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Latest Pro Bodybuilding News: April 28th, 2004!

Check the latest gossip on the 2004 Orlando pro and who is going to be there...

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The IFBB contest schedule resumes this weekend with the inaugural Pro Division Xtreme Pro Challenge presented by Orlando promoter James Goad - sponsored by Here's a brief preview.

Simple Math

If you add up the total number of pro victories collected by this 25 Man lineup, you'll come up with a grand total of just 3. Darrem Charles has 2 pro wins... Art Atwood has one. The remaining 23 athletes are searching for their 1st professional title.

Early Favorites

There has been a lot of talk that the event will showcase a battle between Darrem and Craig Titus. Needless to say, this is your classic "apples for oranges" comparison. Craig and Darrem have not faced each other since the 2002 Olympia. They have competed against each other just 3 times in the past 3 years. Darrem defeated Craig twice (2002 SW Pro Cup and the 2002 NOC). Craig countered with a higher placing at the 2002 Olympia. They haven't faced each other since.

Art Atwood is looking to re-establish the momentum that he lost following his victorious 2002 professional debut. In recent events, Atwood has been unable to reach peak condition. Art simply cannot afford to be anything less than 100%. His structure is often described as "blocky" because of a waistline that makes it difficult for him to establish a desirable V-Taper.

Regardless, Art will likely be the biggest and thickest guy on stage and should have a realistic shot at snagging one of the 3 Olympia qualifications.

The event also represents a golden opportunity for the "ab-dominator" Ahmad Haidar. After failing to qualify earlier in the year, the Floridian will try to capitalize on a home-field advantage and a more favorable lineup. Haidar will receive some early callouts... giving him every opportunity to show that he belongs on the 2004 Olympia stage.

The Xtreme Pro Challenge will also signal the return of Garrett Downing, who recently completed an extensive knee rehabilitation assignment. Garrett will be competing for the first time in more than 2 years.

Also On The Radar Screen

Big Quincy Taylor, Idris Ward-el, George Farah and Jason Arntz will look to make an impact. The event will also feature the pro debut of IFBB rookie Jimmy Canyon. Visit for more event coverage.

Coming Soon!

The real story behind the IFBB shake-up and the facts surrounding Shawn Ray's "alleged" comeback. Don't believe everything you read... UNLESS YOU READ IT HERE!

As always, visit for all the latest from around the industry.

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