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Dan Solomon's 2003 Olympia Report! Part Two.

Find out what happened at the 2003 Mr. Olympia contest in part two of the 2003 Olympia Report. Who won, who deserved to win and everything else...
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Part Two
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Friday, October 31, 2003

(continued 2003 Mr. Olympia Coverage)

Judging The Judging

I'd like to offer a personal congratulations to the Mr. Olympia judging panel for an outstanding job. The final results represent a very accurate account of the show. We are always quick to criticize the panel when the results appear questionable, however, it's important to equally acknowledge a job well done.


We may have seen the last of one of the sport's top athletes. Lee Priest's sub-standard condition at the Olympia was perhaps the final chapter in his illustrious career. Although he failed to finish among the top 12, the crowd enjoyed (possibly) their final look at one the true legends of pro bodybuilding. Lee has withdrawn his name from the upcoming GNC Show of Strength.

Live TV

We have received a ton of feedback on the pay-per-view show. Your comments have been very constructive. Please be reminded that budgetary and technical limitations make it difficult to reach maximum levels of production quality. The objective is simply to provide the viewer with an opportunity to experience the event from home.

It's important that we applaud the folks at Physical TV for their efforts and encourage them to continue to improve and expand the coverage for future events. If you were not able to order the live broadcast, be sure to order the "2003 Olympia Replay". Check your listings for times and dates.

The Governor Was In The House

At the start of the show, word traveled quickly backstage that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be making an appearance. As the routines were winding down, Arnold's security team and entourage made its way backstage. Suddenly, the 7-time Mr. Olympia was introduced to a thunderous ovation. The non-partisan crowd was thrilled to get a glimpse of their adopted leader.

Arnold proved that he continues to stay true to his roots….Once a bodybuilder, Always bodybuilder. "The Oak" paid tribute to Joe Weider before placing the honorary Olympia medals on each of the athletes, a very classy gesture!

Fitness Fiasco

Check back soon for an up-close look at the Fitness Olympia scorecard. You don't want to miss this!

Best Presentation Award

Shawn Ray presented this inaugural award which included a $9,000 cash prize that was raised from a collection of sponsors, payable to the athlete who performed the best routine. As expected, the award was between Melvin Anthony and Darrem Charles. A voting panel of Dorian Yates, Milos Sarcev, Shawn & Flex Wheeler decided that Melvin was more deserving. It must have been the "twist-a-flex" that sealed the deal for Marvelous Melvin.

"Twist-a-flex" - This is the name coined by Melvin Anthony to describe one of his trademark posing moves.

In Closing

In closing, I'd like to share with you a great email that I received from an observer of the Olympia. I thought it was good for a laugh...

"I am not an expert on bodybuilding, just a novice observer. I have to say that Ronnie Coleman's ass is a freak of nature. There is no question that technically, in terms of bodybuilding scoring, his glutes are a difference maker. But in real life, his ass could star in a horror flick. It is scarier than Freddy Krueger and Jason coming at you in a dark room." -Michael Graff

Check back soon for more Olympia coverage... Join me in congratulating 6-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman!

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