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Latest Pro Bodybuilding News & Gossip - April 22nd, 2003!

Learn all about the new catogories in the Night Of Champions, the 5 new ways to become Mr. Olympia, and Shawn Rays muscle camp.

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Ladies Night!

For the first time in the 25 year history of the Night of Champions, the event will include a "Night of Fitness", a "Night of Figure" and a "Night of Women's Bodybuilding". Actually, the latter 3 "nights" will be combined into one spectacular evening in New York City as promoter Wayne DeMillia welcomes the IFBB's female athletes to New York on Friday, May 30th. Tickets are still available!

The Main Event!

The Night of Champions will once again feature many of the top names in Men's bodybuilding. Last year's "rookie of the year" Art Atwood is among the co-favorites to win the event, but most insiders feel that the show is completely up for grabs. All eyes will be on Craig Titus and King Kamali as their heated rivalry comes face to face.

Titus has been quoted countless times saying that he wants to "smack Kamali in the mouth." The N.O.C. will also feature the return of Mike Matarazzo, Milos Sarcev and Jean Pierre Fux. Both Sarcev and Fux are attempting to bounce back from career threatening leg injuries.

Last year's 2nd place finisher Bob Cicherillo will also be on stage along with other notables such as Victor Martinez, Gustavo Badell, Johnnie Jackson & Pavol Jablonicky.

Tom Prince has withdrawn from the event to deal with a medical condition. We are still awaiting word on Nasser El Sonbaty's plans to compete. Nasser is currently listed on the competitors list despite several rumors of his retirement.

5 Olympia Spots!

Entering the event, not one single athlete in the N.O.C. lineup has yet qualified for the 2003 Olympia. As a result, the show will produce 5 new Olympia qualifiers. Order your tickets now at or call 212-581-1212.

Bodybuilding Heaven!

Make your plans to be in South Beach, Florida for the weekend of November 15-16. As most of you know, South Beach is one of the "hottest" spots on earth for those in search of a good time. On Sunday, November 16th, the famous Gold's Gym-South Beach will host a special edition "Muscle Camp".

Some of the biggest names in bodybuilding will be participating, including: Jay Cutler, Shawn Ray, Chris Cormier, Dexter Jackson, Darrem Charles and Milos Sarcev. The day will include an extended training session, lunch with the pros and a special question & answer session.

It gets even better! On Saturday (the day before), South Beach will also host the NPC Nationals! Make your plans to be in South Florida for one of the greatest bodybuilding weekends of the year! Bring your tanning oil (Yes, the sun still shines bright on South Beach in November!) To reserve your spot at the South Beach Muscle Camp, visit or call 561-620-2342.

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