globe are salivating just thinking about it!

The 2003 Lineup.

This years Night of Champions suddenly has become very significant for anyone who has not yet qualified for the Olympia. With the cancellation of the Toronto and Texas shows, the N.O.C. represents the final event for athletes to snag an "O" qualification. A line-up of 42 athletes will battle for the last 5 qualifying spots.

This years N.O.C. line-up does not have a single member of last years Olympia Top 10, however, the event still has its share of heavyweights, including: Nasser, Titus, Kamali, Atwood, Cicherillo, Fux & Sarcev. There will also be an impressive collection of "new guys", including Idris Ward El, Johnnie Jackson, Toney Freeman, Jeremy Freeman and Victor Martinez.

In Other News...

Weider Nutrition has announced the additions of Timea Majorova and Troy Alves to their team of athletes.

The Masters Olympia is slated for August 15th in Charlotte, NC. Pro Muscle Online has learned that an injury may prevent Don Youngblood from defending his crown. Keep an eye on Claude Groulx. Now that Claude is 40 years old he is eligible for the Masters and he is planning to compete. Claude is already qualified for this years Olympia.

Tickets are now on sale for the official N.O.C. "After Party" in New York City. The bash is being hosted by several top pros including Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan, Chris Cormier, Victor Martinez & Dennis James. For more info click here.

We have received quite a few calls and emails about the South Beach Muscle Camp in November. This event will be phenomenal! Campers will be training at Gold's with Jay Cutler, Shawn Ray, Chris Cormier, Dexter Jackson, Darrem Charles, Milos Sarcev, Claude Groulx and other superstars. We have set up a special email hotline for anyone who has questions about the November 16th event. Space is VERY limited for this full day with the stars of bodybuilding!

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