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A Conversation With IFBB Pro Darrem Charles.

After enjoying his best year in 2004, Darrem is looking to add to his list of 4 IFBB event championships. Typically a man of few words, Darrem offered up some candid comments on a variety of topics...

Dan Solomon took a break from his role as athlete manager to interview Darrem Charles. After enjoying his best year in 2004, Darrem is looking to add to his list of 4 IFBB event championships. Typically a man of few words, Darrem offered up some candid comments on a variety of topics, including his expectations for the upcoming contest season.

Q. Before we discuss your plans for 2005, let's take a quick look back at last year. Prior to the Olympia you competed a whopping 5 times... finishing first or second in all 5 shows! It looks like the judges have really taken notice of your improvements.

    A: First of all, when I prepare for an event I am competing to win. I was thrilled to pick up a few wins last year, but finishing 2nd place (3 times in 2004) is a tough pill to swallow.

With Craig Titus Before The 2004 IFBB Orlando Pro (which he took first place).

    People keep talking about my ability to peak for every show. I hope they will soon be talking about my ability to win every show I enter.

Q. Why does Chris Cormier [Interview]* continue to throw verbal jabs at you in the magazines?

Chris has made negative comments about you on several occasions, including some below-the-belt criticisms of your posing routines. What's the deal with you and Chris?

    A: Well, for starters, I always treat all of my fellow competitors with respect. I'm not sure why Chris has chosen to bad mouth me. His trash-talking started after I defeated him at the 2003 GNC show (Darrem finished 6th… Cormier finished 7th).

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Darrem At The 2003 GNC Show.

    Chris has accomplished a lot in this sport... I'm surprised he still feels the need to be so negative.

"Hopefully he won't be too upset when I defeat him again the next time we are on the same stage."

* (Editors Note: We will be doing an updated interview with Chris in the next week, sign up for updates here)

Q. Are you on track for the upcoming Arnold Classic?

    A: My body continues to make tremendous progress. I decided to skip the Ironman show and use the extra few weeks to prepare. I started thinking about the Arnold back in October, about 5 minutes after the Olympia [ Results/Pics] was over.

    I have never been so focused. My contest weight will be at an all-time high and I will not be compromising my conditioning. It will be an all out assault when I step on stage in Columbus. Victory is not out of the question.

Q. Wow! That's quite a bold statement. Are you saying that you can legitimately win the Arnold Classic?

    A: I've defeated all of these guys in the past. It's a great lineup of quality challengers, but my track record speaks for itself. I'm looking forward to this show…and once I walk on stage you will see why my confidence is so high.

Darrem At The 2003 Olympia.

Q. Anything else to report?

    A: Things are about to get very busy. My appearance schedule is filling up fast. I have dates scheduled in Bermuda, Canada, Trinidad and of course several appearances here in the U.S. for Weider Nutrition.

Q. Have you noticed an increase in fans and supporters following your big year?

    A: My fans and friends have always been loyal. Many of them have been there from the very beginning. I am grateful for all the support and emails that I receive. The fan base continues to grow, but I have a special place in my heart for those who have been there from the beginning.

Darrem At The 2003 Olympia.

Editors Note:

    Be sure to check out the current edition of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. The issue provides an in-depth look into the day to day life of Darrem as he prepared for his 6th career Mr. Olympia contest. Darrem is managed by the Physique Management Group. To contact Darrem by email send to

    Darrem With The Author, Dan Solomon.

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