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Craig Titus' 2003 Mr. Olympia Preview!

Check out what Craig Titus thinks about this years Mr. Olympia contest. Craig picks his top ten and why he thinks he deserves the placings! Who do you think is going to win this year? Will Ronnie win again or it is Jay's show?

Reprinted From would like to recognize Pro Muscle Online as the "Best New Bodybuilding Site" on the internet. The popularity of the site is widely attributed to its insightful commentary and event coverage. Dan Solomon, founder of the Physique Management Group, created Pro Muscle Online just 2 years ago. The following is a 2003 Olympia Preview written by Craig Titus; Just one example of the exclusive content that can be found at Check out more of his articles and pro bodybuilding gossip right here on, click here!

Let me start by saying that I, by no means, think for one second I have any right to judge or cast scrutiny on any of my fellow competitors. But, the fact remains that I'm not going to compete in this year's Olympia. Instead, I will be adding another 10 pounds of quality muscle before next year's season. So, when I'm asked to write a preview of the Olympia, I will indeed be candid and totally honest when it comes to my opinion!

With news of Kevin Levrone and Markus Ruhl now sitting out the Olympia because of torn triceps along with others such as myself, Kamali, Victor Martinez, Orville Burke, Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray, this is perhaps one of the weakest line up's in Olympia history! So with all that being said, here is my take on this year's war!

Now, I'm going to give my opinion assuming everyone comes in the best shape possible like I've seen these athletes in the past. I also want to say that the following write up is what I think should happen, but I have a strange feeling that the placing is going to be much different when it comes to Gunter.

1st - Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie is an absolute freak of nature both on stage and in the gym. If anyone would like to argue with that, please feel free to purchase his training tape and see exactly what a freak does. Never have I seen such strength when it comes to a pro bodybuilder. Now on stage Ronnie has everything he needs to blow the competition away. He's in a class all by himself, period! No one and I mean NO ONE is even remotely close to the amount of muscle he carries and the density at which he carries it. Now we could go body part by part, but still he's the man with legs, shoulders, arms, delts, chest, he has them all beat. The only body part that he could get beat on is his calves.

2nd - Jay Cutler

Jay is another freak! Cutler will be in the very first call out standing with Ronnie Coleman and Chris Cormier. If anyone could possible beat Ronnie, this is the man. But remember, my opinions are based on the fact that every one is in top condition. Against Jay, Ronnie has absolutely no room for error, no room. Cutler's abs will be diced and his quads will be sliced. I just don't think it will be enough to beat Ronnie, however, his physique will be more than enough to make the Olympia top two a very exciting contest!

3rd - Chris Cormier

With probably the best shape and god given genetics in the sport, Cormier will be in a very respectable third. When it comes to the mandatory posing rounds, Cormier has done his home work. Every pose will be perfectly suited to show his physique with no mistakes. I'm not going to sit here and say if Chris only got serious he would win this and he would win that, that's bullshit! Chris won seven shows in one year so if that's not serious enough I don't know what is! Chris's front lat spread while standing on his tip toes is one of the prettiest poses in the sport today!

4th - Dexter Jackson

"The Blade" as he is most commonly called will be ripped as usual. Considering the absence of some of the other competitors I think Dexter will move up into the 4th place spot with no problems. Although some say he doesn't have the size it takes to compete with the big boys, Jackson continually proves them wrong by placing high in all the big shows. This man will be conditioned and ready.

5th - Dennis James

This is one athlete that not too many fans have seen in his best condition. I know, I've seen Dennis two weeks out from various shows and I have to tell you he could hang with the top 4 guys any time if he held that condition. If this man holds his two week out condition, I have him moving up into the 5th place spot. I would probably have him up into the 4th place spot but I don't feel he will get full rewards if he is on the money come October 25th based on his last Olympia outing. The last time I talked to Dennis his plan was to hold the condition I'm speaking of. If this happens, and I'm assuming it will, the fans are going to be shocked!

6th - Melvin Anthony

With his 27 inch waste, Anthony is going to be a force in the symmetry round. I've seen him a few times over the last few months and it looks like he's put on some more muscle adding to his very pretty physique. With the best posing routines of all time, by far, I have him in a solid 6th place which will be very respectable for Melvin. Great waste line, great poser, great arms, one of the best backs in the sport, 6th place!

7th - Lee Priest

I have the best small man in the sport taking 7th place. Lee looks like a cartoon character on stage and the fans love him. He has a huge fan following which is very apparent when it comes to the noise level as he takes center stage. The only reason I have him in 7th is because his torso is a little long and I think it's held against him. I can't really point out any other physique flaws and based on past placings it can be the only thing the judges see that would hold him out of the top 5. Priest has all the muscle he needs to compete with the big boys and proved it by defeating Cormier at the 2002 San Fran Grand Prix.

8th - Gunter Schlierkamp

This is where most of the fans reading this will be like "what the hell is Titus talking about?" Remember this is a physique contest, not a personality competition. We all know Gunter is one of the nicest guys in the sport, a little too nice for my taste but what the hell, I like him. And I wish him all the success in the world, but I have to write it like I see it and I don't think he should place any higher than 8th and that's only because some of the other top names are out of the show. He's made great improvements, but to go from like 15th in the Olympia to not qualifying to a special invite to 5th in the Olympia to beating Ronnie at last year's GNC is a little too hard for me to swallow! The improvements are outstanding and no one can argue with that, but even with the added muscle and better conditioning I just don't see him as a top three guy, which is what all the "hype" has been indicating. Just so there are no hard feelings, I like Gunter and I wish him the best. One thing I know for sure; if being seen in Flex Magazine had anything to so with the Olympia, Gunter would win every time! Then again, so would Jay and Kevin!

9th - Darrem Charles

Hell of a nice guy and a beautiful physique to look at! I sincerely hope Darrem proves me totally wrong and places much higher than I have him, but I have him in 9th. Charles will be very separated and he'll have a fantastic posing routine. Great biceps and a mid section that will have some of the best detail in the show! Darrem is one of those athletes that has to be spot on to achieve that grainy look we're all trying to obtain and I have a feeling that he will do just that for this.

10th - Johnny Jackson

Here is a new pro who is going to have a lot of fun at his first Olympia outing. Johnny is a hell of nice guy with a hell of a lot of thickness. Earlier in the season I would have placed Johnny third in the Night of Champions behind Victor and myself. JJ is going to make a definite impact on the Olympia stage with full round muscle bellies and great separation. He'll only have to learn to get that grainy look to move up the ladder. This is another gentleman who I sincerely hope proves me wrong and places much higher than I have him, for now I have him placing top ten in his first Olympia.

Well, that's is my take on the Olympia. I can almost guarantee Gunter will be in second or third but as you can see, I just do not see it!

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