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Dan Solomon Reviews The 2005 Arnold Classic.

Dan Solomon reviews what happened at the 2005 Arnold Classic.

So... this is how the story goes...

At the conclusion of pre-judging I'm sitting on a shuttle bus along side Dexter Jackson. Dexter and I go back a few years, so I wasn't the least bit surprised to see his unique brand of pessimism. Who could blame him? A year ago, at the same event, he was relegated to a debatable 3rd place. More recently, just 4 months ago he was dealt a surprising blow when the Mr. Olympia judges scored him 4th place.

So there we were, aboard a shuttle bus outside of the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium. It was my opinion that Dexter was indeed the best man on stage during the pre-judging. When I told Dexter that the day belonged to him, he looked back at me and quietly said, "I don't know... it looks like they're gonna give it to Chris". Dexter was of course referring to Chris Cormier who arrived as the sentimental favorite after finishing 2nd in each of the past 5 years.

Chris Cormier & Dexter Jackson At Pre-Judging. Check out thousands of pictures here.

Confidence has never been a problem for the man they call The Blade. But, as we sat on the bus, it was obvious that Dexter was preparing for the worst. After a moment of careful thought, I pulled out a crisp $100 dollar bill and handed it to Dexter. The following is a transcript of how the conversation went:

"I am 100% confident that you will win tonight Dexter. In fact, I will let you keep this $100 bill if you don't win... but, if you do win, you must give me back my $100 bill plus another $100 bill of your own".

In other words, I was so sure of Dexter's victory that I put my money where my mouth was! Dexter accepted my proposition.

At 11 P.M. on Saturday night, the 2005 Arnold Classic champ put down his first place trophy and his new watch just long enough to reach into his wallet and pull out a cool $200. Thanks Dex... and congratulations on a well deserved victory. It was nice doing business with you.

Additional Thoughts On The Arnold Fitness Weekend

Gustavo Badell

Gustavo showed up nearly 20 lbs heavier than his Olympia weight. Bad move Gustavo! The added weight apparently went straight to his midsection. 3rd place was generous... to say the least.

Lee Priest

Lee presented his best package in years. Always a class act, Lee managed to overcome some water retention issues that we had seen in prior events. In the end, it was a solid effort for the veteran.

Melvin Anthony

Melvin's 5th place finish was a low point for the judges. There were several guys who were far better than Melvin... Darrem Charles and Troy Alves to name a few. No disrespect to Marvelous Melvin. His proportions are incredible, but he continues to miss the mark with his conditioning, apparently the judges don't mind.

Kelly Ryan

Speaking of whacky judging... Did Kim Klein really finish ahead of Kelly Ryan in the fitness event? Are you kidding me? Kelly wins both routine rounds and still finishes 4th? Is her physique really that inferior? Give me a break.

Jack Lalanne

The founder of the fitness movement, was presented with a lifetime achievement award by Governor Schwarzenegger. Lalanne was greeted with multiple standing ovations by a capacity crowd; a well deserved tribute to the 90 year-old pioneer who marketed the first barbells and is credited for opening the very first health spa.

Lesley Visser

Regarded by many as the premier female sports commentator in all of network television, was on hand to serve as the back stage reporter for the live TV broadcast. Congratulations to Executive Producer Richard Enlow and his team at Physical TV for bringing the event to bodybuilding fans throughout North America. Learn more about Lesley here.

Chris Cormier

Does anyone feel sorry for Chris Cormier? Not me! Every time I open a magazine I am forced to read Cormier's verbal jabs toward his fellow competitors. Bodybuilding takes more than good genetics, sometimes it also takes good karma. Some guys have it... and some guys don't.

Jim Lorimer And The City Of Columbus

And Finally, another tip of the cap to Jim Lorimer and the city of Columbus for embracing a tidal wave of health & fitness fans from places far and near. The event has elevated to an extraordinary level of popularity and economic impact to the downtown Columbus area. The Arnold Fitness Weekend is one of the industry's real treasures, and just like Arnold, fifty-thousand plus fans will be back for many years to come.

Until next time,
Dan Solomon

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Dan Solomon With Dexter Jackson.

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