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Latest Pro Bodybuilding News & Gossip - March 26th, 2003!

Titus and Kamali are at it again! Just when you thought it was appears that the Craig Titus - King Kamali saga has re-surfaced. The rivalry dates back to early 2001 when the two pros exchanged verbal jabs in some of the industry mags.

March 26th, 2003

Titus-Kamali: At It Again!

Just when you thought it was appears that the Craig Titus - King Kamali saga has re-surfaced. The rivalry dates back to early 2001 when the two pros exchanged verbal jabs in some of the industry mags. The drama made its way to the stage as Kamali took the first few rounds by out-placing Titus at the 2001 Ironman as well as the 2001 Olympia. The war continued in late 2002 as the two faced off again at the 2002 Olympia and the 2002 GNC Pro show.

The King vs. Titus!

The latter two battles went in favor of Titus. In a recent edition of Flex Magazine, Titus is quoted saying "King Kamali is lucky he's a Weider athlete. If he wasn't, I would've smacked his teeth down his throat a long time ago. That's the only thing that's saving that punk's ass. He's not among the big names in the sport, the way he thought he would be. I've never thought he was a good bodybuilder. Now, people are tired of his bullshit, and his physique has to do the talking, and guess what? It's pretty quiet..." Not surprisingly, Kamali took the opportunity to respond on the "Muscle Mayhem" message board hosted by contest prep guru Chad Nicholls. Here is an excerpt from Kamali's comments:

"Listen up Craig because this is the last time I will say this: you do not exist in my life. I don't give a flying f&%k about you. I avoid anything and everything that has to do with you because in my eyes (and many others) you are a back stabbing, lying, cheating, conniving snake that will turn on anybody if you thought you could get something out of it.

Your name does not come out of my mouth. You and I are exact opposites and that fact i cherish the most. Get a f%#∈g clue and do the same when it comes to me... Let it go, it's old news jackass! And last but not least, the NOC. Craig, what I'm about to say I say from the bottom of my heart: please, please, please, for the love of god please, train hard, diet hard, practice your posing, take all of your supplements, hire the best contest gurus money can buy, and come to New York on may 31st, 2003 at your all time best!. I want you at your best.

In the past you have been very vocal on stage and off stage.... NOTHING WORKED. The fire that you have lit inside me is almost demonic. This time it's personal you son of a bitch. I am not going to the NOC to just win... oh no... I'm going to embarrass the living shit out of you to the point you will lose your fucking mind on stage... Your life will never be the same again... I SWEAR TO GOD!"

The next chapter in Kamali vs Titus will have to wait until the Night of Champions at the end of May. They are both pursuing an Olympia qualification and they are both in search of their first pro win. For those who question the sincerity of their comments, I assure you that these two men genuinely detest each other. This rivalry is comprised of raw, sincere and authentic hatred.

Darrem Charles

On a Roll! Darrem Charles has now been in the final posedown in each of the past 6 events he's competed in (with the exception of the Olympia). Going back to 2001 his streak includes the:

  • 2003 Arnold Classic (6th place)
  • 2003 Ironman (5th place)
  • 2002 Toronto Pro (4th place)
  • 2002 Night of Champions (4th place)
  • 2002 Southwest Pro Cup (1st place)
  • 2001 Toronto Pro (3rd place)

Believe it or Not!

Fitness Super Model and IFBB Pro Kim Lyons was recently featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not. Lyons set a World record in Para-Sailing by staying airborne for more than 8 hours! Kim is currently planning to make her pro fitness debut at the inaugural Night of Champions Pro Fitness event.


There are currently 15 athletes qualified for the 2003 Olympia. The list includes:

  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Kevin Levrone
  • Chris Cormier
  • Dexter Jackson
  • Gunter Schlierkamp
  • Lee Priest
  • Flex Wheeler
  • Marcus Ruhl
  • Orville Burke
  • Dennis James
  • Melvin Anthony
  • Darrem Charles
  • Ernie Taylor
  • Troy Alves
  • Jonathan Davie.

Big Time Production!

The Stage production at the Arnold Classic is unsurpassed anywhere in the sport. Jim Lorimer's crew continues to set the standard with breathtaking set designs and superb sound & lighting. The Arnold Fitness Weekend is an awesome reminder of how far the sport has come!

Movin' On Up.

Fitness phenom Stacy Hylton continues to elevate her status in pro fitness. After finishing 6th in her first Olympia, Stacy returned home for major shoulder surgery. She endured an intense recovery program in a long-shot effort to compete at the Arnold Fitness International just 4 months later. Miraculously she recovered enough to finish 4th in Columbus. Stacy is now regarded as one of the Top 5 pro fitness athletes in the world!

Blacked Out.

It was originally reported that this years Arnold Classic was being produced for Fox Television as well as a special edition DVD. Unfortunately, the production was cancelled at the very last minute. Executive Producer Lee Sills indicated that Mr. Lorimer's office opted to cancel by fax just hours before the production crew was scheduled to leave for Columbus.

Quote Of The Month!

At the Arnold Classic Mens Final, while Lonnie Teper (master of ceremonies) was introducing Quincy Taylor he informed the audience that Quincy was an astounding 6'4'' 300lbs. I was sitting 3 seats to the left of Arnold Schwarzenegger. When Arnold heard this, he turned his head toward Jim Lorimer and anxiously said "Is this true? Can he really be that size?" It was further proof that "The Oak" continues to stay true to his passion for bodybuilding. Yes, Arnold is still a fan.

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